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Rainbow Otter Apr 13, 2014 @ 9:02pm
[SPOILER ALERT] Sewer racism
Really?! Rufus essentially sells the poor black girl into slavery?! And as who, a MONKEY?! Are you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ kidding me? That is just poor taste and awful. I am ashamed to have liked the series where the writers thought such a situation is funny or appropriate.
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Alecto Apr 14, 2014 @ 6:49am 
Would it be better if she was white?

June needs the winder to get back to her boyfriend Goon. She doesen't belong to the monkey-guy.

This is a game. We should care more about what we do in our real lives to other people.

Rufus acts like that since the first minutes of the first part of Deponia.
But I'm sure he doesn't think a second about slavery (or political correctness), he just tries to reach his goal - in the true sense of the word. That doesn't make it better but I guess he never saw June as a slave. And I do neither. She is just another victim of Rufus selfishness and his tunnel vision.
At least she still has her own will. What about poor Goon, beeing caught by the wrap-lady? That's okay? Or the poor baby dolphins which end up as cat food? Tony, who gets a recipe for a cord?

Why do everybody cares about poor June although there are other people who have bad fate, too? Is being upset about slavery currently in vogue again? Don't get me wrong. Slavery is wrong, racicsm is wrong - but it seems like people are just upset about it (in this game) because they think they should be upset about it because it is a famous topic.

As well everybody is shocked because June is a black girl. But for me it makes no difference if she was black, white or green - it matters what happens to her.

Deponia is known for it's black humor. I would be careful to claim the writers are racists - I'm pretty sure they are not. At least nobody can tell that by this games.
I laugh about jokes that are not "political correct", I also laugh about jokes about myself which are not always charming - and I am far away from beeing a racist or from sorting people.

The "June-Story" wasn't funny at all to me. But not because I was so shocked, I couldn't move my mouse anymore - it was just not my sense of humor. But I laughed about a lot of other jokes someone else might find stuipid.

Well, if this game reminds people on things which should never be happen again and shows them how they should not act, it serves a purpose.
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varúlfur Apr 24, 2014 @ 11:41am 
I don't care about racism or bad jokes, but this really didn't seem like it belongs in this game. both monkey and pedophile things
Alecto Apr 24, 2014 @ 2:17pm 
Well, that's true. I did not had that feeling about June that much but the pedophile guy really seemed incongruous.
BananaGun Aug 5, 2014 @ 12:52pm 
Saying "this is a game" doesn't forgive the WRITERS for this mistake. It's insensitve at best, and racist at worst.
Phex Aug 15, 2014 @ 6:44pm 
I agree in that i didn't enjoy that part of the game's humour.
I don't think this was racist as Rufus didn't do what he did out of some hate, it seemed to me that he didn't even really understand what he did. It's heavily implied that he was brain damaged, remember? He often seems to shift his version of reality, so did he truly have a clear judgement of his actions? I doubt it.
And the game itself also makes it clear that what he did was wrong.
But that isn't the only thing which he did wrong, so i don't see why people are making such a fuss about this, seemingly forgetting the others.
All that said, i didn't really find those bits funny, they left a bitter taste in my mouth and i agree that they were unnecessary.
Queen Moany Sep 1, 2014 @ 2:07am 
I've watched some playthroughs of the game. A good reason why despite the fact I absolutely loved the first game, I'm not buying this one.

This "monkey scene" isn't just where Rufus essentially sells the girl into slavery as a monkey; he pretends to be helping her at the same time. And takes a commission off it; which he uses to by burritos from her boyfriend who is also in a problematic situation (caused by Rufus himself.)
Other scenes were just as cringeworthy, including a scene where he tricks a bunch of small kids into the mouth of a monster (possibly out of context; idk).

In the first Deponia, there's no denying that Rufus was, well... kind of reckless, a bit vindictive, and somewhat ruthless both intentionally and otherwise. (this particularly considering the first arc). He steals constantly, tries to frame the _____, and is generally just a self-centered ♥♥♥♥... but he's never as malicious as he seems in Goodbye Deponia.

I'm not going to talk about "racism" or whatever people claim this was... I've got better things to do than wonder about that in a game I haven't even played. On the other hand though, I will say that what I've seen of Goodybe Deponia so far doesn't exactly portray Rufus in a way that's consistent with the first Deponia...

Long story short, they've taken what I considered to be a complex and great character and made him from "75% self-centered ♥♥♥♥ with 25% redeeming qualities that make up for the other 75%" to "100% egotistic ♥♥♥♥ who can't even be related to."

I get what kind of humor the developers were looking for in this game. If anything I particularly like this kind of humor, usually. But not only did they mess up on the humor, they completely raped Rufus' character along with it.

0/10 not getting. Kinda sad too.
akhv Sep 8, 2014 @ 3:27pm 
Actually there's a great thread about it
Look for comments by pokinsson, he's author of the game.
Vik The Rebel Sep 14, 2014 @ 3:19pm 
Originally posted by akhv:
Actually there's a great thread about it
Look for comments by pokinsson, he's author of the game.

I feel bad for him. Kids can't handle mature dark humor. Seriously, racism and bring up the point that an ignorant guy like Rufus unintentially sold "Black Woman" to a "Monkey". It says more about the ignroance of Rufus than the racist nature of the writer.

Seriously all these supposed offensive moments further created an image of Rufus being such a dumbass. You can either make your character mentally challenged or you solidified his personality with creative ways. I found his writing more interesting than most ways in making your character "Dumb".

I think everyone would be just as happy to have a bland game with everyone calling Rufus stupid and thats it.

I loved Rufus and Daedalic made a crazy dumbass likeable. People are so bent out of shape with their own problems.
#germans are evil rant
Kamil950PL Sep 18, 2014 @ 12:37pm 
@akhv - thanks for link.
TBBle Sep 21, 2014 @ 1:14am 
It's not racial discriminiation unless he sells her into slavery _because_ she's black. You need an element of discrimination (or even stereotyping), otherwise it's not racist, it's just mean.

As the writer pointed out in the Wot I Think comments (linked by @akhv above), the _exact same thing_ was done to Goon; except he appears to have had his free will removed, while June is choosing to continue the demeaning job.
robesh Sep 22, 2014 @ 7:51am 
Daedalic is Germans. They haven't ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, that's why it's not racial discriminiation. This topic is actual only in USA.
Lancelord Sep 22, 2014 @ 2:04pm 
As soon as I got the fez and the organ grinder told me he wanted a "new monkey", I started thinking "not June, please not June, anyone but June, have the old lady be the monkey, have the bouncer be the monkey, hell, have the pedophile be the monkey". But no; this will always be a bad moment in the Deponia trilogy for me. Even though the intent was probably not racist, it was done incredibly badly and comes off as massively insensitive.

Thankfully after that we get a scene where Rufus is called an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, and rightfully so. That helped a bit.
8-bit_gaming Sep 23, 2014 @ 2:36pm 
a racist moment in a comady is not always racist itself
rember this south park moment
or having the only black kid charicter named tolkin
or the wheel of fortune episode.
or any of the 1,000 of other extreamly racist and slightly ofancive moments they have had.
but no doing it in a game is across the line?
Lancelord Sep 23, 2014 @ 3:28pm 
Originally posted by Adolf Stalin:
op is the racist here. also sexist
he was ok with a white man playing a monkey role earlier

But seriously, what do you look in the game where the second main character is female and her name is "Goal"?

Now look here, Adolf Stalin (if that is your real name)... The OP was offended by what they saw, which seemed racist to them.

I admit that I didn't think about the sexism in that scene until you mentioned it; there's another but in the game where Rufus is being ultra-sexist, but I think we're supposed to disagree with him, seeing as he's immediately called out on it by female characters.

But I didn't realise the "Goal" joke until playing this episode, so what do I know.
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