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M2H_Matt  [developer] Jan 24 @ 6:17am
Community Guidelines
In order to keep the community constructive and allow for good discussions our moderator team follows the Steam Rules and Guidelines. You can remind yourself of these rules here:

Serious violations such as flaming, toxic behavior, trolling, harrassing, disrespectful posts or continuing to break minor rules will give you a warning. Multiple warnings will have consequences which can finally result in a ban. The moderator team uses the following guidelines:

1st warning: -
2nd warning: 1 day ban
3th warning: 3 day ban
4th warning: month ban
5th warning: permanent ban

Any offense on any of our platforms(Discord, in-game, forum etc.) can result in a ban on any of those platforms for the whole WW1GameSeries. Moderators may chose to deviate from these warning guidelines depending on the context of the offense.

Important rule reminders:
  • Just posting "+1/-1"is not allowed, if you need a poll you can use site like Strawpoll
  • These rules also apply in-game
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