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Ghost shots??
80% most of my shots point blank sometimes does not hit or just like air
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♥♥♥♥♥♥. I have the same problem. But on su122. And i have lagging movement
its a Feature :D
Ramelousy (Banned) Sep 11 @ 12:25am 
Think it has to do a lot with internet connection, ping, and the guy you're shooting's ping.
No matter how many times they say players who have bad ping don't act differently, 10 more posts proving them wrong pop up.
some ghost shells might be due to the shell not doing damage, and the game just doesn't even consider it a hit, idk it's weird you really can't tell what in the world they are doing to this game
Zorlond Sep 11 @ 1:59am 
You mention it's point-blank range. Do you recall if the end of your barrel was ever inside the other tank's model? Games can get finicky when that happens.
magazine2  [developer] Sep 11 @ 2:53am 
Hi, there may be some cases where "ghost" shells occur. We're going to be working on this problem by introducing the favored killer mechanic mentioned in our roadmap:

-Reworking of network logic to solve one of the problems of ghost shells ("disappearing shells") — the favored killer mechanic ("killer advantage").

Just a follow up on this topic.

Is the frequency of Ghost Shells higher on latencies > 100ms?
It seems strange they would call the fix the favored killer mechanic. "killer advantage" I thought the game was always described as machines fighting machines. I don't mind it being people killing people, maybe they are owning up to what it is finally.
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