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Whuzat! Sep 25, 2013 @ 3:49pm
Worth the price, and my review
So I bit and bought the game after watching a few videos, and knowing that the multiplayer was skeptical at best. Reviews seemed generally positive but the occasional negative here and there.

Worth it. Bought the vanilla and played for like an hour and then bought the DLC. Total cost with taxes came out to about 12$.

Can't comment about multiplayer because as said above, it is skeptical at best and I couldn't find anybody to play with anyways. Not a problem though, because the single player is fun as hell all by itself.

If you are worried about single player, don't be. It is a slight play on angrybirds, but done quite well (I found angrybirds to be a bit lackluster and didn't enjoy it much in all honesty). The game is quite fun and does add a bit of strategic value to itself through troop spawning as well as your ballista weapon. Gold is earned and used to buy upgrades for units, spells, etc., and the campaign seems to have quite a few missions. Playing it on normal and being about 2 hours in, it seems to be taking me about 5-10 to win each level, but I get the feeling that it will start being more complicated from where I am at going forward. On top of progressing the campaign, you can also replay the level to increase your star count or just farm gold. I am not normally a star hunter but I find myself pretty dedicated to getting the max that I can and I seem to be going and replaying levels alot to do better.

The story is comical, and not very serious at all. Don't expect much character development or storyline explanation. You get 5-8 lines of chat before each battle on average it seems, and also a small video. But it does trod the story along so you know what is going on and why you are doing what you are. You get told the purpose of your current mission and you know what you need to do. It does it's job and prevents the game from being just a bunch of random castles well enough.

I can't comment on the story part of the DLC because I have not played it yet, but both of the DLC do seem to add a good chunk of new content in story, campaign, and units/equipment. For 3$ each I can't complain at all.

Does it's job well. Small and VERY easy to learn/pickup. You can use your mousewheel to select what catagory you want (ballista, units, etc) or you can use the hotkeys (middle mouse, right mouse, etc). Hotkeys for the selections are 1-5. Takes you all of about 30 seconds to really learn the UI in the battles. UI in the castle editor could use some love, as I find myself having to click the check mark on the side alot or clicking the same action twice, regardless of using the hotkey or not.

I have not encountered any bugs yet, as I blame the occasional annoyance in the castle editor UI to be a UI flaw and not a bug. I suppose you could call it a bug if you want, Though I won't here. Not much else to say about bugs.

I would say pick it up. You can get everything for around 12$ and it will give you several hours of fun plus replayability in the form of bettering your scores, upgrading to the max, etc. Not a bad deal and I find myself quite enjoying it. Great game that is well done, won't take you a week to learn, and something you can pop in and play a level or two when you find yourself with 10-15 min here and there.

Any questions, just ask.

Windows 7 Home
FX-8120 (OC'd to 4.2Ghtz)
560TI (2GB)

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Whuzat! Sep 26, 2013 @ 11:14am 
Bump because I still keep seeing people ask the same questions about the game
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