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Dozenbeer May 26, 2013 @ 6:14am
Unbalanced Multiplayer and other stuff
I really have to bring this up. I love this games concept but I just cant deny how much it just fails. I bought this game because it looked like something you have to be skilled in. But its just not like that.
And im talking mostly of the multiplayer. Here are my reasons why I rather play Super Puzzle Fighter or any other competitive puzzler:

- often one dies because of an inevitable situation like having a cannon on both sides and getting a row dropped that only leaves 1 space to survive the drop.......its impossible to dodge.

- the rounds that are played are way too short and this comes of the extreme difficulty and unfairness, also of the slippery controls, new players often dont wanna even play with me, because its too hard, there is no tweaks in difficulty or options.

- again quoting one of the best puzzlers of all time ---> in supper puzzle fighter both players always get the same layout dropped in their row, but here it just appears to be random and for so totally unfair and not competetive. For Example: I get a cannon and a spike block, when my opponent just gets regular blocks he gets easy points out of.

- in multiplayer, getting hit should just freeze your gun (ability to shoot) instead of instant death. More than once ,one player is dominant the whole game and is 2 levels in advance but dies from an inevitable situation, and player 2 just sucks. Having the gun freeze for 5 seconds would not instantly let the other one win and also give a nice teak , because more blocks would fall making it harder, but not impossible.

-stop the "only-one-space-to-dodge-row" . Sometimes it adds tension to the game, but most of the time its just cheap and unfair, one row wouldnt be a problem but they almost come everytime with 3 to 4 of these in a row.....

- slow characters are useless

- like its not hard enough, you shouldnt also be pushed away by your own gun blasts

I hope there is somebody that feels the same about this game. I love the concept, but thought it was way different. Hope these changes can make it as additional options in an update. Thanks, bye

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Pantus Jun 20, 2013 @ 4:22pm 
Well I have to disagree with most of it.

The jetpack guy is bad. I mean baaad. You have to be masoist to play with him.

I usually play multi with the rocket guy and it's pretty challenging, but even that character is decent in multiplayer.

Also the "unfairness" you described is basically a game mechanic, when a person gets a combo of 3 or higher the enemy get's a hazzard. You even can see a little white animation flying to the other players top screen.

The rows with one hole at with better dmg characters or with lvl3 can be shot out before they land on you. It requires some practice.

Only thing I would like to see is a time limitless multiplayer mode, I wonder how far could we keep going with a crazy duel.
Dozenbeer Jun 20, 2013 @ 5:53pm 
yeah the game is great and multiplayer is fun. and I also can live with the difficulty, but I think players have to start and receive the exact same colors on their rows. This makes it more balancing and only then can you actually say "i was better than you". Me and my friend play this sometime and he will get right at the start a huge llinked block combo, where I am sitting on multicolor blocks that arent linked.......kinda unfair.
Oh and there is an option to make the time infite, just press Z or X I believe to tweak the options in the character select screen.
Pantus Jun 21, 2013 @ 2:10am 
Thanks, others just pointed this out to me too. I'm now fully satisfired with the multiplayers.

I don't think about it so much as a competition. More of a mode where crazy things happen and after we die, we explain the others what kind of horrors we survived on that run.

But, have to agree this game on it's currents state cannot go to MLG :D
Hope they'll add your suggested tweaks for a competitive mode.
Completely agree. Even with a decent amount of skill for both players, the games end too abruptly and randomly. It's annoying. There's no sense to the winner of why they one, and little sense of give and take between the players during the match's course.

There's also like a 30 second wait between the death and the next game starting due to the various interstitial screens.

Also it would be rad if whoever won the last game got to wear that little crown in the next game!

Overall, the game is so cute and well made from an artistic and control perspective. I wish I could just explore the world a bit more in a calm way with another player, rather than these short sessions where it feels that the game's rules get in the way of me enjoying the game world itself.
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