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magazine2  [developer] Sep 19 @ 2:46am
[Feedback] Major Update: "Sons of Atilla"!
Hello there! We just released major update "Sons of Atilla" and would love to hear your feedback on this update.


Please feel free to leave your feedback on this thread, we'll make sure to read everything.

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Originally posted by magazine2:
Since the next major update's dev blogs are in full-swing, I'll close this thread now. Thanks for all of your feedback and bug reports during update and we hope you are having fun. See you in the next major update thread, Kings of Battle!
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wato47 Sep 19 @ 2:50am 
the post is wrong its not la Royale update
magazine2  [developer] Sep 19 @ 2:51am 
Originally posted by wato47:
the post is wrong its not la Royale update

Fixed, thanks.
The Brit Sep 19 @ 3:06am 
Why did the m1a1 get its RP required increased? i thought RP was being decreased?
just looking at the research trees and i like some of it but one thing i dont like being picky, bluewater naval british tech i was researching the south hampton to progress further into battleships but since the shuffle because i already have the dreadnought i have seemingly wasted research on the south hampton. for israel i was hoping to attain the jet bombers at rank 5 but i see they have been moved way down the line now also.

i think its just going to take time to get used to the new trees.
12 kills with vidar in first game, it sums up about it i guess
Sampo Sep 19 @ 3:19am 
Belgord Sep 19 @ 3:22am 
should be a minor update, very sparse and featureless
abdotekle Sep 19 @ 3:22am 
what was with RP for tanks ?
rank VI tanks in germany are now 1/2 of them in rank VII and RP increased:steamthumbsdown:
Ayvaz.FM Sep 19 @ 3:38am 
Love you decided move tank/plane variants to groups!
T(h)anks a lot! :steamthumbsup:
CyberStonka  [developer] Sep 19 @ 3:49am 
Originally posted by Belgord:
should be a minor update, very sparse and featureless
Have you actually clicked the link and checked it? :winter2019sadyul:
Impressive, very nice. When the Hungarian premium tanks will be added (Like tha Turán II, Zrínyi I)?
FerSave Sep 19 @ 4:02am 
I hate the new graphical display of vehicles, i only wished they pointed out which photos were real and which fake, that change only served to aligned the visual display in the battle pass rewards and not really much else.
FerSave Sep 19 @ 4:03am 
also there are many names not displaying correctly on the trees (most notably naval).
DONAR Sep 19 @ 4:19am 
Are you ever going to get rid of 3rd person peeking?
impressive update, i think they delivered it
and i want to ask is it gonna be difference between ULQ settings and high in this update?
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