Shadow Warrior Classic (1997)

Shadow Warrior Classic (1997)

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Renners 9/set/2013 às 14:47
Options explanation
So far, there are three ways of changing the options: One which is through the game but there's barely anything to change. Second way is through the DOSBox configuration file but it doesn't seem to work. Third is through DOSBox itself.

Sadly, I'm at impase here. I have never really worked with a DOS program before but I got the hang of it. There are just so many options and I don't know what most of them do. (Such as choosing sound drivers/software and among others.)

But the three things that bother me, right now:

- Volume even when lowered through the game's options is still at max, regardless;
- Cannot change resolution through DOSBox's config file;
- I can only move my camera horizontally. (I managed to map some mouse keys to look up but my view keeps getting reset to the center.)

Would like some feedback on how to solve these.
Thank you.
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haha nerds... 14/set/2013 às 6:22 
When you start the game and the launcher window pops up, click "Configure" to start up the setup program through DOSBox.
To change resolution, select "Screen setup", then choose "VESA Modes". I wouldn't recommend going above 640x480 though, for performance reasons.
Here you can also configure keys, under "Controller Setup" > "Setup Keyboard". Look for the entry named "Mouse aiming"; this is the key you will have to press to enable looking up and down with the mouse. Default is "U".
Also make sure that "mouse aiming" is set to "toggle" and not "momentary" in the in game mouse menu.
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