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Blazephlozard Jun 27, 2017 @ 1:46pm
My thoughts (placement is OP)
Hi, Blazephlozard (CCN speedrunner) here. I sent this in the feedback but may as well post it here.

Mild typo: Power token description says it "increases all the damage you deal with 1"; I think it should be "by 1".

Error that didn't mess anything up: NullReferenceException upon a card being removed by Jenny Bunny, then attempted to be transformed by Ultra Mechabun. No error, game continued fine.

Mana tokens seem to need more love. There's only 6 cards that deal with mana tokens. Only two of them give you any. You can't really build a deck around it. The Golden Apathetic Frog has more chance of winning probably than a mana token deck (cool alternative win condition by the way). There'd have to be a lot more mana token related cards, especially ones that generate them, for them to be usable at all. One example I thought of is an effect where every time one of your cards Resolves, you get one mana token. This could give cards with minimal resolve effect or healing/shields a bit more meaning.

This also makes Hexrot X an extremely powerful card for connecting; it stays for 6 turns, and its Resolve downside is non-existent if you aren't using mana tokens. 2 Hexrot X along with a lot of good 2 or 3 damage cards that match with it can deal a lot of damage over tim, with no downside. Of the 8 cards with a 6-turn timer, Hexrot X stands out as an overpowered connecting piece (the rest have no/one arrow). Space Nord X is another great connector, with a slightly bigger downside; of course, all you have to do is not use any cards that give you shields. These connectors would be better balanced IMO if the downside hit you no matter your deck (i.e. self-health damage, removing/caging your cards on resolve, maybe a -1 to attacks while it's active, something).

There's no reason to not have 2 Potatos in your deck, since it replaces itself immediately. I think it'd make more sense for it to work like Regeneration/Brickopalypse; you have to use a turn to play it, and it instantly removes itself upon being played.

But with cards taking so many turns to Resolve now, it makes it so Placement and lingering effects can be way, way more powerful. Building a fairly typical attack-heavy connection deck, I lost to opponents that I think didn't do a single connection to activate their cards, relying solely on placement effects... Because of the merged board, these cards lose the huge downside that Anna Ban in CCN1 had of giving your board a dead card; in fact, you can even block your opponents with these cards! A card like Helios can essentially read "Placement: deal 2 damage, and block an opponent's card". That's not right!

It's an interesting, fast-paced way to play the game, but I'm not sure it's what was really intended! And there's definitely no way around this meta, because you can't stop it with slower cards, and it can prevent opponents' connections. The only Resolving I've been doing now pretty much is on cards that have Placement for 1 damage and Resolve for 1 damage, and maybe a Ultra Mechabun. It might be a good idea to have a card that prevents Placement effects from triggering? (See: Torpor Orb, from Magic) Or just nerf them in general, because they're far more reliable than Resolve effects.

Another big problem with these Placement effects is that they happen before other effects that remove/replace played cards; Jenny Bunny, Jenny Bunny X, Ultra Mechabun, Jenny Lemon, Lean Boo, all these don't really do anything to a Placement effect card, while they'd render a Resolve card likely worthless or off the board.

This is the deck I've ended up using:

1x Dumped X
1x Ultra Mechabun
1x Rainbow Ring
1x Jenny Lemon
1x Cyber Jenny
2x Potato
2x That Guy
2x Helios
2x Hyperdusa
2x Fire Mace
2x Princess Remedy
2x Skull King
2x Jenny Fox
3x Heart
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Bedinsis Jun 27, 2017 @ 1:58pm 
I agree that On Placement effects are too powerful.They make it so that a player can make do without having to connect cards, and connecting cards is kind of the selling feature.
mantidactyle Jun 27, 2017 @ 3:15pm 
Heart is really weak imo, doesn't kill your opponent faster, doesn't heal you if you draw them on turn 1 / at full health, and there are cards that deal damage with the same arrows / better arrows, AND it's a dead card in your hand when you could have more cards with placement effects instead (like Simulacrum X)

Aside from that I agree with your whole post !
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Tokays AX Jun 29, 2017 @ 1:22pm 
I think the buff link cards might need is to be able to rotate or flip them as additional action on your turn. There was a mechanic like that on some of the cards in the first game right? :spasm:
mantidactyle Jun 29, 2017 @ 1:40pm 
Yes, there was some cards that rotate themselves (Turnip), and other that rotate a target card (Zero)
17thLord Jun 29, 2017 @ 6:30pm 
Actually, I'd say it's possible to beat On Placement deck. I've done it once or twice (admittedly, I use an Apathetic frog focused deck, so slowing draws might be part of that.)
Matmor Jun 29, 2017 @ 10:41pm 
@rileywearies: Yeah, I don't think On Placement is OP after the b02 nerf. Unless you count BCM/Simulacrum X combos or Helios as On Placement.
Blazephlozard Jun 30, 2017 @ 1:46pm 
Yeah, the card changes now are very good! Pretty much every problem card was nerfed to be more dangerous to use, slower to use, or require connecting to activate instead of activating automatically. Things are much more interactive and skillful now.
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