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kid_zomb  [developer] May 20, 2014 @ 10:15am
Transistor -- Technical Support FAQ [17-sept-14]
Hey, thank you for your interest in Transistor. If you're experiencing any issues with the game, please check this post as a starting point. We'll use this post to aggregate any issues that come to our attention and keep you posted about any solutions.

For technical support you can contact us directly via the contact form at the supergiantgames web site[].

All of us at Supergiant are standing by to support this launch.


First Things First: Update your Video Card Drivers

If you're experiencing any problems with the game, please verify that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card. A majority of issues with the game are solved by downloading the latest drivers from your card's manufacturer.You'll need to download and install the latest generic drivers from your vendor's website. Installing via Windows Device Manager, or Steam will not install the latest drivers on many machines.

You can get the latest drivers here:

AMD Cards


Intel Cards

Here's a useful guide on installing AMD Drivers (similar approaches can help with other vendors, as well)


If the Game Doesn't Start...

If updating your drivers didn't help, here are some additional solutions to known issues preventing the game from loading.

Verify Integrity of the Game's files

It's possible some of your game files were corrupted during the download. Please try "verifying the integrity of your game cache", a Steam feature used to detect file corruption and re-download files as needed. Instructions are here.

Reinstall Microsoft Redistributible Files

You may need to install or repair some key Microsoft files. You can do this by navigating to your Steam installation, and running the .exes located in the folders inside SteamApps\common\Transistor\_CommonRedist

Run game as administrator

In some cases it helps to run the game directly from its .exes as administrator.

Locate the .exe in Steam\steamapps\common\Transistor\x64 and Steam\steamapps\common\Transistor\x86 or Steam\steamapps\common\Transistor\x64 and Steam\steamapps\common\Transistor\x64. right click on it, and Run As Administrator...

Old ATI Cards lacking OpenGL support on Windows 8

Some old ATI cards no longer support OpenGL under Windows 8/8.1, which Transistor requires to run.

You can find a possible work around here:

Corrupt KERNALBASE.dll

This has been pretty rare. We don't recommend that you follow any of the potential fixes unless you are absolutely certain that this is an issue. To determine if this is an issue you'll need to refer to the Event Log that Windows creates when the program crashes. To do this, follow this guide:

If your event log for Transistor crashing contains the following:

Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll

then you have a corrupt KERNALBASE.dll

A quick potential fix is to:

  1. Click Start and type cmd in start search.
  2. Right click on Command Prompt to select "Run as Administrator".
  3. Type: sfc<space>/scannow.

Additional fixes for this issue can be found in this guide:

We recommend using a reputable registry cleaner as a good first step


Crashes or Stability Issues
We are investigating crash reports from some users. If you are experiencing crashes,

A. Try manually installing required installation files located here:

B. If you're experiencing crashes in Transistor's Performance Test sequences, try running the game with the command line /AllowPackageSwap=false. To use command line parameters,
  1. Right-click Transistor in the Steam Library
  2. Select Properties -> Set Launch Options...
  3. Type /AllowPackageSwap=false (or another command line)
  4. Hit OK then run the game

C. Try running the game in Offline Mode (this may also help with stuttering frame rate issues):
  1. From the main Steam window, go to the Steam menu and select Go Offline.
  2. Click Restart in Offline Mode to restart Steam in Offline Mode.

D. Try turning off the Steam Overlay, as it may fix the problem:
  1. Click on Steam and click on the "Settings" button. Click on the "In-Game Settings" tab.
  2. Uncheck the box next to "Enable Steam Community In-Game" and click OK.
  3. Disable the Steam Overlay on specific games only by right-clicking on the game title, click on "Properties" and uncheck "Enable Steam Community In-Game" in the "General" tab.


Rendering or Performance Issues
If you're experiencing worse-than-expected game performance, or getting a black screen, flickering, or other rendering issues, please try the following:

  1. Right Click Transistor in your Steam Library
  2. Properties -> Set Launch Options..., then type the following:
  3. /Bloom=false /DrawRecursivePaths=false /windowed /noborder
  4. Then press OK and run the game

High Resolution Support
Transistor uses hand-painted 2D artwork designed for 1080p displays. You can stretch the game to a higher resolution if you want by editing the Launch Options:
  1. right-click Transistor in your Library.
  2. select Properties, then click "Set Launch Options".
  3. type something like "-x 1920 -y 1080", without the quotation marks, setting the resolution to your preference. In this example, the game will launch at the default 1080p resolution.

Rendering Issues on Certain Laptops with Nvidia Graphics
Certain laptops with Nvidia graphics cards may not be rendering the game as expected. Here is a solution:
  1. Download and install NVIDIA drivers if you haven't already
  2. Right click on desktop -> NVIDIA Control Panel
  3. 3D Settings -> Managed 3D Settings
  4. Under Global Settings tab - Preferred graphics processor:

Change that from Auto-select or Integrated graphics to High-performance NVIDIA processor.

Rendering Issues on Certain Laptops with AMD Graphics
Certain laptops with AMD graphics cards may not be rendering the game as expected or with lower-than-expected performance. Here is a solution:
  1. Download and install AMD drivers if you haven't already
  2. Run the game once and exit to create a Switchable Graphics profile entry
  3. Right click on desktop -> Configure Switchable Graphics
  4. Change the Graphics Setting for all "transistor.exe" entries to be "High Performance" instead of "Not assigned"
  5. Click Apply, then run the game!

Framerate Issues running Linux Version while using an NVidia card

Some players may experience framerate choppiness if they are using an NVidia card using the generic Nouveau Gallium drivers. Switching to an Nvidia driver should fix this.


No Audio on Linux

Due to an issue with FMOD Studio's device selection the game will sometimes select the incorrect Audio output device at startup. We exposed this in a text file so it can be fixed client-side. Check this entry for more details:


Transistor Original Soundtrack

Where is my Soundtrack?
If you purchased the soundtrack through Steam, look for it here:

Can I get the soundtrack in the FLAC format?
If you purchased the OST through Steam and would like the FLAC file format, please email us via the web site with proof of purchase.


Compatibility with Windows Emulation Software
Please note that due to the level of OpenGL support required, Transistor likely will NOT work with Mac or Linux machines running any form of Windows emulator (Parallels, VMWare, Wine, CrossOver, VirtualBox, and so on).

We plan to release SteamPlay-enabled Mac and Linux native versions of Transistor though we have no ETA at this time.


Screen Not Rendering Correctly
Some users are experiencing an issue where the game does not appear to be in full-screen. User mrtriddick offered this as a work-around:
  1. Go into the local files and choose either the x86 or x64 folder (depending on OS).
  2. Find the exe named transistor and right click and select properties.
  3. Go to compatibility tab and choose disable display scaling on high DPI settings.
  4. Click run as administrator.


Location of Save Data
If you run into an issue where your game progress seems to be missing, it is possible you switched from using Cloud Saves (or vice versa). Please try locating your save file, which should be here:
\Program Files\Steam\userdata\[USERID]\237930\remote\
\Program Files\Steam\userdata\[USERID]\237930\local\

...or here:
\Documents and Settings\User\Saved Games\Transistor\

...depending on whether you are running the game outside of Steam or if you are using Cloud Saves.

// End of FAQ //
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