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Praedyth  [developer] Sep 21, 2017 @ 8:25am
Anomaly 2 - Support Guide.
Hey Guys!

Since the beginning of time man has had questions. Why are we here? What do we need? Is there life somewhere else in space? Why is the building on the other side of the street on fire? This guide will answer none of the above, but it should be able to help you if you encounter a problem with Anomaly 2.

Below, there is a list of actions you should perform before actually rising an alarm. Yes, some of these actions may seem obvious or even plain stupid to the more technical of you lot, but we would like everybody to perform these “pre-posting checks” - they may simply save you some time and give you a chance to enjoy the game sooner.

If you are using Windows PC:
- Reinstall the game;
- Verify game's files via Steam (In order to do so, right-click on the game in your library, select Properties, then go to Local files and click on “Verify Integrity of Game Cache...”);
- Update your graphics card drivers;
- Update your DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package;
- If you're forcing anti-aliasing from graphics card control panel - be sure to disable it;
- Run the game in windowed mode;
- If you are using custom resolution and/or downsampling, disable it;
- Disable Steam in-game overlay;
- Launch the game as the administrator;
- Try running the game in Windows 7 or 8 compatibility mode;

PC only:
It would be great if you were kind enough to attach DxDiag and save files to the message - this will help us connecting your issue with your specs.
Where can I find the save file?
This file can be found in your Steam installation folder - by default it’s C:\Program Files\Steam\, but you could select the location manually when you were installing steam. The saves - “progress” and “progress.alt” files are in the following location
(Please note, that “XXXXXXX” is your Steam ID number and it will be different for each user):

How to export DxDiag file in Windows 10?
1. Click on Start.
2. Type "DxDiag" and launch DxDiag.
3. Click on "Save all information".
4. Save "Dxdiag.txt" file.

If you have trouble with the game on mobile, please go to your App management (Settings --> Apps), find the game on the list and select “Storage”, then click “Clear cache” and “Clear data”. WARNING: Clearing data will erase your saves, so make sure that you have Google Play Games installed and that the cloud save is enabled - no one likes losing their progress.

Should that not help, please ensure that all the game files are in order by doing the following:
- Uninstall the game;
- Reboot your device;
- Reinstall the game from Google Play Store;
- Reboot your phone once more.

In general, we have confirmed that if you apply our solutions, the problem should be fixed. If, however, you have already applied every solution and none of them has fixed the issue, be sure to send us the DxDiag mentioned above and a description of the bug/crash at: - our QA team will investigate and hopefully fix it in the next patch.

Cheers, have a cookie.
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