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gorilla nest Sep 11, 2013 @ 1:15pm
Build 0.049 is out
We just pushed a new build out to Steam. This is a lot bigger than our last few that were just some emergency bug fixes. A lot of these changes are to the physics and usability based on feedback from you guys. We are dubbing this "Alpha 1.5" since there aren't any new parts or major features being added. Our full Alpha 2 should be out in a couple of weeks, and that will have lots of new parts, features, and official puzzles to play with.

Due to the physics changes, a lot of your contraptions may be affected and need some tweaking. Contraption breaking/altering changes will happen less and less as we make progress, it's annoying for all of my creations too :-)

Physics Changes
  • The accelerator pipe behaves more like in TIM now. It will boost objects with the same power every time
  • Fixed an issue where adding or removing parts in one area of a contraption was changing unrelated physics in another
  • Fixed physics issues causing some contraptions to run differently across PC & Mac
  • Added a fix where having Toolman Tim in a contraption would cause it to behave differently on multiple runs
  • Fixed some cases where nitro wasn’t exploding like it should
  • Accelerator pipe straightens things passing through it
  • Toolman Tim can fall farther without being knocked out
  • Balloons have slightly more lifting power
  • Flat conveyor belts now have the same friction as angled
  • Modified how bouncy balls hit each other to reduce chances of tunneling
Usability Fixes
  • Disabled editing while physics are running (this may come back as an advanced feature)
  • Clicking on the playfield or dragging in a new part will now stop a contraption
  • Dragging a part out of the playfield now throws it away
  • Mouse zoom sensitivity can now be adjusted in the settings. This fixes an issue with people using trackpads and magic mice
  • Ropes & belts will no longer go outside of the puzzle bounds when placed
  • Rope & belt ends now take priority over things below them
  • The record button has been spaced farther from the play button to avoid misclicks
  • “My Stash” will now auto refresh when opened
  • “My Stash” is now sorted with newest downloads on the first page
  • More stash sorting options
  • Ratings, author, and avatar are now shown in the community browser and the stash
  • Added a “reset” button in puzzles that clears the playfield of parts you have placed
  • Completing a puzzle now brings up a “puzzle complete” box that allows you to play the next puzzle, stay on the current one, return to the menu, or record a movie
  • The part overlap error message will now list which parts are overlapping
  • The wall stretch handle now has rotational arrows to show that the wall can be rotated
  • Belts are easier to grab after they are connected
  • Added prompts for leaving make mode without saving
  • Puzzles must now have a goal and description in order to be published
Assorted Bugs & Crashes
  • Fixed a crash involving the state editor being on top of the help window
  • Fixed an issue in Windows 7 where deleting a part with an attached belt would cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where subscribing to more than 50 community levels was not allowed
  • Fixed a crash if you deleted a scenery layer while a scenery object was selected
  • Fixed a crash involving moving a belt or rope while the help window was open
  • Fixed an issue where hitting Esc was crashing the game
  • Fixed an issue with some overlapping parts not showing a red X
  • Goal flags are no longer visible when recording in Make mode
  • Fixed a crash when adding a lot of balls
  • Windows in make mode preserve their sizes better
  • Republishing a level will remember the level type from before
  • Scenery is now cropped in save game thumbnails
  • Deadlocked belts will no longer rotate
  • Fixed an issue where ropes going through pulleys would sometimes not trigger rayguns

    Enjoy! Keep on posting your bugs, feedback, and suggestions!
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Ikx_1 Sep 12, 2013 @ 11:27am 
Thank you! :B1:
Thanx. Now subscribe works normal)
I hope newton mouse will be in next update? The cheese is here, but no mouse. And Eddison Alligator too.
gorilla nest Sep 12, 2013 @ 5:59pm 
The mouse is modeled and animated. He will hopefully be in the next major update.
Drakkheim Sep 12, 2013 @ 7:40pm 
Lovely stuff, thanks for the patch notes (especially the fixing of the ropes) Been playing 'The tiny Tim game' with my 3 1/2 yold son and having a blast playing with things.
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