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himmatsj Aug 10, 2013 @ 10:26pm
Why is this game not any more famous?
It is an improvement over the first, the price is fair and the concept is novel. Why then have so few people bought it?

Granted, for me it does seem tough (on normal), but that's only because I played WE and Korea on mobile, where you don't control the commander. That is my only problem with the game...I suck at controlling the commander. Though I must say I'm still learning the units as they are new.

PS: Difficulty for me spiked all of a sudden on Mission 10. I played the first 9 in less than 3 hours. But 10 took me over 90 mins for some reason.Then 11 is again difficult and I've not won it. I am sure if I had direct control as in the mobile version I'd have finished it by now (all 14 levels). In the mobile, strategy is need to worry about the commander.
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Anomaly 2 > General discussions > Topic Details