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Videos coming of the Poilus event from yesterday.
Our numbers were much less for some reason yesterday trying the EU server, seeing about 60 interested in our four Poilus/Landsers games compared to the over 100 from the week before on the US server for the BEF event. However, we had a lot of fun and learned more about the /setsquadtypes command and the wearing affect of attempting some two hour event. I expect that future events like this will be one hour or less in duration.

Click on the Verdun x64 homepage. A link to a video by GarySanderson is found in the comments section and it shows all of Aisne 1914 and the beginning of Argonne 1915. Look for developer Leo making an appearance and playing well.

I know more Poilus videos will be arriving over the next days or weeks, so be patient.

Lessons learned yesterday in this test of the larger template:

1. the new /setsquadtypes command works much better, but it appears that the command needs to be employed more than once per match when new people arrive as new squads are not necessarily in the desired squad type. maybe it can be further improved.

2. a new command to force all players into compact 4 person teams is needed. for example, some wanted and did form new squads for the purpose of having another nco calling in artillery and that was not desired. forcing all players to form compact teams would be better.

3. templates over 32 players can result in very intense conflicts and they can be mentally stressful for some players. i think large events should not be over one hour in time.

4. maybe saturday is not a good choice on the EU server. perhaps the europeans are doing other things on saturday night? the US server saw over 100 players last week, and it was at the exact same time of the EU match.

5. the argonne game turned out to be the largest sustained event ever seen on that map. we tested seven minutes there the week before with about 90 players, but we had about 60 playing yesterday for much of a complete 30 minutes. the previous record for a complete argonne was near or less than 50 players. despite the many players and the map size, trenches were captured and recaptured at argonne.

Anyway, I wish to thank everyone for playing yesterday. The best way forward towards continued improvement is to test things. We are trying.

A link to Verdun x64 where you can find that other link to the GarySanderson video of the Poilus event in the comments section of Verdun x64 is found at: That Group link also shows more of the unique argonne, but this time from the landsers point of view and it continues even beyond argonne thanks to our good friend LoneWolfos. Also, if you want to watch mostly poilus, a link to the full Sanderson thread is also now available at Verdun x64 comments.


Check out the LoneWolfos chat feed at just before the 42 minute mark. We had all long suffered from too many machineguns and too many ncos with artillery. Someone asks if either or both could ever be limited. Note what developer Leo says in reply.

For those too lazy to check the link, it appears that some private command to limit artillery and/or lightmachineguns is being explored. This is great news for anyone setting up custom Verdun or Tanneberg events. It is for such reasons that we test things.

YOU are welcome to join us in this venture.

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Thanks. It was a nice event
Giving form to what can be best described as absolute chaos is no easy task. The Poilusx128 Campaign occasionally reached such levels of sheer madness, especially when many players fought over the small Argonne map with nowhere to hide.

Darius has become a well-known video artist of our Verdun community and he is a fine representitive for Verdun x64 from his YouTube creations of our events. Please give a view to what an artist can form out of disorganized matter:

Verdun x64 wants to once again thank Darius for his fine work.
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