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Improve rope/belt placements
in the old incredible machines, when you placed a rope or belt, you clicked on what you want to attach it to, then you clicked the other end, and it was done. Here, we place it on one end, then have to pick up the other end to place it. This makes even simple connections more annoying, but a rope going through several pulleys is a real pain. If the rest of the rope placement stayed the same, but you automatically started holding the remaining end after you place the rope/belt, then it would function much smoother.
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I'd like to second this one. It looks a lot neater the way it's done now with rope dangling from newly attached points, and it makes the "aim assist" easier to use, and fits with the general aesthetic of hold to hold onto object.
But alas, it's troublesome to chase the end of the rope to move it on.
How about a drag to first point, let go of mouse and immediately clicked again will be a hold the other end (override whatever you might be clicking on within say...half a second?), and to make it even more annoying for the coders to code, how about instead of letting go on every point, hover over pulleys or such, or drawing a circle around it while holding rope will attach it without you having to let go? The rope is already animated in movement, but it'd be a pain to attach if you were to want to have it actually interact with pulleys while held. You'd have trouble keeping it from making a knot on itself. Even moreso if a type of rope which doesn't go through walls/other obstacles will be introduced later.

(and as it turns out, let go of mouse and click immediately after is in fact how it works, I'm evidently unable to reason tonight)
(or rather, rubber bands behave like that, ropes don't seem to)
Legutóbb szerkesztette: DrakeFox; 2013. nov. 15., 14:02
Further. the official Cat Disposal puzzle illustrates an issue with ropes. Placing a Teeter Totter near the bottom, then putting a piece of rope on it, it'll hang below the play area and be exceedingly tricky to grab
Rope selection/handling/attachment/etc is definitely an ongoing process, and we want to make it function as best as we can. Posts like this are very helpful for us. It's great to hear from you guys what you think about a current system and what you would like to see. We will take this all into consideration as we continue to improve the experience.

As for ropes hanging below the play area, they are actually supposed to move inward away from the edge of the puzzle so they can be selected. That seems to be something that just cropped back up with Alpha 3, so that part should be fixed soon.

Thanks again for the input, we hope you are enjoying everything else so far!
I am fine with leaving dangling ends, it makes it mroe convient sometimes, the issue is having to regrab the end after you place things. If you default to holding the other end after placing, it makes it very convient to place them. If you then have the abilty to set them down and leave them dangling, as it is now, you will have the best of both worlds.
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