Joe Danger 2: The Movie
Has this game been abandoned???
I used to play this thing on playstation and is one of the few casual games i actually like when i heard it was on steam i looked it and it looks good but then something catches my eye the broken image links for the achievments
90 perecent of the images for the achievements are missing that might not be a big deal for anyone but presentation is everything in the business world if you arent willing to check in on your game once in a while and at least make look good one face/suface to get people to buy it then people wont
and then there is all the bad review you see alot of people with crash reports and so and so forth and i check the news feed to see when their last updated was and there isnt any news on that all i could find in the is one discusion one measly discusion from the begining of last year that an update was up so there has been an update in over a year? on game that appearantly many still are having issue with
and to kinda answer my own question it must not be completely abandoned because someone who works on this game looked at this game and was like "ah who cares they will still buy it" and told steam to put up for sale

so in the end i want to now are there any updates that are going and just arent being logged or something???
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you are so right, it does not look good with all the broken iconlinks, but for me the game has worked just fine all the time. Dirt showdown also have a lot af broken icons :(
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Yeah achievement icons are missing atm, but I don't think that should be a dealbreaker for anyone. As for performance, I personally haven't had any issues with the game, everything is working flawlessly. Same goes for first Joe Danger.
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