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Recordist Sep 13, 2017 @ 6:09am
Better grenades
I have noticed some issues with a lot of the grenades, some that I would like to adress and put forward some fixes/ideas.

1. Distance
In reality, you should be able to throw the grenades further than in the game. At least make them throw 50% further. The 3, 6 and 9x grenades all feel about right though.

2. Noise
Not the sound per-say (granted, the sounds aren't great either) but more the lack of any effect to the character after hearing such a loud noise. Add in a ringing, that varies depending on grenade proximity, to the game, for immersive purposes.

3. Vfx
The explosion effects look pretty lame, if I could suggest, make them a little larger and not just exploding upwards, give it a more distinct outwards explosion.

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Chet Manley Sep 16, 2017 @ 10:04pm 
I believe when as your squad gets upgrades, the grenadiers or bombers or whatever get a range bonus just has the others get there own bonuses. Also i want to say the German grenades were designed to be thrown further then the more rounder models (In reality but not in the game, may be too unfair if added)
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