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Wiwa Sep 4, 2017 @ 6:44am
Competitive Decks!
So, I always find it interesting to see what's good in any given metagame. In as unique a game as this, it's especially interesting, because it's so hard to compare to other games. How do you quantify a card?

So: Please post archetypes and/or decklists that you've built *specifically* for facing other players. Only post if the deck has proven itself capable of at least a few wins.

I think it's also interesting to discuss the decbuilding process in general. Strong packages to include, shells, tech cars, etc... Again, though, try to back up posts with some testing.
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Wiwa Sep 4, 2017 @ 7:01am 
To start off: I've built a persistent effect shell with control options, and a way to ramp up the damage output with Jealous Chest and Fasen's potatoes. This, along with Tosca's keys lets you quickly settle a match if it's close to fatigue.

First iterations tended to get blown out by aggressive placement effect decks. I tried to adjust my deck with more proactive cards, as well as more damage threats of my own to clinch the game if you ever get a lead. (My avatar is Post Apoc-Rot, in case you spot me in online play :P)

1x Tosca X
1x Key X
1x Passel
1x Paranoid Fish
1x Rainbow Ring
1x Tosca
1x Jealous Chest
1x Cyber Jenny
2x Fasen
2x Potato
2x Lean Boo
2x Princess Remedy
2x Frallan
2x Dentist Maze
2x Helios
1x Crossover Adventure
1x Bees X

I enjoy this deck quite a lot. There's a lot of thinking required in order to set up plays, stop your opponent's plays and deciding when to go for a longer game.

Potato, Cyber Jenny, and Rainbow Ring feel like valid inclusions in pretty much every deck.
Rainbow ring might be one of my favorite cards, just in how flexible it is. It's really interesting to see what you can set up, and sort of lock yourself into.

The most obvious "package" is the RamedyxFrallan healing package. These were very obviously designed to be used together. In additon, Passel and Helios find their way in quite cleanly to form an "while active"-effect package. For my deck, I will usually save Helios for after I've gotten mt power token.
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solar Sep 8, 2017 @ 8:48pm 
been faffing about with an interference-y deck in online multiplayer that basically runs off of Ancient War, Ancient War X, Tosca X, and a whole bunch of "effect applies when placed" cards

it's definitely not an instant win condition or anything but i will say that it's extremely fun! would also maybe recommend putting Rainbow Ring or Portal World in the deck to try and duplicate or reuse the Ancient War cards

other fill is up to you! personally i've been trying to run it as entirely Jenny/Turnip focused (less a few Roll cards and Potatoes) but i'm unfortunately not good at getting the Jenny Tiger/Rotnip combo. gonna have to work on that
Wiwa Sep 10, 2017 @ 7:31am 
Yeah, the Ancient War Cards struck me as possibly really good for lockdown-style decks. It seems like it might work pretty well with the Disillusioned Snake combo.

I tried building a Rotnip deck, but never even got to testing. It just seemed too inconsistent, and with only a middling payoff. :P

Do tell if you make it work!
Wiwa Sep 10, 2017 @ 11:10am 
GGs to whomever I was just playing!

Anyway, I just made a post about stall lists seeming like they are the best deck at the moment. There are just so many ways to stall the board against aggro, and use pre-emptive removal against combos.

A bit as if you could put 15 doomsayers in your deck in hearthstone. Except there is no good removal from hand.

The card Role Reversal may very well be the best in the game. It does everything that a stall deck wants to do, and is crucial in winning the mirror match.

Playing the mirror ends up as a bit of a chicken race. You want to use your Role Reversal just to prevent your opponent from swiping yours, but if you wait until you feel sure that they've drawn theirs you are pretty much guaranteed the win.

Honestly, I enjoyed these mind games, so I like that the archetype exists. I jut get the impression that it will force other decks out of the meta.
I love my trusty old KingXQueen deck, fill the board with deal 2/3 damage cards, play king then activate them all with queen. Upwards of 12 damage in 3 turns :)
17thLord Sep 17, 2017 @ 2:07pm 
My favorite deck so far has been:
1x Metonym
1x Key X
1x Tosca
1x Dance Party (not really sure why this is in there but it's not hurting anything)
2x Potato
2x Fasen
2x CardPlaya
2x That Guy
2x Prince Hingst
2x Lemon
2x King Buni
2x Jam
2x Hedvig
2x Alexander
Pulling off 6 damage form one card is always nice and CardPlaya lets you take something nice from your enemy (Oh, your Mr. X is about to go off, I'll just borrow that.)
Mithalan Mithrarin Sep 17, 2017 @ 11:01pm 

That round was over in just a few turns...
solar Sep 20, 2017 @ 3:38pm 
finally made my stall deck kinda viable -and if not that, then at least fun to play and watch as things spiral out of control on both sides of the board. decklist is as follows:

Ancient War - 1
Ancient War X - 1
Asha - 2
Bazooka Turnip - 2
Blueprint - 1
Cyber Jenny - 1
Disillusioned Snake - 3
Ice Wand - 3
Jenny Blueberry - 3
Metonym - 1
Passel - 1
Portal World - 1
Rainbow Ring - 1
Roll - 2
Slug - 1

(also, BadBunny, if you're reading this, i apologize for the number of times you were subjected to Ancient War and then a good deal of delays. you still won but i apologize)
BadBunny Sep 20, 2017 @ 6:12pm 

It's fine, we had fun, and we can still battle each other and refine our decks... Speaking of it:

That Guy x2
Pitch and Catstrike x2
Jenny Shark x2
Bazooka Turnip x2
King Buni x2
Potato x2
Mr X x2
Cyber Jenny x1
Goddess Buster x2
Fire Mace x2
Simulacrum x1
Helios x2
Metonym x1
Simulacrum X x1

Aggro deck in which the motto is to use every turn to gain immediate advantage, like possible connections or quick heals, and attacking as hard an as fast as possible, never wasting turns preparing a combo.
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