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When i use the machineguns they all fire too slow? and idas for a fix?
Whehever i play whit the machineguns in this game they are all just soo very slow. i mean like the chauchat is supposed to be slow, but not like 1 shot fired and then 1 - 2 second waiting before it fires again. all of the other mg's in this game is also too slow for me. for exsample the mg08 fires about as quick for me as the chauchat is supposed to fire. i dont know what is doing this but its quite frustrating when i fire quicker whit the mg's when i use them like a semiauto weapon the an full auto weapon. for me this is the case whit all machineguns. even the mp18/I. whats even more frustratiing is the all of the other machinguns that other people use always have their proper rate of fire. Does anyone else have this same problem, and does anyone know how to fix it if its even possible to fix it?.
All help is good.
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Don't believe I have had this issue. Have you tried a different mouse? (Shot in the dark)
You know this is WW1 and not 2018 fight against IS?

So you have weapons with a WW1-like fire rate. And not a mini-gun that fires up to 6.000 rounds per minute.

Maybe you spend the time and google Gatling gun. There is a nice video on Youtube showing the fire rate of a Victorian Warfare Gatling.

Yuithgf Nov 3 @ 12:08pm 
there was an old thread of someone having that bug, but i cant find it back :/
Lilifee thecute fairy, you can not have read what i wrote properly. i dont expect 6,000 rounds per minute, im actually quite intrested in old weapons soo i know how fast, for exsample, a mg08 is supposed to fire, and just soo noone can correct me on it, i know there are no mg08's in this game but mg08/15's.
what i made this discussion about is that for me the machineguns in this game seems to have some sort of glitch that makes then very, very slow for me, but normal rate of fire for everyone else who might be pointing the machinegun at me. i wanted to know if there was someone else who also experienced the same thing, and if anybody kneew if it was a fix for it. i dint make this discussion soo that people could come and brag about the minor knowledge of old firearms that they got, and then feel high on themselfs for letting someone know that they are "stupid" because they wanted to know if other people had the same issue as them.
And to answer your question about if i know if its ww1 and not 2018 IS fighting, yes i do know this game is set in ww1, that exactly why i bought it.
And to finish this Extremly salty reply, i just want to say that the gatling gun does not have anything to do whit this game, and most likley not whit the first world war.
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to LV|Ironstorm767 and library UI update is crap. i want to say thanks for the information. i think ill try whit some other mouse and ill take some time to try and see if i can find that old thread about this "bug".
Yuithgf Nov 3 @ 2:45pm 
finally fkin got it!
is that what youre having?
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sorry for a late answer but yes, that is exactly what my problem is.
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