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New map
can we see new map in this year?
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Bishop Jun 10 @ 11:13am 
No plans for a new map have been announced.
Temujin Jun 11 @ 5:36am 
what theatre/terrain type not already in the game would you like to see? (urban maps have been ruled out)
X Jun 11 @ 7:43am 
What I would like to see is a map design contest, but unfortunately there is no map making tools...

Well unless you make a mini-map drawing contest?

Like.... the one with the best trench system drawing wins the contest, something like that....
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They should release workshop support and mapping tools, and then pull a CS:GO and add in new (temporary) community-created maps every so often.
Yuithgf Jun 11 @ 2:25pm 
what about a forest map with a fairly large valley between both starting trenches, so you have a good visibility unlike on st-mihiel?
Yeah but then snipers are too OP. Maybe have it not heavily wooded, so MG’s and regular riflemen can counter the snipers. But then you get the map with the British dude next to a bunch of poppies(I forgot the name) style map.
Yuithgf Jun 11 @ 4:53pm 
the most liked verdun map is picardie according to last surveys (that are a little old but whatever).

i think a good verdun map is a mix of:

-good visibility on the no mans land for the defenders

-enough covers in the no mans land for the attackers

-some sort of terrain variations (hills, forests... something to change from basic craters, aka what flanders doesnt have)

-good spawns for the defenders (for them to be able to join their defending trench without being shot at from no mans land too much)

-be large enough. as its vague and can depend on other factors like the trench layout or the NML size, i cant get a specific ''perfect size'' for a verdun map, but id say larger than aisne/smaller than flanders.
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