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Amujala Dec 17, 2013 @ 5:01am
Such Investment! Very Enjoying. Wow.
I simply cannot overstate how thoroughly impressed I am with the developers regarding their changes to date. Bravo, hats off to you. This is the kind evolution that gives games the replayability that Hammerwatch delivers.

Admittedly, when I purchased Hammerwatch about 2 months ago, I was pretty frustrated with a number of game design choices that had made the game seem a little cold and unfriendly. As of my last play invariably every issue has been addressed or resolved. Additionally, a number of really clever additions, such as mini-bosses, have improved the pacing making the game feel less repetitive than it might otherwise.

The multiplayer works. Everytime. Always. <3

Hearing from the game creators by means of some dialogue screens and instructions was an awesome choice, in my opinion. It's nice to get a little message here and there from the games "higher powers" with the added bonus of giving some direction to our otherwise hapless and misguided dungeon crawlers (myself included amongst those).

Over all, this game has been continually impressive and I will continue to recommend and re-discover it throughout its development. Please, keep up the awesome work, folks.

Amu, out.

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hipshot  [developer] Dec 17, 2013 @ 5:12am 
Thanks, this patch was really about increasing the overall quality of the game and I think we succeeded at least a bit in that area, with the added speech, minibosses, dropable upgrades and such. Also some tech solutions like the drop-in-join should make it at least a bit easier for people to join games.

There have obviously occured some new bugs and some old haven't been fixed, but well... it's progress!
Amujala Dec 18, 2013 @ 4:50pm 
The multiplayer fixes have been much appreciated. It's nice to see devs so active in the post release phase. And you were right, the game does feel much more polished now especially with the graphics settings upgrades. You're doing some sweet stuff.

One thing that actually has been bugging me, not sure if anyone else has noticed, but it sounds like your music loop in the first act is a little wonky at the end, like it cuts itself off? You may want to extend the file for another couple of bars, or fade it out before it restarts so it doesnt sound like such a hard cut. (lol, if you want, I would re-edit it for you no prob ;)

But that's the only other thing I could think of.

D13 Dec 19, 2013 @ 6:51am 
Latest patch is great. I'm doing second playthrough with my Ranger on hard mode, quite enjoyed it. There are somethings imho you guys should consider for future patches:

- Increase the miniboss spawning rate, I found them for like 2-3 floors each, minibosses should be in every floor, 2-3 on each floor is good enough.

- Implement 'New Game Plus' mode which only unlocks after defeating the game on hard mode. People will keep coming back for more challenging since 'New Game Plus' is a mode that allows your character keeps all his/her uprades after defeating the game.

- Make killing mobs less boring by adding drops or implement a 'leveling system'. I don't know, maybe adding experiences and leveling system could dramastically change the way, purpose of this game. It's not really a RPG but you guys could think about some way that makes killing hordes of mobs more rewarding.

Btw, good job with recent patches, looking forward to your future updates, especially the one with new classes.

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