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Just bought this because the SP looks fun, how's the co-op though?
How does it work? That's all I want to know.
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Why would you link me the Xbox Arcade review? This review complains about split screen co-op, what a terrible review.

And who has a 32" screen for console...? Although upona further look at this review, the guy who made it seems inept to evaluate it for both PC/Xbox Arcade at the same time, which is stupid.
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Vegantichrist Sep 26, 2013 @ 6:46am 
I have a 32" screen for console. What kind of question is that?
Bill Cosplay Sep 26, 2013 @ 6:47am 
32" screens are quite common? Are you hating on poor people mister Manson?
Austin St. John Sep 26, 2013 @ 7:12am 
i also have a 32'' in my room hooked to the ps3, what's the problem?
Stop taking it personally, what is this, a daycare?
Bill Cosplay Sep 26, 2013 @ 7:13pm 
Originally posted by Robert "Dilly" Manson:
Stop taking it personally, what is this, a daycare?

If you'd like an explanation for my comments, it's simple: If I used a 32" and based my review off of that, when that's really a minor concern I'd feel pretty stupid. So to see such a bad review based what seems to be mostly the fact that split screen wasn't optimal (which would mean ANY game that EVER existed would lose points to this reviewer due to his 32" monitor not being substantial) is why I made my comment.

This game is amazing in my opinion, the co-op is great and the review does it no justice.

I was talking to my friend I gifted this to and have played pvp and co-op with, imagine if this had a lore to it that everyone knew.. ie; Warcraft. The fanbase for such a wicked game with a backed up lore would make it even more exceptional. That's just an example, as I've always been a fan of Warcraft lore.

Plus, the co-op modes are great for what you pay for this game. Not sure if that guy even tried different maps in the co-op, they change the gameplay and opponents. Each map also creates different castles to experiment with because of obstacles etc,.

AND the fact that the review wasn't written seperately from the PC review, but rather as a PC + Xbox Arcade and solely based on split-screen AND the fact that it lost points due to his use of a 32" screen further points out a lack of intelligence on the reviewer's part. I really love co-optimus, but sometimes they have idiots review games and the same can be said for any similar gaming website, ie; IGN *rolls eyes*, or other companies who take $$ to produce better reviews, or simply use ridiculous biases.

Happy? (:
Ardis Sep 27, 2013 @ 10:40pm 
Would tell you how the co-op was if I could connect to it.....I get an error everytime my friend and I try to connect that says the game is full or unavailable.
Bill Cosplay Sep 27, 2013 @ 10:51pm 
Originally posted by Robert "Dilly" Manson:
-huge post-

Thanks babe
Or just put 2 monitors up yer PC and stretch yer desktop over them (not cloning). usually that works fine too (26" one and a 19" one here and 42" flatscreen TV as backup)
If short on cash for this way handling, get a bit closer to yer screen :D
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