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Leks Mar 30, 2013 @ 3:33am
I just downloaded DC and loving it but dont know anyone... add me if your good and can show me the ropes as im new to MMO im german/english living in london...
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reshwindblade Mar 30, 2013 @ 10:21pm 
I wrote this reply long ago, to another friend, I think it is relavent if you are new, so here it is.


I think that DC Universe Online (DCUO) has to be given some credit in terms of innovation. Not only did they add 1 extra role to the Holy-Trinity of Support, DPS and Tank, they also added different style of fulfilling those roles.

First things first, everyone has 2 roles, DPS + their main power role (as stated in the picture below) and you can freely switched between the two. This means that there is no dedicated DPS and anyone can pick it up if they wish. Switch roles is easy, once you reach level 10, just press the "T" button. Each power set, when you read it's description will tell you what it does depending on your role. Also each roles has it's own skill bar ( loadout ), press "P" to change it.

One thing which is new is the role Controller, this is unique to DCUO. In DCUO you regain your mana/power by killing enemies. Controllers role is to do two things, first is to kill enemies with their AOEs so the team can get back their mana/power, and second is to lower the enemy's stats ( def, resistence, etc ) with their powers. Controllers also have some skills which gives your team back mana/power.

As I said earlier that each role has a different way to be fulfilled, well lets take a look at the Tank role. There are 3 types of tanks, Earth, Fire, and Ice.

Fire tanks, mostly increases his max hp, and regen hp each time he uses any of his powers in Tank mode.
Ice Tanks, gains super armor / high defence each time he uses any of his powers in Tank mode.
Earth Tanks, create an barrier to absorb damage each time they use a power with the aftershock description, or even summon a Golem to tank for them.

Same for healing, there is one which Heals over time, one which is a burst heal, and one more which heals as you attack the enemy ( like Life Steal )

I recommend, you start with a Fire Tank ( fire has AOEs, and heal so easier to level to max ), Try to avoid controller role if you are new ( just my opinion )
Leks Mar 31, 2013 @ 2:31am 
im psychic/hand blaster im a controller arent i haha
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