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M2H_Matt  [developer] Apr 5 @ 1:40am
Sounds Overhaul Feedback and Testing needed!
We need feedback on the upcoming sound overhaul in both Verdun and Tannenberg. You can join the testing by adding the following to your launch options: FMOD FMOD_WIP

How to add launch options:

This topic is not ment to discuss the sounds in general but only to report your feedback and bug reports. Discussions threads can be made seperatly. To keep things organised you can only reply with the following format:

+ Love the new footsteps sounds
- Springfield reload is too soft in volume

- Muffled sound stays on after dying.

Keep in mind that the sounds are still WIP and we can adjust/change where needed.
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Thomas Apr 5 @ 10:58am 
+ the new sounds do sound way better (counts more than all the negative points ;)
+ deafness through artillery
- artillery way too quiet though
- gunshots should be louder too
- your own gunshots should/might be followed by a very short deafness for 1 second or so
- headshot ringing is good feedback, but lowers "immersion"^^
- 3D sound sounds somehow confusing, hard to locate the direction
- footsteps still appear way too late

- walking into barbed wire does not make a sound anymore
- your own voice seems to be very far in your back, like another player in your back.
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(All said by Thomas)
-Entente rifle sounds in general are too low, sometimes bolt reloading is louder than gun shot itself.
Savikas Apr 5 @ 1:48pm 
+ The shots fired at you sound really amazing!
+ 3D sound sounds better than before, but when a plane flew overhead, the sound went from one ear to another in a weird way. It seemed less smooth (or more sensitive?) with a 7.1 headset than it used to.
- Sound gets a bit too quiet/muffled when holding breath.
- It's hard to hear grenades drop near you (IDK if bug or intentional)

- Your own voice is distant.
Zere Apr 6 @ 11:51am 
+Headshot ping, not realistic but useful
+Artillery sounds better
+Ambiente Sounds like 3D
-The Ambiente Sounds makes me feels iam alone on map
-I cant hear teammates which are further away 8m !?

-88/05 reload animation flickering? little bit?

---the new reload sounds of 98AZ and 88/05 NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
98AZ are noise as ♥♥♥, i can here a whisper of repeat , same with 88/05.
Want BACK the OLD METALLIC CRISP REPEAT Sound.....PLEASE, was awesome

New sounds from Orginal weapons??
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Gooch Apr 6 @ 8:27pm 

+Sounds are definitely different
-All sounds need to be amped up significantly
-Reloads arent meaty enough, almost sounds like reloading a plastic toy.
+ Artillery sounds are very very awesome. You can hear the "zing" if the bombs come down to your position
+ Whistle sounds much much better and have 4 or 5 different sounds
+ different footsteps on different ground
+ RSC reload sound work now together with the reload animation
+ You can get a very great Tinnitus after a hard artillery barrage in Bunker and so
+ new grenade explosion sounds are good
+ Chauchat sound is now more realistic
+ MP18 reload sound work now together with the reload animation
+ very good sound if bullets hit ground close to you
+ very good sound if you listen the "zing" if bullets cross the air directly to you
+ Flamethrower sounds now much better
+ the "zing" of german Stielhandgranate is a great small feature
- reloading sounds like a plastic gun
- general sounds are very very low. Most are repeat sounds. I needed to make maximum volume to listen the new sounds
- battlefield listen like a silence toilet visit if you have it on normal volume
- new footsteps are good but without the old together sounds like a call of duty game and I hate call of duty. Maybe mix all both sounds together? the old one I liked more
- few 3D sounds are only possible to listen on maximum
- grenade animation sounds are so silence you can not listen it really on maximum too
- same for grenade explosions
- every MG have now same sound and listen they have all same rate of fire and player dont listen different of weapon (sounds and rate of fire).
- some weapons sounds like other guns. (look at MGs or some kind of rifles) Better is if every weapon have they own sound
- volume of start of to fire with flamethrower are to high
- headshot sound (that what I hate at most)
- hit sound

I think in my opinion the new sounds are a good feature and you can see at the positive points I really like it. Some of them are very good like the artillery, whistle or small features like the "zing" on some sounds. I know this is a test and I would like it if you would fix the negativ points. most are the hit sounds. If I listen that I really feel like a Call of Duty game. This is a good thing for new players but after a while annoying it the players in my opinion. Work on it to make volume of sounds better and fix the problems what your community do not like and I guess the new sound update would be a very good thing!
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M2H_Matt  [developer] Apr 10 @ 12:06am 
Thanks for the feedback, we will look into it.
Everyone on the AUS server loves the sounds.
pukekiller Apr 14 @ 12:22am 
the berthier rifle bolting sounds are a little too rough to listen to because they're super loud. can you edit them to be less loud and a little softer?
I love the sounds. Big step up.
+ the new sounds are way better than the old ones
+ deafness through artillery
+ headshot sound is awesome , i love it
+ footsteps are better detectable
+ different footstep sound on different ground
+ weapons now sound very good

- overall it sounds a little bit muffled, so clearer sounds would be nice
- gunshots could be alittle bit louder
- footsteps should be a little louder and better to locate from which direction
- springfield rebolting sound is strange and should be overworked
- the hit sound could be a little bit lower
- if possible better optimization for 7.1 headsets or headsets overall

- walking into barbed wire doesnt make any sound
All of the new sounds are superiour to the old ones, but some volumes are off-balanced in addition to random muffling of the sounds. Sometimes, it seems like sounds come from behind when they are really not, it seems. Overall a lovely improvement!
The new sounds are really great indeed,as now there are barely no weapons with the same sounds,but they are not very loud and I miss the echo they used to have. Pistols sound timid,also. And lastly,noticed that the MG08/18 (or 15) have a sound very similar with the BAR from CoD 1.
Originally posted by Sgt.Kar98:
The new sounds are really great indeed,as now there are barely no weapons with the same sounds,but they are not very loud and I miss the echo they used to have. Pistols sound timid,also. And lastly,noticed that the MG08/18 (or 15) have a sound very similar with the BAR from CoD 1.
If anything, I've noticed theres far more echo now. I do agree they could be beefed up louder, though.
Most impressive. I'm liking how things are rolling out. Most of things that could be tweaked have been mentioned but I have a few suggestions:


+Keeping the hit sounds are fine, but maybe if the sounds were a little bit quieter and a little more distant? I'm sure you could still hear a bullet going through a helmet it's just a bit too loud.

+I'm not completely positive, but I have memory of things like mortar shells having a slight whistle when dropping during WW1, Maybe it's just cinematic flair? I think it would be cool to help distinguish what is dropping on your head.

+The new footsteps are nice. Less "Clunky" and heavyfooted.

+The new whistles are nice as well, but they could be just a tiny bit louder. (Maybe we could see a return of its usage by bots in Squad Defence?)

-I agree that the new ambiance, while nice and fresh is a little lacking. It is a battlefield afterall.

-Distant gunfire sounds more like a dull thud.

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