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Error code 102
Hi everyone,
Whenever I start Verdun im greeted with a black screen that says error code 102 - steaminit failed.
then it says to make sure steam is running and launching from the library (which it is)
any help?
I have verified the game files so unsure what to do next
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Had the same problem. I reinstalled the game and verified. Then it worked.
Ok then il try that, thanks for the help!
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No that didnt work :/ any other idea?
Windows, Mac, or Linux?
Windows 7 SP1 64 bit
Anybody figure this out?
nope, I guess this is goodbye to verdun for a while.
If you do find a fix tho be sure to tell me
I actually went over a few options with a Win7 player having this error 102 on both games yesterday. Ultimately what worked was reinstalling Steam. (Learned that today)

The other things I suggested though, were:
  1. Running the game's execute and Steam with Admin Rights;
  2. Windows Clean Boot[];
  3. Running commands in the Command Prompt (See the ExceptionOnConnect Section of the Support Guide)
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I've got this problem on iMac. thanks for support
Originally posted by YSG☢Mr.Chop☢:
I've got this problem on iMac. thanks for support
Are you using the account with admin privileges?

I've read that reinstalling Steam has worked for other Mac users with other games having the Steam initialization fail.

P.S. Not a Mac user myself, so I can only go off of Google.
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