Joe Danger 2: The Movie

Joe Danger 2: The Movie

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TastyBallz Apr 9, 2014 @ 9:07am
This has to be the single worst optimized game I have ever encounter on steam.
After installing the game on my main computer a while back when I got it through the humble bundle I noticed that the game had horrible performance even though my system was FAR above the reccomened specs. At the time I figured it was a compatibility issue with some random hardware or software on my system. Fast forward to a couple days ago.

I decided to install the game on my mobile system since I never actually got around to playing it. I launch the game and experience the exact same horribly slow performance plus the added fun of a weird blurry bug which I noticed was reported by a few people here on the forum but never resolved even though the Devs acted like they were trying to fix it months ago in a reply (they simply never responded again to the people waiting for a fix).

With the game now striking out on two entirely different platforms I became curious. So next I installed it on my OS X system to see if an entirely different OS and hardware would make a difference. Nope! Same deal. Absolute crap FPS and a new bug that made my second monitor useless and the game impossible to quit. Had to do a hard reset to fix it.

So after 3 strike outs with 3 entirely different sets of hardware and OSs (Win 8.1, Win7 SP1 and OS X Mavericks) I wanted to check things out further. I still had 3 humble bundle keys for the game since I buy multiple bundles and gift games to friends for various occasions so I had three friends volunteer to give the game a whirl. 2 of them were using Win systems and the other was using OS X.

Can you guess where this is going? Yea, you guessed it. An additional 3 systems that have totally different specs and hardware from eachother and from myself, yet not a single person got the game to run at an even remotely acceptable FPS. One person also got the blurry bug.

This is completely unacceptable. Six different computers that all exceeded the reccommended requirements yet not a single one could run the game in a playable state. I totally understand that you can't support every bit of hardware out there. It is just not reasonable to expect since testing can be very expensive and time consuming. But I have a hard time believing this game was tested at all. None of the computers that my friends and I used were exotic or uncommon. I really question whether the Devs have even heard the word "optimization" before. I have played plenty of poorly developed and lazy cashgrab games before so it really says something when I whole heartedly believe this is one of the worst examples of a poorly developed and poorly optimized game I have ever encountered. I am amazed this game ever made it to market at all.