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Petun Jun 30, 2017 @ 6:30am
The card we deserve
Yesterday I was thinking about control cards in this game.
The strongest one atm is Dumped X - I think we all agree on that. And while it's important to have cards like that, I think there are some problems with this card and control in general.

So first of all - you need this card against cards like business card man. But even when you have it, you have to be very careful, when to use it. That's the thing I like about it. It is important to understand the matchup and what's the biggest threat for you. Because you only have one easy removal. And I think that's fine.

Though, to enable some more slower decks I think we need different control tools. At the moment we have dumped X and a lot of prevantative cards like Jenny Bunny and even the Ancient War cards.

But there isn't a lot that can deal with some of the very strong cards that you basically can't use dumped X on, but that are still a problem: Passel, Key X, the Rainbow Ring... also, these cards dont require any preparation.

While I want an answer to these, I also don't want to have another card like dumped X, that is just a good answer to everything (again, I think it's fine that we have ONE card like that though).

My first idea was this:
Placement: Resolve & Remove an enemy card & remove this card.

This, of course, doesn't work, because resolve can only take place at the owner's turn, so that he'll be able to target stuff with the resolve effect.

So I though of this:
Placement: Activate an enemy card and set its timer to 1. Remove this card.

So the idea is to have a card that can punish cards without an resolve effect but that is not that good against cards with resolve effect (unless the effect is only good at a certain time).

What do you think?

Also, feel free to post your own ideas. : )
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Matmor Jun 30, 2017 @ 7:37am 
This is good, we need more "instant" counters! As I wrote previously, waiting 4 turns on the regular Dumped or even 2 turns on Dark Lord doesn't really cut it against some cards.

My idea:
Placement: Activate this card (timer is 1)
Resolve: Remove a card and discard a random card from your hand.
This card doesn't have any arrows.
Note that this is slightly better than Dumped X in that it can remove inactive cards, but it takes 1 turn to activate and discarding a random card is usually disadvantageous. And notice that I didn't choose "take X damage" as the disadvantage, as that "disadvantage" is IMO overused by the devs and makes the whole game revolve around BCM.
Matmor Jun 30, 2017 @ 12:51pm 
Wow, Dumped X was nerfed pretty hard just now, what are we gonna do without our instant counter???
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