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BadBunny Sep 7, 2017 @ 9:21pm
Any tips on beating the secret last boss?
I give up. For 6 hours and countless losses, I tryed my best. Agressive deck, silence/cage deck, tick/delay deck, apathetic frog deck, lasting deck, healing deck, a mixture of everything. One time I got lucky and won the first round with a overly agressive deck, but got destroyed later (obviously). I'm getting frustrated and even angry at the game. Can someone help me? (CardPlaya is the boss in question, it's weird that the spoiler tag don't work on the pop-up of the discussion when hovering the mouse over it, so I put her name more to the end)
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Veralos Sep 7, 2017 @ 11:03pm 
For this boss (and most of the late game bosses) I used a Disillusioned Snake combo deck. You wait until you have Passel, Rainbow Ring and at least one Disillusioned Snake in hand. From there you play Passel into Rainbow Ring, then play Disillusioned Snakes endlessly until the board fills up. This stops your opponent's cards from resolving and builds up a surplus of cards so you can win through fatigue damage. The rest of the time you just heal and try to block your opponent's cards.

Heart x3
Jenny Flower x2
Orka x2
Saturnus x3
Rainbow Ring
Disillusioned Snake x3
Princess Remedy x2
Ice Ring
Jenny Bunny x2
Key X
Potato x2

This is probably not the most optimal way to build the deck but it worked for me.
Regnslöja  [developer] Sep 8, 2017 @ 2:57am 
I think I used a bunch of color-switching cards, to steal her super cards. And probably sent a few Prince Hingst her way too, with Lemon.
KingTwelveSixteen Sep 8, 2017 @ 12:17pm 
I just ran my standard, genericy "Every card deals at least 1 damage" deck to beat her. It also has some cards like "heal 1 when placed" and "shield when resolve" and stuff like that though.

I beat everyone in the game with this deck. It did improve a lot over the course of the game though.

Deck List:
Fire Sword x1
Ducklord x1
Benny x2
Fire Mace x2
King Buni x2
Jenny Shark x2
Masked Ruby x2
Jenny Flower x2
Helios x1
Pitch and Catstrike x1
Iosa x1
Alexander x1
Potato x2
Cyber Jenny x1
Crossover Adventure x1
Heart x2

Actually wait, Heart doesn't deal damage on resolution. Now I need a better name for this deck archtype. Standard? Flow? Versatile? Hmmm...
Evilinferno Sep 8, 2017 @ 3:34pm 
pretty much used a pure damage deck, slowly build up from the starter deck, to defeat everything with a bit of luck

Stupid Bee x1, resolve: deal 1 damage
Fire Sword x2, r: 1d
Drone x2, r:1d
Itan Carver x1, p: add a bomb to your opponent's deck, pretty much a reverse potato

Jenny fox x2, placement: 1d
Fire Mace x2, p/r :1d
CardPlaya x2, one of the best cards, a card stealer. you can either steal an opponent's card and switch it with an used Jenny Fox or you can give an opponent Metonym
Potato x2, Deals 1 damage on draw and then draws a new card, free damage
King Buni x2, r: 1d
Fasen x2, r: add 2 Potato's in your deck, more free damage
Masked Ruby x2, r: gain shield + deal 1d
Pitch and Catstrike x1, r: 2d
Anti-Muri x1, p: take 3d + r: deal 3d, works best after Masked Ruby gave you a shield or if you desperately need to link ~80% of the cards you use
Jenny Shark x1, r: 2d

Metonym, p: deal 2 damage + r: take 3 damage, activate CardPlaya and then use this on the next turn

strangely enough the secret bosses were pretty easy with this deck
BadBunny Sep 8, 2017 @ 4:44pm 
Thank you guys so much for the responses!

I ended up trying Veralos deck a couple of times, even got to a third round with her having only 1 remaining hp, but I lost still. Then I tryed building a deck like Regnslöja describe it, but it didn't fit my battle mindset.

Finally KingTwelveSixteen came up with his deck, I copied it and beat her on my first try! .

Now I'm refining my own deck based on this idea of gaining advantage over the enemy at every turn, rather than wasting it building some combo that may or may not pay off on later turns. I've even won all online matches I played so far. Looking foward to re-battle all bosses to further test it.

Mr. Domino Sep 10, 2017 @ 7:36pm 
Originally posted by Regnslöja:
I think I used a bunch of color-switching cards, to steal her super cards.

I think I need to look toward doing this. Ancestral Ducklord is destroying me. Attempting to keep it from activately is just wasting the turn.
MTGPoker Sep 12, 2017 @ 10:13am 
No one posted a Wand deck? I used a Wand deck and got incredible results.

Alpha Strike - 1
Bees X - 2
Ice Wand - 3
Jenny Benny X - 1
Portal Wand - 2
Parrot X - 2
Shop at Itan's - 2
Gunnel Vision - 3
Key X - 1
Tosca X - 1
Force Wand - 2
Rainbow Ring - 1
Dark Lord X - 1
Key - 2
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