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Squad XP suggestion
One of the least interesting aspects of verdun has always been the squad system. having to play over and over with the same people basically just rewards clans, and i got nothing against clans but if like me you play verdun alone and hop in random squads, the squad XP part of verdun is just completely useless.

I wanted to suggest an alternate approach to squad XP; one that would fit more to the gameplay (imo).

Squad XP only lasting for the lenght of the match. let me explain:

At the start of every match, all squads are level 0. the only thing that makes them level up is the squad XP gained during the match, and when someone leaves the squad, his XP ''stays in the squad''.

the reasons i like this system are the followings:

-Actually gives people a reason to stay in the NCO's aura (as it makes your squad level up faster)

-Make attack orders more important (for the same reason)

-Feels more fair as everyone starts with low-level call ins

-Rewards your actions of the match instead of rewarding farming XP with your friends in squad defense

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Temujin May 13 @ 11:40am 
completely agreed, i suggested the very same design before as well.
Yuithgf May 13 @ 11:41am 
Originally posted by Temujin:
completely agreed, i suggested the very same design before as well.
really? didnt know about that. any official response from a dev/mod?
Temujin May 13 @ 1:27pm 
of course not, don't be silly...
I would also suggest making an XP difference between AI and player. For example, you get 5X everytime you kill an AI or having a bot in your squad throughout the match, the real player, you get a bit more.
Yuithgf May 19 @ 2:00pm 
ok, i just did a test. i went into a private match with a friend and we simultaniously shot a tommies SMLE level 1 and level 100. if you just look at the numbers quickly, a level 100 shoots 17% more bullets than the level 1, but if you put reload aside, when youre in an actual fight the difference between both guns fires is huge.
this XP system just isnt rewarding, please PLEASE reconsider changing it. even if its not what i said in the post, just anything else.

also yeah killing humans should count for more than bots.
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