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Rebellion Jul 2, 2014 @ 7:44am
UPDATE: Version 1.15a Patch Notes (11th December 2014)
Version 1.15a

Bug Fixes:

  • Players who have used the "ClearCollectables" console command no longer have broken binocular zoom (and binocular upgrades are correctly reset by use of the command).

Version 1.15

Bug Fixes:

  • Add "ClearCollectables" as a console command to reset all collectables and optional objectives (for those wishing to replay the Campaign).Note: You can open the console by pressing ctrl+tab.
  • Corrected button prompts for the unlocking action in Overwatch missions in some languages.
  • Various minor tweaks to the launcher to improve DPI scaling, occasional incorrect zooming and localisation.
  • Fix a lighting error with object decals (for both D3D11 and Mantle).
  • Various localisation fixes (amongst others, capture the flag in Polish, and various overlap issues with optional objectives in German and Spanish).
  • Fixes a couple of launcher crashes with Windows Vista.

Version 1.14

New Content:

  • Shooting Range: A new shooting range level to test out your weapons on, free to all owners of the game.
  • Redesigned launcher: A refreshed visual design and new features including lots of options for getting in touch with Rebellion, and a handy newsfeed to get the latest on all things Sniper Elite.
    • If you have any issues with the new launcher, please do 2 things. Firstly, contact our support team[] to help us diagnose the issue, and then in Steam right click on Sniper Elite 3, select Properties, and on the Betas tab, select "classiclauncher" from the dropdown list to temporarily revert to the former game launcher.

Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent completion of other game modes (Survival/Overwatch/Multiplayer) from occasionally breaking the "Continue Game" Campaign save.
  • Stop allowing navigation off the top or bottom of DLC mission collectable lists when using a gamepad.
  • Fix an edge case where saves were occasionally allowed during dismounts from a turret that would leave the player in a compromised state on reload.
  • Make sure the flag is dropped correctly if the flag carrier quits Capture The Flag, preventing an occasional "one team has two flags" issue in that game mode

Version 1.13

New Content
  • "Fracture" - A new No-Cross multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game.

Bug Fixes
  • Improve reliability of "longest shot" and "player X winning" notifications which occasionally failed to appear.
  • Stop benchmark level occasionally failing due to prior co-op game.

Version 1.12

New Content
  • "Twilight Strike" – A new Overwatch mission, free to all owners of the game.
  • Co-op challenges are no longer limited to private invites and can be set as public lobbies. When public, these will appear in the server list alongside the adversarial lobbies, and the co-op modes have been added to the filters so these can be isolated or hidden.

Bug Fixes
  • Player score on the HUD in DM and TDM now shows the total score rather than the total number of kills.
  • Fixed issue where the client in co-op could still perform non-stealth melee kills on Authentic difficulty.
  • Fixed AI in co-op sometimes continuing to play animations after being melee killed.
  • AMP: victim is now informed of the tagging player if a tag assist was involved in killing them.
  • AMP: victim is shown the rank of their killer.
  • Translated abbreviated game modes on the server list menu.
  • Italian: Fixed string for character selection menu.
  • Spanish: Made some text easier to read on the server list menu.
  • Launcher: Translated "Use Mantle" tickbox.

Version 1.11a

Bug Fixes:
  • Mantle benchmark now outputs the supersampling setting as part of the output log to match the D3D11 version.

Version 1.11

New Content

Bug Fixes
  • Game music is paused when the Steam Music Player is in use.
  • Fix a rare case of incorrect level name and image being used in the pause menu.
  • CTF: Improve flag animation based on speed of the character carrying it.
  • Multiplayer: Prevent a case of weapon reload animations playing twice on remote clients in multiplayer.
  • Multiplayer: Fix an instance of kill streak notifications not triggering correctly.
  • Multiplayer: Fix some out-of-world exploits in "Lost Valley" and "Ruins."
  • DLC: Several fixes to Save Churchill Part 3: Confrontation.
  • DLC: MAB 38 pickup glow fixed.
  • Dedicated Server: Ensure all supported game modes are shown for a level (rather than dropping one of them, usually TDM).
  • Dedicated Server: Fix a bug which prevented hosting servers on multi-homed network adaptors.

Version 1.10a

Dedicated server only

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed dedicated server password protection not functioning
  • Fixed dedicated server games terminating prematurely and kicking clients

Version 1.10

New Content:
  • Capture The Flag - Back by popular demand, Sniper Elite 3 multiplayer now supports the Capture The Flag game mode on all maps.
  • Night Watch - A new multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game, supporting all competitive multiplayer game modes including No-Cross and Capture the Flag.

Bug Fixes:
  • Votes in multiplayer now show who called the vote and the player's own decision.
  • A "Map" keypress in multiplayer now temporarily shows the markers for ammo caches.
  • Various tweaks to stat calculations where errors could arise (accuracy, scoped accuracy, optional objective completion percentages, among others).
  • Client machines now get the notifications of AI incapacitation in co-op.
  • Increased texture streaming priority for characters and weapons.

Version 1.09

New Content:
  • "Outpost Canyon" - a new multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game, supporting all multiplayer game modes including no-cross.

Bug Fixes:
  • DLC mission completion no longer conflicts with Campaign mission completion (so completing one won't erroneously report completion of the other).
  • Aim assist tweaked to better support really long shots (such as the long-shot on Pont Du Fahs Airfield).
  • Completion percentages added to the service record for each campaign difficulty.
  • Multiplayer spawn point selection logic changed to try to reduce repeated spawns at the same points (now prefers not to use your previous spawn point, avoid spawn points near where you last died, and distance from allies now prefers a not-too-far, but not-too-close choice).
  • Armoured cars no longer turn to target you while you're watching a bulletcam (which may make the shot on the driver slightly less deadly!).
  • Synchronised bulletcams no longer render an extra trail on the player who did not trigger the bulletcam.
  • The command console should be triggerable from all the relevant keys again regardless of keyboard layout (the top left keyboard key and/or Ctrl-Tab).

  • Mantle first pass implementation still in testing.

Version 1.08

Bug Fixes:
  • A backup of saves and the player profile are made on the installation of each new PC patch to prevent future loss of progress in edge cases.
  • Messages communicating relocation required/successful no longer cause co-op players to disconnect at the end of a mission.
  • Killing Hitler with a grenade no longer causes a crash.
  • Non-multiplayer achievements no longer appear at the end of a multiplayer match.
  • In-game pause menu reflects the current DLC mission in all cases.
  • Invitations accepted while in an Overwatch game now take the player to the correct lobby, rather than creating a new one.
  • "Fixed Magnification" scopes no longer display bad zoom values on the HUD.
  • Auto-balance notifications now more reliable.
  • A small number of fixes to "Plantation" to fix collision and visibility issues.

  • First pass support for AMD’s Mantle Graphics API will be included in the next patch (note: the very latest AMD beta drivers will be required).

Version 1.07

New Content:
  • Plantation - A new multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game, supporting all multiplayer game modes including no-cross.

Bug Fixes:
  • Improvements to texture streaming logic to try to improve performance in all configurations.
  • Multiplayer "time limit reached" and "score limit reached" notifications added at the end of the game.
  • Multiplayer now tolerates momentary disconnects from Steam rather than treating it as an immediate termination.
  • DLC character skins now work in multiplayer when the host does not own the DLC.
  • Fix for missing DLC prompts appearing incorrectly when moving between lobbies where only some of the DLC is available.
  • Bulletcam impact effects are now more reliably synchronised between host and client (so engines don't explode before bullets hit them!).
  • Penetration no longer slows down the entire path of the bullet, only the bit after the initial impact!
  • Rifle customisation preserved more reliably.
  • Yet another "weapons stop working " bug fixed.
  • Headshots to AI now slightly more reliable.
  • Dead players no longer suffer from camera shake and rumble effects.
  • Campaign co-op collectable data at end-of-mission now shows the level just finished, rather than the next level in the campaign!
  • Add access to the command console via Ctrl-Tab on variant keyboard layouts.
  • Fix for a rare crash when searchlights alert other AI.
  • Fix for a rare crash with halftrack and armoured car destruction.
  • Several collision fixes for Lost Valley.

Version 1.06

New Content:
  • "Lost Valley" - A new multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game.
  • Co-operative play now available for both DLC missions ("Hunt The Grey Wolf" and "In Shadows").
  • Added a setting for "Empty Lung Zoom" to allow toggling the additional zoom effect when entering empty lung (and extend the multiplayer settings/filters to support it as an option).

Bug Fixes:
  • Profiles now determine the highest XP of both the local and steam-cloud profiles on startup to try to avoid loss-of-progress.
  • Steam cloud now stores the player profile as well as save games.
  • Fix a potential hang on the Sniper Elite 3 logo screen due to corrupted stats in profiles.
  • Multiplayer: Fix an instance of player invulnerability in multiplayer matches.
  • Multiplayer: Join-in-progress now takes the player to the lobby to allow character and loadout selection rather than pulling them directly in to game.
  • Multiplayer: Chat box less likely to cut off really long strings and chat is available even if only one person is in the lobby.
  • Co-op: Cancelling body searches no longer slides the player on the other machine.
  • Co-op: Fix music on client machine to correctly trigger based on AI state.
  • Weapons are less likely to randomly stop working (most prominent in multiplayer but possible also in co-op/single-player)
  • Improved shooting while flinching somewhat.
  • Saves in DLC missions no longer require loading twice.
  • Discouraged ragdolls from breakdancing.
  • Don't play killcams on ragdolls.
  • Decals now rendering on DirectX 10 graphics cards.
  • AI armed with a panzerschreck and a pistol are now slightly less confused about which weapon they should be using, and the panzerschreck now does slightly more damage to the player.
  • AI vision slightly improved in difficulties other than Easy (so sub 30m and sprinting players should be seen more easily).
  • Fix for an animation glitch when mounting a turret.
  • Ribbon images in the service record should be displaying again.
  • Fixed binoculars, grenades and trip mines in the "Hunt The Grey Wolf" mission as they'd mysteriously lost their textures.
  • Aim assist tutorial now hidden if aim assist is disabled.
  • Scopes for the Springfield rebalanced, as is the MP44.
  • MP40, Sten and Thompson ranges rebalanced, and Sten damage increased.
  • An "escape from environment" exploit closed on Hellfire!

  • We are aware of a small number of reports of server crashes after the previous patch and will be monitoring for potential issues during this release.
  • In rare circumstances clients may disconnect from servers after prolonged play.
  • The next update will contain a number of improvements to the texture streaming to try to improve the behaviour for various settings and hardware configurations.
  • A further fix for weapons randomly not working was discovered too late for this update but will be included in the next.
  • Weapon customisation selections occasionally get lost and revert to default selections.
  • The "Empty Lung Zoom" option is missing text in some languages.

Version 1.04

New Content:
  • "Airstrip" - A new multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game, supporting all multiplayer game modes including No Cross.

Bug fixes:
  • Better error reporting in the launcher to try to diagnose startup issues.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed desync due to bulletcams in multiplayer (where the target can survive on every machine except the one of the person firing the shot).
  • Multiplayer: Bulletcams are no longer prevented by nearby dead bodies.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue where large chunks of the level would be invisible in "Hellfire!" from certain viewing angles/positions.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed an emerge-from-cover issues in "Ruins"
  • Co-op: When host changes level while in the briefing screen, client's collectible information updates to match.
  • Continued changes to ragdolls to reduce interpenetration with environment.
  • Double-click should now work on server browsing list.
  • AIs reloading don't get confused by player attempts at melee killing them (in Sniper Elite and Authentic difficulties).
  • Firing from hip while moving should now orient the character before firing the weapon rather than firing immediately.
  • Total collectable count now reflects currently installed DLC rather than ignoring DLC or counting DLC that isn't installed.
  • Czech and Slovak keyboard layouts supported.

  • We've been hard at work trying to finish co-op support for the DLC missions, so co-op in both "Hunt The Grey Wolf" and the new "In Shadows" mission is coming really soon now.
  • We've also just about nailed the steam cloud issues but a final round of testing's going to be needed.
  • If you're having issues with launching the game, the changes to the launcher may give you a new error message to help us diagnose the problem, but if that's still not sorted it out we are still trying to provide better diagnosis tools; more news on this very soon.
  • We're aware that the ribbon images are not showing up in the service record (as far as we're aware it's just a graphical issue and the achievements are being registered correctly).
  • If you manual save (or quicksave) in a DLC level, there's a chance that reloading that save will take you back to the start of the level. If this happens, then immediately reload the same save game a second time, which should take you to the correct place in the level.
Bug fixes: hotfix
Version 1.03a

  • DLC Weapons fixed (again), so mid-level saves using a DLC weapon should no longer leave you with a stealth sniper rifle!
  • Loading a profile with “Ultra” settings would cause “High” quality shadows to be used instead (even though the menu stated "Ultra"); this now correctly gives "Ultra" shadow quality.

Bug fixes:
V1.03 9th July 2014

  • Added the option to disable the aim assist zoom and reticle independently of difficulty setting (the multiplayer aim assist setting will override this, as will Authentic difficulty).
  • Removed limits on raw mouse input data – which should hopefully address the “negative mouse acceleration” issue.
  • Added "Autobalance" as a team-based multiplayer option (will automatically move players from one team to another on death if the number of players become imbalanced).
  • Added quicksave (F5) and quickload (F9) on button press.
  • New profiles will attempt to detect keyboard layouts other than qwerty and set default controls accordingly (we're currently only supporting a small subset of variant keyboards, primarily azerty and qwertz layouts; please get in touch with our support department if you see any issues).
  • Dedicated Server gains "kickindex" and "kickbanindex" commands (which were already documented but were lost between V2 and SE3).
  • Added a "windowed" tickbox to the launcher options.
  • Fix co-op desync due to bulletcams (bullet cams are now sychronised where they're supposed to play for both, and we prevent weapons firing multiple times for the non-bulletcam-viewing player in non synchronised cases).
  • Fix co-op desync when getting on turrets.
  • Bleedout countdown notifications should now display correctly for both players in co-op (when difficulty setting allows).
  • Added latency indicators to the scoreboard in multiplayer.
  • "Through The Looking Glass" should trigger correctly.
  • DLC collectibles/achievements no longer counted against campaign progress.
  • A few leaves should no longer be able to stop gunfire, but AI rifles should be slightly less likely to shoot through solid objects and be slightly less accurate.
  • Bullets should emerge from the gun's muzzle regardless of the shadow setting!
  • Incapacitation on uneven surfaces should be slightly more robust.
  • Various fixes to prevent ragdolls interpenetrating surfaces.
  • Driver killcams made more robust (driver no longer killed when hits are near the view-slot, and killcams are triggered more reliably when the shot does hit the view-slot).
  • Tweaked dialogue audio settings to improve spatialisation.
  • Airfield's rescued prisoners no longer pose awkwardly.
  • Ghost Town now has more consistency in vaults over walls, building walls should no longer allow grenades through, and hiding below the ground surface should be slightly less likely.
  • Rat Run no longer has a building that partially disappears depending upon viewing angle/location.
  • Ruins and Beachhead should have fewer levitating rocks and plants!
  • DLC weapons now have names in Czech again.


  • Steam cloud is unfortunately still not working.
  • Co-op for DLC missions is also unfortunately delayed to the next patch.
  • Disabling aim assist doesn't disable the tutorial messages about using the aim assist.
Bug fixes:
V1.02 2nd July 2014
  • Clients could kill the host player in co-op if a killcam was triggered, causing a co-op desync where the host player would only be dead on only one machine. This is now prevented.
  • Melee kills on AI should always result in ragdolls, preventing the occasional "dead but still-standing and unsearchable" progression blocker.
  • Changing the server filters and then entering a server should no longer leave you in an empty lobby that can't be exited.
  • SVT-40 should no longer cause desyncs in co-op.
  • Attempt to fix the animation issues with DLC weapons (we're continuing to look at this issue, so if you still see problems after the patch, please get in touch with our support team).
  • Prevent sprinting from a gamepad if sprinting is disabled on the server settings.
  • In game voting buttons now correctly say "hold" when using a gamepad.
  • Relax the tests for placement of trip mines on stairs.
  • AI no longer propagate knowledge during a bulletcam preventing the occasional alert when you kill someone.
  • The effect of bushes on the player's visibility to AI is no longer applied permanently.
  • Change the mouse-cursor behaviour to better support windowed mode.
  • Fix various issues with the "saving content" notification getting stuck or not persisting onto various menu pages.
  • Fix the aspect ratio of the Trench Gun icon in the radial menu.
  • Improve display of really long server names and reduce the flickering of the server list.
  • Improve scrolling behaviour of the server list (we have a further improvement pending for maintaining the selection while scrolling with a mouse and generally improving the mousewheel behaviour but it missed this patch).
  • Server settings should now be shown on the respawn and in-game pause menus.
  • Chat should now be present in co-op campaign.
  • Czech language should now have english dialogue present where previously missing.
  • Fixed issue with achievement text in the Steam client if language set to Hungarian.
  • Various localisation issues fixed.


  • Double-clicking on the first server in the server list seems to be broken (the "Join" button still works).
  • Trying to enter a password-protected game but entering no password can break menu flow forcing the player to use Alt-F4 to quit.
  • DLC weapons in Czech seem to have lost their names.
  • Steam Cloud is still not functional (a backend configuration issue was preventing Steam from synching all saves with the cloud but once that was fixed we discovered that the game was not detecting the cloud data correctly; we hope to have a full fix in the next patch).

Forthcoming fixes (that were too late to be included in this patch):

  • Co-op in DLC missions.
  • Bleedout countdown notifications in co-op displaying for both players.
  • Adding quicksave and quickload shortcut keys (note, you can already save and load at any point via the menus).
  • Add a "windowed" option to the launcher options (note, you can already toggle windowed mode using Alt+Enter).
  • Add an "autobalance" option for servers.
  • Improvements to ragdoll behaviour to try to reduce interpenetration with environment.
  • Co-op killcam improvements to prevent desyncs and erratic escalation of AI
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CloneTrooper(NL) Jul 2, 2014 @ 7:55am 
Well i miss a fix in this list: the steam overlay dont work in my SE3 game, everything is up- to- date, steam beta/ client. Videocard. And in the settings are the steam overlay on

But i'm now on tablet. So i check it tomorrow on my pc after patch, maybe its fixed?
But if it still not fixed, to which e mail i got to report this issue????
Last edited by CloneTrooper(NL); Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:05am
VenomSK Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:02am 
Thanks for the patch guys, but do not forget about fixing that thing about projectiles flying from Karls face, elbows, legs etc...also, Through the looking glass achiev seems to be glitched, already have 20+ unaware sniper kills and I did not get the achievement.

P.S: Definitely thanks for THIS:
• Czech language should now have english dialogue present where previously missing.
Last edited by VenomSK; Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:30am
Silver Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:05am 
Wow u fixed many things thx Rebellion :-)
tonyt3rry Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:08am 
Originally posted by CloneTrooper(NL):
Well i miss a fix in this list: the steam overlay dont work in my SE3 game, everything is up- to- date, steam beta/ client. Videocard. And in the settings are the steam overlay on

But i'm now on tablet. So i check it tomorrow on my pc after patch, maybe its fixed?
But if it still not fixed, to which e mail i got to report this issue????
thats been a common problem in the past even with nazi zombie army
MrNikolas Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:09am 
Thanks for the patch, but I really hoped to see a fix for the negative mouse acceleration, which is extremely annoying - esspecially in multiplayer. It can't be turned off in the options, unfortunately. It only enables/disables the regular mouse acceleration on top of the negative acceleration. I hope it will be fixed soon.
Rekalty Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:15am 
Glad to see you're at least considering adding Quick save/load. I know you can save/load through the menu, but it's quite a lot of clicking to get there. Esc, Save, click savegame, click Yes. Then Esc out of save menu and Esc out of menu to get back ingame. Or... just F5 for quicksave. I'm gonna prefer Quicksaving/loading :D
CloneTrooper(NL) Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:24am 
Originally posted by <AKA>tonyt3rry:
Originally posted by CloneTrooper(NL):
Well i miss a fix in this list: the steam overlay dont work in my SE3 game, everything is up- to- date, steam beta/ client. Videocard. And in the settings are the steam overlay on

But i'm now on tablet. So i check it tomorrow on my pc after patch, maybe its fixed?
But if it still not fixed, to which e mail i got to report this issue????
thats been a common problem in the past even with nazi zombie army

Ok but i hope they can fix it, or steam. Because my friends are chatting to me, but i cant open my overlay to chat. Thats terrible.
Kraken Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:39am 
I was disappointed to see that the bug when shooting from cover with your sniper wasn't on the list :(
Hooligaani Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:39am 
Steam Cloud doesn't seem to be synching all data (we had a backend configuration issue that was preventing all saves from being synchronised, but the game seems to be unaware of the newly synched data).

:- So does this mean cloud sync is working now or not? Rather vague text.
☩ SVERIGE ☩ Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:42am 
MANTLE Support ?
sgtparfitt Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:45am 
It seems that one problem was not mentioned at all, I have a problem with starting up the game, the game just closes itself when I click on the first window of SE3 and select the play button, I can't even play it
Gezzdt Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:53am 
I have the same issue. Cant play the Game at all.
Adamfp3 Jul 2, 2014 @ 9:07am 
Thanks for the patch. Any chance of getting the ability to turn off the aim assist in single player other than playing in authentic difficulty?
VynsP Jul 2, 2014 @ 9:13am 
Originally posted by sgtparfitt:
It seems that one problem was not mentioned at all, I have a problem with starting up the game, the game just closes itself when I click on the first window of SE3 and select the play button, I can't even play it

Originally posted by Gezzdt:
I have the same issue. Cant play the Game at all.

Me too now. I've been playing for 10 hours so far, and since the update, the game won't start.

The first screen appears and I click on PLAY and it just closes.
When I click on the game again, it says it can't run because the game is already running.
When I check in Task Manager, it is listed as using no resources but won't exit either.
I have to restart my laptop to get rid of it.

I've tried checking integrity of file cache and it takes a split second and says all is well.

I don't want to uninstall and then re-install without copying my save game and I con't know where that is stored.

Any help from anyone or Rebellion.


EDIT: It's actually sniper3launcher.exe that sits in the Task manager and refuses to be deleted. Also, I've sound the save location, (c:\users\[your user name\appdata\local\sniper 3). appdata is a hidden folder.
Last edited by VynsP; Jul 2, 2014 @ 9:21am
Inucan Jul 2, 2014 @ 9:22am 
nice they fixed so many stuff hope for further patches to improve the game even more
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