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We should have a discussion thread - or possibly even forum thing - where people can post their favorite deck-lists and preffered strategies.

Here's mine:

Fire Sword x1
Ducklord x1
Benny x2
Fire Mace x2
King Buni x2
Jenny Shark x2
Masked Ruby x2
Jenny Flower x2
Helios x1
Pitch and Catstrike x1
Iosa x1
Alexander x1
Potato x2
Cyber Jenny x1
Crossover Adventure x1
Heart x2
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Wiwa Sep 8, 2017 @ 1:07pm 
I tried making a thread llike this, but it didn't really catch on.

I really enjoy this deck:
1x Key X
1x Passel
1x Paranoid Fish
2x Helios
1x Jealous Chest
2x Fasen
1x Tosca X
1x Rainbow Ring
1x Tosca
1x Cyber Jenny
2x Potato
1x Jenny Bunny
1x Jenny Bunny x
2x Princess Remedy
2x Frallan
2x Dentist Maze
1x Crossover Adventure
1x Bees X

This has had some succes in the online mode. Basically, the deck aims to stall the game until the Jealous Chest can get activated. At this point, stuff like Fasen's Potatoes, Cyber Jenny and Helios start hitting like a truck.

It's fun, and not entirely dependant on its main wincon.
BadBunny Sep 8, 2017 @ 5:10pm 
This one is inspired on KingTwelveSixteen deck, which help me won against CardPlaya . It's focused on dealing a lot of damage as quick and often as possible, with only two heals and two shields added for good measure:

That Guy x2
Pitch and Catstrike x2
Jenny Shark x2
Bazooka Turnip x2
King Buni x2
Potato x2
Mr X x2
Cyber Jenny x1
Goddess Buster x2
Fire Mace x2
Simulacrum x1
Helios x2
Metonym x1
Simulacrum X x1

I constantly make small changes everytime I see room for improvement, so it may be updated later on, based on online matches.
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Wiwa Sep 10, 2017 @ 7:33am 
I'm really curious to see what the optimized aggro deck will look like.

Spontaneously, I'd like to see Goddess of Explosions, Cyber Jenny and Potatoes in that deck. Are these cards you considered?
Last edited by Wiwa; Sep 10, 2017 @ 7:42am
BadBunny Sep 10, 2017 @ 12:35pm 
Before I got stuck on CardPlaya , I used to love Potatoes and Fasen on my deck. Now I feel they waste turns and card space that could be use for chaining with cards that hit harder.

As for Goddess of Explosions, to risk taking two hits to deal other two and wasting the turn on a card that prevents chaining (it only lasts 1 turn active) and would only deal two more damage if played while a Goddess Buster was already on board, which I use specially to activate Fire Mace and Mr X, it, again, feels like a poor choice.

Now, Cyber Jenny... I wish I could include it on my deck, but (and I'm using this term too much) to waste a turn placing a card that will not only not contribute to my chain but also will give 2 turns of chain potencial to every direction to my opponent, in exchange for 3 damage that can be easily shielded, not a good option.

I tend to avoid spy cards, even non-conductive ones, because I think it's too risky to use activation chains that I'm not in full control of. Metonym is one exception I've made because 2 damage on placement ends a game right when the opponent thinks he has more time to react.
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Wiwa Sep 10, 2017 @ 1:33pm 
Fair enough on C Jenny and GoE.

I still think CJ is valid in that you get damage straight from deck and straight from hand. You don't even need to play her with the intention of resolving. Goddess is just a solid card for setting up chains, even if (as you rightly point out) she is not good at maintaining them.

I don't think you should compare Fasen to potatoes, though. The entire point with potatoes is that you get "free" damage with no set-up, and you can get closer to cards that you want to draw. No turn wasted.

I agree completely that Fasen has no business in an aggro deck.
BadBunny Sep 10, 2017 @ 2:47pm 
Ok, as soon as I read your saying on the potatoes cards, I realize that my deck shouldn't considerate how many cards I have at the end of a match, to improve my chances of surviving fatigue turns, as it's build to win games as fast as possible.

That said, I included Potato x2 and Cyber Jenny x1, excluding Cruise Tetron x2 and Killer Karp x1. This allowed me to reconsider Killer Karp usefulness, so I'm with one card space open for suggestions.
MTGPoker Sep 12, 2017 @ 3:11pm 
Alpha Strike - 1
Bees X - 2
Ice Wand - 3
Jenny Benny X - 1
Portal Wand - 2
Parrot X - 2
Shop at Itan's - 2
Gunnel Vision - 3
Key X - 1
Tosca X - 1
Force Wand - 2
Rainbow Ring - 1
Dark Lord X - 1
Key - 2

Fun fact about this list: Rainbow Ring actually combos with Jenny Benny X and I think it must be just about the only card that actually combos with it. It causes you to draw one card for the card played on your turn, and then draw a card for the card played on your opponents turn, next turn, as a copy of that card.

Also, not many cards have too many arrows, but it ends up being okay because you just steal so many of your opponent's cards.

It will work out frequently I'll have a Gunnel Vision or two down and a Bees X, and I'll just keep playing Ice Wand, usually I'll play around 5-6 per game. If you can't cage the Gunnel Visions this deck fails.
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