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Groove Wizard Aug 10, 2017 @ 6:36am
Fixing lags in the Glitch Level
I found a way, guys !

Unfortunately, while this level felt awesome on paper, trying to find the golden block there in the beginning was the least fun time I had playing SPPD, because of the lags. So I did some research, and you can fix that by messing a bit with the game's local files. Here's the method :

1. Go to your SPPD directory folder (through Steam, find it in your library, right-click > Properties > Local > Access directory folder or something like that).

2. In SPPD > Content > Env > bg, delete the file called Wormhole.xnb (you could as well just move it elsewhere, but you can reinstall the game through Steam if you want original files back anyway.)

3. Now copy a light .xnb file in the same folder, like Tech01.xnb, paste it in the folder, and rename it "Wormhole.xnb".

That's it ! This way, the game will use the tech background (tech or whatever you felt like copying, but I feel like not all of them would work) instead of the wormhole background in the glitch level, and you get rid of lags.
Didn't look it up, but I suspect this might be a port of a mobile or flash game, that was coded in a language that supported better the kind of procedural effects involved in the Wormhole bg in the first place. Not judging, it's still an excellent game.

Also, if you're still experiencing lags after doing that, you can delete GlitchEnv.xnb in SPPD > Content > Env. It seems to be the file that blurs the sides of the background.
I didn't quite figure out what to delete in order to stop the background from spinning, but only messing with Wormhole.xnb already makes it work perfectly lag-free for me. The physics specific to the Glitch level (more speed) are unchanged too, we're only modifying graphics here.

PS : I know this is kind of late, and most people who were complaining about that have probably quit playing already, but I hope it will still help people out !
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jbrasida Jun 19 @ 8:52am 
It works!!! Thanks!!!
You're welcome. :)
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