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Marinekorp Flandern (Seebataillon) | Central Powers Squad
I know to add a new squad it must bring something new to the table and this squad has a lot of potential seeing as how greatly it was expanded and it found its way all across the Belgium and the Flanders front.

A new item/tool would be the:
- Impact Fragmentation Grenade (Diskushandgranate Model 1915) - Used common enough to gain the nickname of turtle grenade it would detonate on near impact. I know theres a way to make this a reality as the X6/9 Grenade!

- Sabre - They saw enough use in frontline combat from officers in this "squad" (Mainly early war)

- Reichsrevolver Model 1879 - This was the first production earlier to what is seen in game already housing a longer barrel but not much new added just mainly aesthetic

Since they saw combat instantly in 1914 and were held during the entire war this gives you the opportunity to add so much variation in weaponry that was old and new for the german army. Alongside being a near jack of all trades. This squad could be named an "Infiltration" type.

Based on a book about their efforts and fighting of the Marinekorp Flandern during WW1 by Mark D Karau you could take the squad motto as | "Wielding The Dagger" |

Just a thought and a really promising one I feel as the central powers of course dont really need a new squad nor do the entente but this one is an opportunity to add some more variety to them without making anything stand out. Plus the uniforms of the Imperial Marines had a very drastic change in unifrom at the start like the french did but the uniform always stayed distinguishable.

Just a thought feel free to screw me up with criticism!!!!
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Temujin Sep 5 @ 9:49am 
the german naval infantry/sailors have been discussed here many times before. first, what new role would this squad have? unless you come up with a new call-in, suggestign any new german squad is completely pointless. secondly, infantry swords by WW1 were merely rank insignia and the reichsrevolver has already been added logn time ago.

i approve of the diskushandgrante, but we really don't need a new squad for that one. germany absolutely doesn't need a new sqaud, already havign more than any other nation (five, as opposed to four british and only three french). if anything, we need more french squads. hello schilt
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Originally posted by Temujin:

germany absolutely doesn't need a new sqaud, already havign more than any other nation (five, as opposed to four british and only three french). if anything, we need more french squads. hello schilt

This argument is weird.

This game is about factions and not nations.

Or do you see teams only consisting of Tommies? Or only French?

Its a fact that Entente has a much wider variety of different squads. So they can much easier adapt to each maps needs (besides the mostly pro-entente layout of the maps).
Temujin Sep 6 @ 5:23am 
there's only five different types of squads in verdun and germany got all five of them. also germany already has all the small arms it used (and even some it didn't used, like the Kar88), includign really rare ones like the MP18,I. there's no point in adding more, even though i suggested adding the Kar98AZ with trench mag before. but apparently people think you cannot add new weapons without addign a new squad...? anyways, a new squad requires a new call-in either way.

about the entente. yes i'm aware the entente is always mixed, but that's not accurate. if the french had more squads, preferably five as well, we could limit certain squads like belgians to sectors where they fought historically. for a game that has so many weird restrictions on what squads and weapons can be added, they certainly don't seem to care all that much about what squads historically fought on what sector.
Just compare the different rifles used.

Germany mostly uses the KAR98AZ. Entente has several which are used.
Temujin Sep 7 @ 3:10pm 
so? germany didn't had that many different rifles. they even have the Kar88 now that they shouldn't have...
Yuithgf Sep 7 @ 3:24pm 
honestly, despite the fact that i just posted my own squad idea for the entente (and also despite the fact that i think we need more maps more than new squads) im all for a new CP squad.

but its a little light in terms of new weapons imo, a new revolver that (according to you) really isnt very different of the reichs, a sabre (which will play the same as all melee weapons in the game) and an impact grenade.
the impact grenade is interesting in that it is the first weapon of that kind for the ww1gameseries, but thats pretty much it.

maybe if the devs make it a new squad type, why not.
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Temujin Sep 7 @ 3:29pm 
those weapons can still be distributed among existing squads. unless there's a new type of squad call-in, there's no need for a new squad. if people want new weapons, which is a fair suggestion, they can add weapons to the existign squads.

i already suggested addign the Kar98AZ with trench mag to the schützen squad a while ago. would also like to see the dreyse gun and the disc grenades.

what's the least played german squad BTW?
DerRitter Sep 10 @ 10:51am 
probably Schützen- trash loadouts
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