Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny
custom weapons?
I have been given a hint by a store owner that you can get weapons custom made but nothing else anyone have any ideas where?
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It was probably meant as a praise towards good work of a specific weapon-smith.
In other words, it was a reference towards good guality, also it means that the suggested smith sells more weapons than others. (For example compare average weapon shop in Throrwal with a shop in UpperOrken, you will find out that OpperOrken shops sell 5 or 10 more weapons)

But you can't place a unique order on a weapon. The game has pre-made list of weapons. The truly unique ones can be found in dungeons the rare ones in very few shops.
Sadly you can't just visit a weapon smith and ask him to make you a two handed sword with stats you would decide.

So the hint was meant as marketing phrase, not as "go to smith XY and let him make new type of weapon based on your own request".
thank you Karol
That doesnt make any sense. Why tell me custom made weapons are better than usual when there are no custom made weapons ..
There are just some weapons considered "custom made" due the world - story line. So for example ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Sword can be considered as common and created somehow, like we call "mass production", while Tuzak Knife is more rare and requires special technique to create it. And only few weapon-smiths can really forge it. So even if Aventuria does not have manufactories or other type of today-known-mass-production-factories, still some weapons are considered "custom made" and other common.
The basic aim is to bring the adventure-fantasy-like feeling into the story. So when you can see the weapons not only as small pictures with few stats (damage, att, pa) but as most precious and true relic of war, art of battle, masterpiece of best smiths.
From the more practical perspective, it is a teaser to provide you hints on where to find weapon smiths with better weapons.
Even in Japan were all swords made with basically same methodology (no one bought them from eBay or got them from automatet-factories) but it was known that some katanas are "custome made" ... not because someone ordered it in custome way, the order was for "katana" , but some smiths forget JUST katanas, and other smiths worked 4 years on THE Katana. So custom made, as misleading it may sound, also praises expert smiths.
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