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danijel  [developer] Sep 9, 2013 @ 12:54am
[2016/05/27]Update v1.9300 - A simple one
We'll update this thread whenever we release a new update along with posting the announcement. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

[2016/05/27]Update v1.9300 - A simple one

Here's a small patch ladies and gentlemen. Just a few things we've spotted and managed to rectify.

  • FIXED: A potential crash during combat, if an NPC couldn't find his designated target
  • FIXED: If a Marked targed died / was unloaded from memory for whatever reason, this could cause numerous different, seemingly unrelated errors, and could even elad to the game crashing
  • FIXED: Several errors in the dialogues in the German localization
  • FIXED: Numerous minor errors in the code
  • FIXED: Several script problems that usually didn't cause anything on their own, but combined with other factors, could actually lead to the game crashing or quests breaking
  • UPDATED: The game now records more data in the game log
  • UPDATED: Optimization to reduce recurring stuttering in situations where the game WASN'T loading anything
  • UPDATED: Mod manager updated


[2016/02/08]Update v1.9200 - A patch of unparalleled straightforwardness

Hello captains,

No accompanying story this time... just a simple patch change-log :)

  • FIXED: An error with heavy weapons disappearing
  • FIXED: Problems relate to Titans DLC trigger
  • FIXED: Manufacturer fixed for Thor
  • FIXED: Several controller recognition issues
  • FIXED: Issues with visual artefacts for certain monitor configurations
  • FIXED: A number of minor issues
  • UPDATED: Script system
  • MODDING: Added uncompressed ship and sector files, as well as the already customary uncompressed scripts


[2015/11/12]Update v1.9001 - Minor fix and updated Mod Manager

Hi there,

We've released a small update to the base game which fixes an error in the Closure mission.

The update also includes the uncompressed ship files and sector files which I simply forgot to include in the last release; apologies for that. The uncompressed files can come in very handy to modders. You can find them packed up in .zip archives in the game folder.

And the final thing is the new version of the Mod Manager. Titans DLC tag is now available and you'll notice a new tab in the application called Manage. This tab basically does the same thing what the in-game Mods section does. Here you can unpack, activate and deactivate mods, and sort their order. Nothing fancy, but it is something that popped up as a question on numerous occasions. The in-game menu stays the same, so no worries there.

As always, safe travels captains!


[2015/11/6]Update v1.9000 - To go along with the new Titans DLC

Ahoy captains!

As you may have noticed, the new Titans DLC is out, and that also means we're updating the base game too, as usual. The changelist is not massive, but the improvements might just come in handy.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems.

Safe travels, captains!

  • FIXED: A problem with light weapon accuracy on lower framerate
  • FIXED: Several errors in LoadSector scripts
  • FIXED: A potential error in NPC AI routines when searching for enemies
  • FIXED: Several database balancing errors in Russian, German and Polish localizations
  • UPDATED: Fighters now move more quickly
  • UPDATED: Optimized collision meshes for structures and platforms to improve performance
  • UPDATED: Junkyard optimized - Improved loading time and physics calculations
  • UPDATED: Asteroid fields optimized - Improved loading time and physics calculations
  • UPDATED: Optimized light weapon firing calculations and VFX for improved performance
  • ADDED: Maximum number of turrets per weapon battery and per ship is now increased


[2015/9/28]Update v1.8000 - An unexpected quickfix

Hello captains,

We've noticed a crash problem in the recent version related to fighter crafts so here's a fix for that.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


[2015/9/23]Update v1.7000 - A small one

Hi everybody!

We've got a small update ready for you today. Nothing major today, so I won't drag this too long. The changelist is below, as always.

Safe travels, captains!

  • FIXED: An error that could potentially cause the game to crash when a fighter is firing a missile at the same time as the ship is going through its OnDestroy animation
  • FIXED: A potential CTD error when merceneries are attacking a defense platform
  • FIXED: An error in the "Rogues signing off pt.2" mission (Origins DLC)
  • FIXED: Faction change issue related to the Korkyran Triumvirate and the Liberation front (Origins DLC)
  • FIXED: Waiting for orders objective issue when crossing from mission 22 to mission 23
  • FIXED: An error where the Apocalypto didn't regenerate shields after they were shut down
  • FIXED: An error that would cause the game to crash when accessing the Starchart after all nebulas were removed from the game world
  • FIXED: A memory leak that would manifest after a long playing session. Several textures were never released from memory.
  • UPDATED: Slight PhysX optimization
  • UPDATED: Optimized Junkyards to increase performance
  • UPDATED: Riftway slightly optimized for better performance
  • UPDATED: Game now records more data into the Log.txt


[2015/6/14] Quickfix

Hi everyone!
Here's a few Sunday fixes :).

  • FIXED: Origins DLC description text on the DLC panel in the main menu now shows proper text
  • FIXED: Several minor tweaks in the Origins quests
  • FIXED: An error that would cause the Mod Manager to crash
  • FIXED: A glitch in Scripterion2
  • FIXED: Some text errors in both vanilla and Origins text files (Thanks Unbroken!)


[2015/6/11] Update v1.5000 - SG2: Origins FREE DLC!

Greetings captains!

Here's a little something from us here at LGM :). We've been working hard to get this DLC out. It's free as stated before and as promised in Early Access. It's a thank you from us to You, the community, for your support and dedication, and for putting up with us all this time. We couldn't have wished for more.

I won't bore you too much. Below is the list of fixes we've done for the vanilla game and Secrets of Aethera which you might also find useful ;).

IMPORTANT: Since there were some major changes in the game world, please note that any mod should be made specifically for Origins so it would work properly (depends on what the mod changes of course).

P.S. There was a slight miscommunication today, so the store page for the DLC went live before the complete DLC configuration was done. Everything should be in order now. Apologies!

If you encounter any problems, let us know :).

You know how this last bit goes already:
Safe travels, Captains!

  • FIXED: An issue where Iolian NPCs would equip Unique codename weapons
  • FIXED: An issue where enemies would launch wings with zero fighters
  • FIXED: A problem preventing Cloak stability parameter to work as expected
  • FIXED: A bug concerning Targeting mode and cutscenes/dialogue segments where the player doesn't have the control of his/her ship
  • FIXED: A database error in the localized versions that could cause the game to crash
  • FIXED: An error in At an empire's end mission with ships exploding in advance
  • FIXED: Numerous text errors
    • Thanks for this goes to Unbroken as he's done the additional proofreading.
  • FIXED: A typo in the DerelictOnDestroy.sal script preventing it from reaching its full potential.
  • FIXED: An error that could in some cases cause the game to crash when storing a ship into the garage
  • FIXED: Old friends mission - A bug where boarding a structure you're supposed to destroy would break the mission
  • UPDATED: Gladius group bounty hunters now T-jump in closer to the player. When you see their message on screen, you'll spot them on the radar as well.
  • UPDATED: Sorting ships by ship class when generating Freelance missions. You should no longer be fighting against level 1 freightliners. This can still happen, but not as frequently.
  • UPDATED: Mod Manager to reflect the addition of the Origins DLC
  • ADDED: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro throttle(slider) support. If you're using keyboard/mouse control scheme, you can now manually bind the slider to accelerate/decelerate
  • ADDED: Tooltips for context menu in Controller mode
  • ADDED: Scripterion2 to provide more functionality and ease-of-use. In time this will replace the original Scripterion altogether.


[2015/5/18] Update v1.4001 - Graphics card problems

Here's another quick one captains. We've primarily focused on fixing the problem running the game on nVidia GeForce 200 series. The short list is below.

  • FIXED: A problem related to GeForce 200 graphics card series (constant buffering)
  • FIXED: A potential problem related to storing a ship into your garage (potential CTD)
  • FIXED: An error linked to joystick throttle slider being listened to even when a different control scheme was chosen
  • FIXED: A couple of errors in the main reputation change scripts (Directorate was omitted from the factions list)
  • FIXED: Default keybindings for Xbox controllers
  • UPDATED: Support for a wider range of controllers (different variety of Xbox 360 controller)


[2015/5/14] Update v1.4000 - Missing saves quickfix!

Ah... you know how this goes ladies and gents. We release an update, we get contacted that we missed something and we release a quickfix. Nothing different this time :S.

Anyhow, we've released a mini fix that should take care of that pesky save files missing in saves list problem related to Secrets of Aethera DLC.

Let us know if there are any other problems please :).

PS External version number remained the same ;).


[2015/5/13] Update v1.4000 - La Résistance française!

Greetings captains,

It's been awhile since our last update, but we have been working. Unfortunately, not everything is ready just yet. Our biggest announcement is the upcoming free DLC featuring a complete storyline, even longer than the original campaign. As we promised, we've been recreating the storyline from Starpoint Gemini 1 and it will become available in June. We'll make sure to announce the release as soon as we're ready!

But, let's return to the business at hand. What's this update about? Several things:
  • Preparations for the upcoming free DLC
  • Standard assortment of minor fixes
  • And last, but nowhere near least: French localization. ALL credit goes to the esteemed gentleman by the name of Sébastien Gigot, a member of this amazing community, who took it upon himself to translate the entire game to French.
    Mr. Gigot, we owe you a debt of gratitude we can hardly repay. THANK YOU!

As always, if you encounter problems, let us know and we'll do our best to answer and help as fast as possible.

And finally we come to the already standard change list:

  • ADDED: Follow mission button, which comes in handy when juggling several missions at once
  • FIXED: Active Only button on the logs panel, now properly toggles between active/non-active missions
  • ADDED: New mission markers (on the HUD and the Starchart) for acquired/followed missions
  • ADDED: Campaign missions now have mission-appropriate images
  • FIXED: Several errors in the Cat and Mouse campaign missions (Shinova problem)
  • FIXED: Several minor errors in Second Front Baeldor side mission
  • ADDED: Throttle/Slider implemeted for Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, Cybord F.L.Y. 5 flight stick. ship speed should now properly change according to the position of the joystick's throttle/slider.
  • FIXED: Some issues with resetting to default controls. Full Gamepad control (for Xbox controllers) should now properly load the correct controls at game start-up and the "Reset" button at Options->Controls should now reset the controls for the appropriate controller.
  • UPDATED: Support for the following controllers:
    • Logitech F710 Wireless Controller
    • Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510
    • Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X
    • Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
  • FIXED: A bug where you were sometimes unable to accept a main mission (pressing Accept didn't start the mission)
  • UPDATED: Minor changes in the flare system
  • FIXED: Minor fixes in the Defense platform hitpoints calculations
  • UPDATED: File loading system improved (optimized for mods and DLCs)
  • FIXED: A potential problem related to News panels on stations where the game was attempting to access the wrong region
  • FIXED: A potential problem related to loading textures on some graphics cards
  • FIXED: A potential problem when drawing asteroids on some graphics cards
  • FIXED: A potential problem when drawing junkyard on some graphics cards
  • FIXED: Several fixes and improvements in the game log recording


[2015/2/24] Update v1.3002 - Some more fixes

Greetings captains,

Here's another quick patch for you ladies and gentlemen. It's not much, but it should help in any case.

  • FIXED: Crash when opening the Starchart on the second map if you had an active side mission
  • FIXED: Database stability related to turning mods on/off
  • FIXED: The Sun is now properly named on the second map
  • FIXED: Several tweaks to NPC AI related to boarding opponents during combat
  • FIXED: Several minor errors on storyline missions
  • FIXED: Switch to Freeroam mode at the end of the first storyline mission now triggers everything else just like standard Freeroam
  • UPDATED: Faction alignment range for several factions tweaked to make it easier to get on their good side (primarily this concerns factions who you cannot become an ally with in the campaign)
  • UPDATED: The game now checks save files to see if you've chosen switched to Freeroam mode from Campaign mode and triggers everything else just like standard Freeroam

  • UPDATED: Ghosts now use their new ships even outside the storyline missions


[2015/2/19] Update v1.3001 - Got some fixes for you

  • FIXED: Several problems with mods not working properly
    • This does NOT mean ALL mods will work automatically. Some will likely needed to be updated by the mod creator, but the required system is up and running as intended. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • FIXED: When transferring to a new ship, maximum Hull is properly clamped to the proper value
  • FIXED: A problem with Ion Storm global event that caused the game to crash (on the second map)
  • FIXED: A problem related to Xbox 360 Wireless controller
  • UPDATED: Mod Manager minor change to make sure we've done everything that might even potentially cause the MM to malfunction on mod upload. Tests show it works, but all our tests on the previous version also worked without a problem. Let us know if you encounter any problems please.



Ah well... you know how this works already ladies and gentlemen ;). We release an update, then we find something "off" and we move on to fix it as soon as possible. In this case, that means now. Below is the short list of changes.

Since the potential crash is critical, we couldn't keep you waiting, now could we ;) ? We've found a few more issues which we'll release in the update planned for tomorrow.

Let us know if you encounter any strange buggers please, and we'll fix them promptly!

  • FIXED: An error related to the planetary docking panel
  • FIXED: Several errors with the Taxy, Ferry and Smuggle missions that caused their waypoints to be misaligned and in some instances caused the game to crash
  • FIXED: Using Anchor as quick action while the Context menu is open caused to Context menu to remain open
  • FIXED: If numerous notifications were activated one after another, the panel would start to "drift"

[2015/2/18] Update v1.3000 - Long time no see

EDIT: I just got informed I seem to have missed placing a point into the change-list so I'll do it now. Riiiiight on the bottom of the list ;). Sorry!
EDIT: Another short info I didn't place in the list. Several fixes in the campaign missions that prevented players from passing certain missions. More specifically... the Shinoda problem.

It's been some time since our last update, but we've been hard at work.

The full change-list for the update is below, but as highlights I'd definitely mention the all new side missions, the shield charger structure and the new global events!
Naturally, along came a number of fixes as well.

If you like what we're doing with the game, I'd suggest checking out the Secrets of Aethera DLC :).

  • FIXED: A bug that could trigger a constant loading of new video files, without first releasing the unused ones
  • FIXED: An error that could in some instances cause asteroids to render improperly
  • FIXED: A rare crash bug that happened when the player chose maximum weapon energy or shield energy in the energy transfer panel while affected by an engine dampener anomaly.
  • FIXED: A problem with the drydock turret button that caused it to become permanently disabled
  • FIXED: A bug related to Freelance mission generation that could in some instances cause the game to crash
  • FIXED: A visual bug related to very bright or very dark ships
  • FIXED: Several errors in the Assembly editor
  • FIXED: Several minor errors on Taxy and Ferry Freelance missions
  • FIXED: Side mission HUD icon is now identical to the log icon
  • FIXED: Side mission markers are now properly shown on the Starchart, when the mission is acquired
  • FIXED: Various minor errors that could appear when using controllers
  • FIXED: A minor error with Thaddeus Malen hero definition file
  • FIXED: A minor bug related to audio playback while anchored
  • FIXED: A minor database error in the Russian localization
  • FIXED: An error where a notification did not always appear when exiting a wormhole even if an event occured
  • ADDED: Ships can now be added using global parameters instead of only local (region-based)
  • ADDED: Automated repair facilities, artefacts, shield chargers now have special individual Starchart icons for easier recognition
  • ADDED: Ion storm global event can now occur
    • Be careful when entering Ion storm. It's discharges can severely damage your ship
  • ADDED: Ion Storm now encompasses the Maelstrom region
    • Maelstrom can be a good source of Ionized gas which you can sell for profit
  • ADDED: Numerous side missions, mostly faction-related
    • Side missions can be triggered in various ways
    • Appearance of side missions is linked to both Reputation and player level
  • ADDED: Bounty hunters of the Gladius Group now hunt for the player if his/her reputation is Outlaw
    • The lower the reputation, the higher the chance of appearance
    • Chance is automatically higher in some regions
  • ADDED: Shield charger structure is placed in the world and can be used in the same manner as Automated repair facility (enter it...)
    • Charging your shield costs Credits
    • Simply enter the ring-like structure to start charging your shield. Credits are automatically deducted
  • ADDED: Regions now become more difficult in several stages
    • First switch occurs when player reaches level 30
    • Second switch occurs when player reaches level 60
  • ADDED: A third control scheme ONLY for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers
    • when starting the game, choose the Joystick/Gamepad scheme
    • this scheme has predefined controls configured specifically for these controllers
    • modifying controls in this mode is NOT possible!
  • ADDED: Several gameplay effects on anomalies (when scanned) and accompanying HUD warnings
  • ADDED: A specific side mission related script function to prevent bugs and glitches
  • UPDATED: Target locking of objects is now automatic when using gamepads.
    • Simply cross over an object with the targeting reticle to lock onto it
    • In combat, some objects are filtered out so they don't get in the way (you can still manually target such objects by cycling through available targets)
  • UPDATED: The in-game menu on the upper right (Starchart, Captain info...) is now hidden by default when using controllers. You can get the menu to appear by pressing the START button. This automatically pauses the game as well.
    • You can change which key is used for this action in the Controls Menu, command is called "Show Menu". This change allowed us to free up some additional buttons on the controller, like DPad Up/Down for Tactical Overlay/Align To Plane
  • UPDATED: Opening any panel/in-game menu/context menu pauses the game when using controllers
  • UPDATED: When boarding enemy ships, troopers are automatically sent when possible when using controllers
  • UPDATED: Various hints and tooltips are added when using controllers (Drydock, Trader, Hiring... panels)
  • UPDATED: Hints when using controllers are no longer placed in the middle of the screen
  • UPDATED: Changing your avatar name when starting a new Freeroam game, when using controllers is now possible
  • UPDATED: Changing the name of your ship on the Drydock->Customization panel when using controllers is now possible
  • UPDATED: Autosave is now created when ANCHORING on a station/planet, NOT when leaving
  • UPDATED: On normal and lower difficulty levels, when boarding an enemy ship - all allied/neutral/mercenary ships will immediately stop firing on it, unless instructed otherwise by Marking the ship (via the Context Menu)
  • UPDATED: Starchart icons of collected Artifacts are greyed out
  • UPDATED: Several minor changes in NPC AI
  • UPDATED: Several changes to the game text files
  • UPDATED: Increased level requirement for some events to occur when leaving stations or planets
  • UPDATED: Numerous smaller changes made to different files to make the Secrets of Aethera DLC possible and in working order. Modders are encouraged to cross-reference their files with the default game files
  • UPDATED: Added current contraband quantities so that players can decide whether they should pay the fine or fight for the valuable goods.
  • UPDATED: Stations now show faction-ownership changes
  • UPDATED: Several minor changes done to cloaked NPC ships
  • UPDATED: More distant stations now keep a more detailed info on commodity prices
  • UPDATED: Accepting quests is no longer possible when using T-Drive to open the Starchart
  • UPDATED: Player name is now displayed on the dialog panel
  • UPDATED: Add & Remove turret buttons are now exchanged with the Configure turrets button so it gives more info on what exactly is going on


[2015/1/14] Quickfix for 1.2002

We released a tiny fix for a script error and a game panel related issue we noticed. Nothing major, just mopping up ;).


[2015/1/13] Update v1.2002 - First one in 2015

Greetings captains!

Time for the first update in 2015. This is a rather small update, primarily assembled as preparation for some bigger changes and additions to come in the next couple of updates. Check the list below for details please!

Happy hunting!

  • FIXED: An error related to Maintenance freelance mission that would cause it to malfunction
  • FIXED: Numerous small errors to increase stability
  • FIXED: A potential error that would manifest as a blue floating line on the Starchart when choosing a destination TGate
  • FIXED: Planetary landing panel now no longer slides across the screen in certain instances
  • FIXED: Info panel scrollbar can now be used with the mousewheel
  • FIXED: Several smaller errors related to the Convoy escort freelance mission
    • Convoy security escort will now always join the defense
    • Once destination is reached, the convoy ships are no longer marked as quest objects
    • If a marked ship in the convoy gets destroyed, the marker is removed as intended
  • FIXED: An error in the reputation calculation script when destroying ships of the Thaurian Alliance. You'll be getting positive rep now. (Thanks Dewar. I dunno how I missed it.)
  • UPDATED: Script system cleared of redundant data
  • UPDATED: A slight change related to flares to make sure nothing works out of the ordinary
  • UPDATED: Game log records more information
  • UPDATED: Standard random encounters now do NOT spawn if a battle is ongoing
  • UPDATED: The game automatically slightly adjusts graphics settings on minimum configurations (more specifically graphics card)
  • UPDATED: Weapons firing range that is displayed as hint on the Drydock and the Schematics are now synced
  • UPDATED: Increased the number of freelance mission spawnpoints for Convoy escort missions
  • UPDATED: Added several modifiers to the Convoy escort freelance mission
    • Ambushes can occur
    • Convoy path displayed on the starchart is now colored differently
    • If convoy leader gets to 1500 units distance from the player, the convoy slows down, almost to a halt and waits for the player to arrive
    • Convoy slows down during an attack
  • UPDATED: Older save files (both freeroam and campaign) will now include the change in the reputation system which allows you to become good or even allied with Nyx, Empire, Directorate and Thauria
  • ADDED: It is now possible to become neutral and allied with Nyx, Directorate, Empire And Thauria on older freeroam save files and after finishing the campaign mode (even if your save file is older).
  • ADDED: Game log is now recorded through a separate process, so don't be alarmed if you see a console window popup when you're entering or exiting the game
  • ADDED: OnLoadWorld script event
  • ADDED: Region info panel now available when clicking on the starchart


[2014/12/27] Yet another hotfix for v1.2001

A number of people have been sending us crash reports and we've managed to find and fix the issue. A certain database that wasn't updated for German, Polish and Russian version and should now work properly.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy the holidays!


[2014/12/23] A very small fix v1.2001

Evening captains. We have a very small fix for you today. To deal with the problem of the game potentially crashing during boarding other ships.

Safe travels and happy holidays!


[2014/12/18] Quickfix for 1.2000

Just a couple of fixes to smooth out some wrinkles in yesterday's update. We'll continue monitoring to see if anything else demands immediate attention. If nothing pops up, we're continuing on our merry way to the next regular update :)

Sorry for the problems and thank you for your patience as always!

Have a safe flight...

  • FIXED: A nebula area effect memory leak that caused AI to shoot ridiculously powerful beams
  • FIXED: An error that caused the Continue button to disappear
  • FIXED: An exploit that would allow the player to earn an infinite amount of money reselling well equipped ships
  • FIXED: Several other minor issues that could potentially cause more problems
  • ADDED: Convoy path added to the Starchart related to Convoy escort freelance mission
  • UPDATED: Some rebalancing done on the Convoy escort freelance mission


[2014/12/17] Update v1.2000 - Optimize this

Heya captains!

A lot more updated bits going on this time. I'd especially mention some of the optimizations, but we've also got some new feature additions.

Without further ado, have fun and let us know how it works ladies and gentlemen. In the meantime, we're going back to the trenches to keep working.

Safe travels!

  • FIXED: You can no longer anchor on a non-existing station (temporarily disabled/replaced during some missions)
  • FIXED: Several minor errors in the captain's log mechanic
  • FIXED: Player should no longer die for unexplained reasons
  • FIXED: object markers are now visible until fighters dock on a ship for refueling (instead of until they're recalled by their parent ship)
  • FIXED: Fighters no longer decide to attack ships that have been destroyed/disabled
  • FIXED: Pressing Esc button while on Licenses panel now properly closes the panel, instead of opening the Main menu
  • FIXED: Using Engineer skill to increase Shield strength now fills that additional strength instead of simply adding it as maximum
  • ADDED: Automated repair facilities are now fully functional. Use the structure by entering inside its ring and wait for repairs to finish. It costs Credits though!
  • ADDED: Convoy escort freelance mission.
  • ADDED: Global event: War! which can escalate over time. As war escalates, so do actual battles in the region as well. It can potentially mean some nice salvage side profits.
  • ADDED: Global event: Cease fire which as its name implies ceases all hostilities in a region.
  • ADDED: When target locking an enemy fighter and the fighter goes off screen - an arrow appears to guide you where he went (as usual)
  • ADDED: HINT pop-ups in the following panels: Trader, Fleet->Officers, Hiring, Drydock (->Loadout, Enhancements, Systems, Equipment), Best Buy/Sell, Skills and Perks when using controllers
  • ADDED: Several Hull level related events on platforms
  • ADDED: globalvar object & functions added to increase scripting/modding capabilities
  • ADDED: A captain's log entry is now deleted when duplicated, to prevent cluttering
  • ADDED: First person camera mode - This does NOT mean cockpit or bridge view though. This camera mode is similar to the mounted camera, but you cannot see the ship at all. Should be useful when using smaller ship classes.
  • ADDED: Convoy escort freelance mission
    • Mission spawn markers added to region files
    • Freighter and freightliner ship classes added to regions if none already exist in memory
    • Convoy icon added to the Starchart
    • Objectives added to convoy ships for easier recognition
    • Convoy speed increased by 30% when out-of-combat
  • ADDED: Several text lines to Spg2\Texts\Misc.txt
  • UPDATED: Further optimization in combat. You should feel a great difference during large-scale fights.
  • UPDATED: Further performance optimization of Riftways
  • UPDATED: Further optimized PhysX collision for better framerate, especially in the vicinity of stations and structures
  • UPDATED: Optimized flares for better framerate
  • UPDATED: Improved model streaming for faster execution
  • UPDATED: All scripts are now compressed to further improve performance. Uncompressed backups can be found as *.zip archives in the Spg2 folder
  • UPDATED: Main mission rewards adjusted to follow player progression
  • UPDATED: Base ship shield regeneration increased for frigates and larger ship classes
  • UPDATED: Shield reboot time decreased for gunships and corvettes
  • UPDATED: Due to base shield regeneration changes shield booster equipment now increases regeneration by 200% (down from 400%)
  • UPDATED: Increased fighter crafts Hull
  • UPDATED: Increased and rebalanced fighter prices
  • UPDATED: Rebalanced weapon types for most fighters
  • UPDATED: Using the speed booster now keeps your current speed percentage stable.
  • UPDATED: When loading the game all nearby Heroes will be positioned to a safe distance.
  • UPDATED: Fighters and Interceptors now prioritize firing on enemy Fighters, Bombers, Interceptors BEFORE enemy ships
  • UPDATED: Bombers now fire ONLY on enemy ships
  • UPDATED: Slightly increased the chance of a global event firing off
  • UPDATED: Implemented an additional script check to derelicts to prevent a never-ending stream of pirates protecting their salvage claim
  • UPDATED: Landing fee calculations. The pricing is mostly the same, but uses different reputation limiters.
  • UPDATED: Added reputation-based landing calculations for planets Thauria, Nyx, Carthagena and Eanakai
  • UPDATED: Increased landing fee for freighters and freightliners (2000, 4000 Cr)
  • UPDATED: Freelance mission marker now states what type of mission it is, instead of simple FREELANCE
  • UPDATED: Single text length in a script file can now exceed 256 characters
  • UPDATED: Data recording into log.txt suspended during loading to increase loading speed
  • UPDATED: NPC AI upgraded. Trader and Miner professions will steer away from a station that is in-combat
  • UPDATED: Increased the number of security ships near stations (region files changed)
  • UPDATED: Several optimizations related to traffic density
  • UPDATED: Wormholes can now be set as destinations on the Starchart
  • UPDATED: Platforms now accept SetBoardable script function
  • UPDATED: Several small Starchart marker visual changes


[2014/11/27] Update v1.1000 - Get 'em off my sky


We're continuing our work on the combat AI and on new content in general, but we thought it might be a good idea to release these fixes and changes to you ladies and gentlemen to have a smoother experience.

The highlight this time are fighters. More specifically, NPCs now properly launch and use fighters. We've automatically implemented a safety-switch so this only becomes apparent after you reach level 10. Just to make sure you have a chance and not get obliterated by the first enemy fighter wing ;).

The second thing to mention is the ability to become neutral/friendly with all factions. This comes with a limitation however! But only for now. This mechanic is apparent for now only if you start a NEW freeroam game. The next update should bring proper script checks and events to make the necessary changes in existing save files (both freeroam and campaign).


  • FIXED: Several calculation and info display errors related to selling a captured ship before sending it to the garage and selling it from the garage
  • FIXED: Info panel of a captured ship now properly displays Cargo hold data
  • FIXED: Several errors where the Schematic panel (lower left HUD) displayed info on empty weapon slots
  • FIXED: A problem using the Contraband scan panel when playing with controllers, that could potentially cause the game to freeze
  • FIXED: Fire at will activation sound warning will no longer fire off when attempting to activate Fire at will while in Power to engines
  • FIXED: A potential error where you could, in some instances pass through asteroids while in Power to Engines and in Go To mode
  • FIXED: A sound related error that could sometimes occur that manifested as crackling noise, usually happening when passing sector boundaries
  • FIXED: Your ship should no longer have pathfinding problems when in Go To mode. No more circling around stations.
  • FIXED: Several smaller memory leaks to increase overall game stability
  • FIXED: An error with object markers being displayed in front of you, when in fact the object is behind you
  • FIXED: Sub system targeting keyboard shortcuts are now properly functional
  • FIXED: Several smaller issues with the Fleet->Ships panel
  • FIXED: An error that prevented the player from mounting Blazar heavy weapon onto his/her ship
  • FIXED: Several errors in the German localized version that didn't switch text tokens properly in some instances (<RegionName>)
  • FIXED: A Reputation and Mercenaries related problem that could prevent you from hiring mercenaries, or to display their alignment properly
  • FIXED: A problem with UI sliders that would cause you to affect one slider even if you were hovering the mouse over another one
  • FIXED: A problem that could prevent you from using Scavenger swarm via the context menu
  • FIXED: Several errors with Enhancement bonuses not being displayed until anchoring
  • FIXED: Revenge is sweet achievement now works as intended.
  • FIXED: No galaxy for old men achievement now works as intended. Veterans now spawn in Gemini more frequently
  • FIXED: It's raining death achievement now works as intended.
  • FIXED: Homewrecker achievement now works as intended.
  • FIXED: Friendly fire frenzy achievement now works as intended.
  • FIXED: You da boss! achievement now works as intended
  • FIXED: An error related to the Bookworm achievement that prevented it from saving properly
  • FIXED: Salvaging a derelict with the Scavenger swarm is now properly taken into account in regards to the linked achievement
  • FIXED: A problem that in some instances prevented you from installing heavy weapons onto the Adhara chassis
  • FIXED: A problem that in some instances prevented you from installing heavy weapons onto the Medusa chassis
  • FIXED: An error with calculating bonuses on some achievements that actually caused penalties instead of bonuses (Power to engines charge-up time)
  • FIXED: An interface glitch that caused the Cloaking field system icon to display wrong in some instances on the Fleet panel
  • FIXED: A discrepancy with the Loading bar progress that made it look like the game stopped working, but in fact the loading bar wasn't 100% synced with the actual loading
  • FIXED: Platforms can no longer easily see cloaked ships and attack them on sight
  • FIXED: Several errors in the Russian localization
    • Some custom keymapping could get overwritten
    • Several problems with overlapping text
    • Skill and Perk titles on their corresponding tooltips are now properly displayed in Russian
    • Waypoint is now properly named in Russian instead of English on target lock
    • Asteroid is now properly named in Russian instead of English on target lock
    • Several Wrong base link errors that could occur in some instances
  • ADDED: You can now target-lock enemy fighters
  • ADDED: You can destroy enemy fighters with heavy weapons and the Atlas Defense Fields
  • ADDED: NPCs can now launch fighters
  • UPDATED: Grappler System disabled text changed to System damaged to prevent confusion
  • UPDATED: NPCs don't use mines, SETH platforms or fighters before player reaches level 10
  • UPDATED: Added a chance to be attacked by hostiles during Science and Maintenance Freelance missions
  • UPDATED: Fighters have new object markers
  • UPDATED: Atlas Defense Field effective radius increased to 450
  • UPDATED: Travel Agent achievement works as intended. Becoming neutral/friendly with each faction is now possible in freeroam and in the campaign mode (but AFTER completing the storyline)
  • UPDATED: Assassins random encounter ships now properly decloak and do not simply appear
  • UPDATED: NewGame.sgs file (Freeroam new game definition file) changed to allow becoming neutral/friendly with all existing factions
  • UPDATED: Anchoring on stations now automatically deactivates cloak
  • UPDATED: Riftways optimized to increase game performance
  • UPDATED: Collect all now checks if there are any ship systems and/or Equipment in the loot and collects it regardless if you don't have enough space in cargo hold to collect potential Commodities
  • UPDATED: Changing Energy distribution to increase speed during Power to Engines now automatically increases speed to maximum
  • UPDATED: Landing on planet Trinity during the initial campaign mission is now free-of-charge
  • UPDATED: Light weapons rebalanced
    • beams are now efficient and (almost) on par with other weapons (they still stay the weakest because of instant hit mechanic)
    • weapons are now put in weapon grades(so grade 5 beam should fit the grade 5 railgun strength)
    • energy costs are changed
    • big pricing changes
  • UPDATED: heavy weapons have received reload time buff to make them more interesting to players
  • UPDATED: some heavy weapons changed
  • UPDATED: Ship weapon battery changes for specific ship classes, with some freedom of numbers around the base values


[2014/11/18] Update v1.0009 - Better AI

Greetings captains!

A new update is here. We wanted the update to be more substantial than it is now, but the regional gaming fair Infogamer Reboot (during last week) took quite a bit of our time. This also explains why we were a lot more silent than usual. Things should be getting back to normal now :).

That doesn't mean this update doesn't bring anything to the table. Far from it. The highlight, I'd say is definitely the improved NPC AI, specifically aimed at their behavior in combat. We're not done with it yet, however and the following updates should bring it all up by a few notches more.

Let us know what you think please!

  • FIXED: Numerous errors in the Polish localization
  • FIXED: Fire at Will no longer target your mercenaries if your reputation is Unlawful
  • FIXED: Allied ships no longer attack your deployed SETH platform
  • FIXED: SETH platform properly applies friend<->foe checks if you suddenly attack an allied ship and it turns hostile
  • FIXED: Waypoint missing problem on Giant leap main mission should no longer appear (additional script added to make sure)
  • FIXED: Several translation errors in the Russian version
  • FIXED: Several translation errors in the German version
  • FIXED: Several database errors in the German version
  • FIXED: A potential problem with sound effects becoming garbled when near a TGate
  • FIXED: Lure of the Lens potential problem where you couldn't destroy Clearmont station
  • FIXED: A potential problem that caused Fog of War to reappear on explored sectors
  • FIXED: A problem where Ferry freelance mission item does not appear in inventory, when planets are involved
  • FIXED: Several errors with starchart labels overlapping
  • ADDED: Station assault freelance mission
  • ADDED: Station defense freelance mission
  • ADDED: Fire at Will HUD icon now blinks to be more visible when you're attempting to use light weapons while Fire at Will mode is active
  • ADDED: Ships and platforms now have new object markers to make them more distinct from other game objects
  • ADDED/MODDING: AI Assembly helper application to game root directory. This is used to edit and create new behavior files (full modding documentation is to follow)
  • ADDED/MODDING: Scripterion helper application to game root directory. Use this if you're into scripting in SG2. It shows all available script functions with descriptions and examples.
  • UPDATED: Drastically improved NPC AI behavior
    • They can now dynamically assess the situation and choose an according course of action.
    • The choices they make differ on their faction and profession
    • Sets of abilities and items that have, until now been reserved solely for the player, are now also available for use to the AI
    • NPCs can use skills
    • NPCs can use equipment
    • NPCs from different factions/professions make different choices
    • Since we have opened up a lot of possibilities for the AI, we'll keep a closer look on balance in combat and tweak things accordingly. AI improvements won't stop here as well - you can expect further improvements in this area!
  • UPDATED: Turret view camera mode is now properly usable when playing the game with controllers (for the Xbox360 controller)
    • when in turret view - hold LT and use the right analog stick for rotating the camera.
  • UPDATED: Energy redistribution panel is now properly usable when playing the game with controllers (same as Skills/Items at the bottom of the HUD)
    • Hold LT and use the left analog stick for redistributing power.
  • UPDATED: Orpheus mine buffed to increase usefulness
  • UPDATED: Options->Video->Presets now work as intended
  • UPDATED: Post processing option in the Options->Video panel now affects more features to increase framerate when lowering this setting
  • UPDATED: Options->Video->Environment detail and Model detail options optimized on lower settings to increase framerate
  • UPDATED: SETH platforms work properly for quest related ships
  • UPDATED: Several changes in the Freelance mission generator to reduce chance of missions NOT appearing
  • UPDATED: Increased duration of special warnings (for example when you lose troopers when undocking from stations)
  • UPDATED: Colliding with stations now deals shield/hull damage
  • UPDATED: Shield indicator no longer shows some objects to have shields, when in fact they don't (planets, structures...)
  • UPDATED: Increased Blueprint drop rate when scanning anomalies
  • UPDATED: Reduced chance of an event taking place when undocking from stations and planets

Happy hunting!


[2014/10/31] Update v1.0008 - An update for the Halloween frenzy

Hello everyone!

Some of you will notice a discrepancy in the version number. This is to synchronize Steam and GoG versions, so no worries ;).

The focus was clearly bug fixes, but we've got the sub-system targeting properly implemented as well. So far it worked partially. Time to start knocking out individual systems properly :). The complete change-list is below.

Quite a bit of additional content is being produced as we speak, so the next update (planned for November 15th) should have a lot more ADDED tags in the change list :).

  • FIXED: PTE is now properly shut down when anchoring
  • FIXED: Fleet->Systems panel now shows accurate information related to fighter wings
  • FIXED: Heroes and platforms can now be properly targeted when using controllers, by using Target nearest enemy
  • FIXED: Bridge officer will no longer notify you that you destroyed another hostile when destroying one of your mercenaries
  • FIXED: Mercenaries now repair Hull when you anchor on a planet or station
  • FIXED: You can no longer issue Anchor command on a hostile station via the Starchart
  • FIXED: A problem where the main menu would hang if you have multiple controllers plugged in at the same time
  • FIXED: An exploit/bug when using controllers that allowed you to select and sell/unmount non-existing ship systems when using controllers
  • FIXED: Selecting and using the Riftway button on the Starchart with controllers is now possible as intended
  • FIXED: Icebreaker achievement now works as intended and does not trigger after colliding with a single asteroid
  • FIXED: An error related to Guardial angel achievement
  • FIXED: The Shipping magnate achievement now works as intended
  • FIXED: The You da boss! achievement is now fully functional
  • FIXED: An error that caused achievements to provide a penalty on PTE charge-up time instead of a bonus
  • FIXED: An error related to Artefact vaults that caused several potential problems if you transported onto any of them
  • FIXED: An error that caused your new ship to have more than its maximum Hull when transferring command
  • FIXED: Model detail and LOD distance now work properly. More work on optimization is planned.
  • FIXED: You can no longer anchor on a station if you attempt it via the Starchart, if combat begins on the way there
  • FIXED: A scrollbar is now added to the News panel to prevent sections of the text from being unreadable
  • FIXED: An exploit related to Heavy weapons and their ammo, when switching to a different heavy weapon
  • FIXED: Contraband scans can no longer happen during cutscenes to prevent the game from being left hanging or even crashing
  • FIXED: Numerous overlapping text issues in the Russian localization
  • FIXED: Several malfunctioning collision meshes
  • FIXED: Torrent surfer perk now properly displays the increased jump range on the Starchart
  • FIXED: Wolverine's cloak field generator no longer has 0 Hitpoints, but proper amount
  • FIXED: Several minor GUI usability issues
  • FIXED: An error that occurred when activating Fire at Will, causing the first shot to target the wrong location
  • FIXED: An error that caused object information to be displayed wrong on the object info panel
  • FIXED: Game controls are now properly deactivated during cutscenes and some dialogs when using controllers
  • FIXED: An issue that could potentially cause the game to crash immediately after the Campaign intro movie
  • UPDATED: Now you see me... achievement made slightly easier to achieved
  • UPDATED: Attacking neutral ships will now trigger a reaction from other nearby neutral ships of the same faction
  • UPDATED: Moved Salem station away from the asteroids, so they don't immediately break on loading and leave collectible loot
  • UPDATED: NPCs' chance of forcing player out of PTE now depends on player experience level and difficulty setting
  • UPDATED: Heroes now repair their Hull while out of combat
  • UPDATED: Campaign intro movie in the Polish localization now comes with subtitles
  • ADDED: HUD Power indicator now has a corresponding tooltip to show precise numeric information
  • ADDED: Game automatically chooses the stronger graphics card if more than one is available (This is especially important for players that have IntelHD in their computer!)

Happy Halloween captains!


[2014/10/18] Small quickfix

Evening ladies and gentlemen. We've got a small fix for you today, targeted specifically at the T-Gate/Wormhole/T-Drive + mercenaries related crashes. We've been running a number of tests today and cannot repeat the issue anymore on our side. We're already aware of another error and we're immediately continuing to tackle that one and hope to bring that fix to you as soon as possible.

If you continue encountering the T-Gate crashes, please send us your game logs once again. Each iteration of the game version usually comes with a more targeted game log recording that can help us greatly.

Thank you for your patience as always.


[2014/10/17] Update v1.0006 - A small bundle

Thanks to the game logs you ladies and gentlemen sent us over the last day or so since the last update, we've managed to find some more memory leaks and other errors which we could fix quickly.

One of the fixes is the ghost planet, again. We believe we finally found the last bit that could potentially cause it to appear again. If not, well... we'd be very appreciative if you could send over your game log.

To make things go smoother, we decided to wrap those fixes up into a small update and release it to you so you don't have to wait for them.

There are some other various small fixes, nothing to write home about. Oh and ATHENA heavy weapon can now properly deal up to 10000 damage as intended ;).

More updates are on the way, of course!


[2014/10/16] Update v1.0005 - Chugging along, more updates coming

Time for another update ladies and gentlemen. I won't bother you too much. You can find the change-list below.
We're slipping back to the game and continue with our work to get the next update to you as soon as possible.

  • FIXED: An error in the Rift skill activation script that could potentially cause a crash
  • FIXED: Mission location on the Captain's log panel and on Mission info panel are now displayed properly
  • FIXED: Numerous errors related to popping up tutorial panels, that could potentially cause the infamous black screen of freeze
  • FIXED: Several other potential instances where the black screen could appear
  • FIXED: A memory leak related to sector streaming
  • FIXED: The infamous ghost planet should no longer appear. If it does, the game log should catch the problem in more details.
  • FIXED: Several smaller memory leaks
  • FIXED: An error related to enhancements that could potentially cause crashes
  • FIXED: Numerous issues in the localized versions
  • FIXED: Numerous smaller errors in the campaign
  • FIXED: Several errors in the UI system that could potentially cause crashes
  • FIXED: Numerous database errors that caused wrong bonuses to be assigned to enhancements
  • FIXED: Bookworm achievement is now achievable properly by any related means, and not just by waiting for each tutorial to pop-up
  • FIXED: You can no longer gain 2 loot drops by first sending in your scavenger drones and then destroying the derelict before scavenging was finished
  • FIXED: An error that could potentially cause friendly ships to turn against you when you're boarding a hostile ship near a station
  • FIXED: An error on the Starchart panel related to perpetual panning after closing the Starchart and opening it up again
  • FIXED: Mercenaries will no longer conclude you're dead when transferring command to a different ship (from the garage for instance)
  • FIXED: Numerous errors on displaying GUI when using controllers
  • FIXED: A controller related error that prevented overwriting an existing save file
  • FIXED: Numerous other controller issues
  • ADDED: Polish localization is now available (text only)
  • ADDED: Riftway network is now visible on the Starchart. A button on the main Starchart panel can toggle its visibility. The visuals will likely be changed.
  • ADDED: Maximum attainable experience level raised to 80
  • UPDATED: Slight changes done to the blueprint drop scripts. Further improvements pending.
  • UPDATED: Review button removed from the main menu
  • UPDATED: Allied ships now attack platforms
  • UPDATED: Allied ships no longer attack a ship you're trying to capture
  • UPDATED: Fire at will also ignores a ship you're trying to capture, BUT(!) Marking the target overrides that safety lock and Fire at will in that case fires at the ship
  • UPDATED: Game log records some extra data to help us find some problematic bugs
  • UPDATED: Platforms are now properly included in the Fire at will routine
  • UPDATED: Reputation change system (when destroying ships, declining contraband drop etc.) is now completely controlled via script to ensure proper execution (Spg2\Scripts\AddReputation\...)
  • UPDATED: Increased the max available quantity of every individual commodities on all stations to increase potential trader profit
  • UPDATED: Tutorial pop-ups are now spread out over the starting campaign mission and linked to other events as intended (when first entering an asteroid field, when first encountering a derelict...)
  • UPDATED: Heroes/Bounties will no longer harass you while you're on a storyline mission
  • UPDATED: Mercenaries now attack platforms as intended
  • UPDATED: Credits movie updated with several new people that helped us over the last few weeks


[2014/10/7] Update v1.0004 - A slightly bigger update

Sorry for being late with this update ladies and gentlemen. We've been testing and retesting everything we've done for this update just to make sure it's all functional. I won't yammer too much. The change-list is below.

Thank you very much for all the help and patience!

  • FIXED: Numerous smaller and larger campaign related issues in all missions
  • FIXED: Waypoint missing after loading problem
  • FIXED: Wrong objective displayed after completing a mission
  • FIXED: Numerous potential crashes fixed related to the second map
  • FIXED: Numerous potential crashes fixed related to the primary map
  • FIXED: Numerous memory leaks plugged
  • FIXED: A potential crash when leaving mission area during a mission
  • FIXED: A potential error resulting from choosing Freeroam after leaving mission area on the second map
  • FIXED: Several smaller issues with wrong region being displayed in the captain's log when looking over campaign missions
  • FIXED: Fixed several potential corrupt saves instances
  • FIXED: Eridan freighter Hull reduced to proper levels
  • FIXED: An error related to mesh loading that could in some instances cause the game to crash
  • FIXED: Mercenaries shoot on your enemies as they're supposed to
  • FIXED: LUPUS fighter wing now works as intended and does not crash the game
  • FIXED: Orca now has a fully functional single-slot hangar
  • FIXED: Missing station schematic added
  • FIXED: Eridan freighter Hull reduced to proper levels
  • FIXED: Mission waypoints should now all appear normally when loading and restarting the game
  • FIXED: The black screen problem in several more instances (when loading autosave while a mission is active and player is inside the first mission area AND entering the mission area triggers a combination of cutscene and story panel)
  • FIXED: Several potential corrupt saves instances
  • FIXED: Voltra is now properly vulnerable to heavy weapons
  • UPDATED: Mercenaries marked with specific color
  • UPDATED: Environment detail settings now affect the number of junk pieces and asteroids and riftway visibility range to improve performance
  • UPDATED: Riftway to make it easier to leave it
  • UPDATED: Auto-pilot improved so it shouldn't be making merry-go-rounds around stations (there are still several known instances where it can ram into a station so this is next on the agenda in that part)
  • UPDATED: Wormhole now slowly turns the ship it is dragging towards itself
  • UPDATED: Increased chance of getting a blueprint part if you already have at least one identical part in you inventory when blueprint is dropped
  • UPDATED: Blueprint drop rate slightly increased
  • UPDATED: Blueprint drop rate when salvaging derelicts via equipment is now within normal parameters (forcing execution of script to make sure)
  • UPDATED: Riftway system optimized to improve performance
  • UPDATED: Reduced Experience gain when destroying ships.
  • UPDATED: Increased Credits gain for Freelance missions
  • UPDATED: Implemented several more checks to make sure items made available by blueprints are properly available on stations/planets
  • ADDED: Borderless window mode
    • Edit StarpointGemini2Configuration.cfg and change BorderlessWindow parameter to 1(on) or 0(off)
    • WindowStartPosition (x | y) sets the borderless window position when starting the game
  • ADDED: Objective deletion via scripts to remove obsolete objectives


[2014/10/1] And here's another...

We've found some more potentially very bad bugs and went for a quick fix to get it released to you as fast as possible.
  • FIXED: A glitch that could cause crashing mid-saving
  • FIXED: A couple of those greyed-out graphics options are now unlocked as intended (Shadows, Glow)
  • FIXED: Several campaign related issues
  • FIXED: Several errors in the localized databases (both German and Russian)
  • FIXED: Junkyard near derelict in first mission and junkyards on the second map now have proper OnDestroy scripts
  • UPDATED: Removed a default script that was linked to derelicts if no specific
  • UPDATED: Loot drop for high-level characters tweaked (downward... those 2mil drops per ship are a big no-no)
  • UPDATED: Blueprint drop rate increased and also linked to NPC/player experience level

Not a lot of changes, but could very well be quite important to increase overall stability.

[2014/10/1] A quick small update, but might be crucial

Here's the latest patch addressing some of the key problems we discovered with your immense help. Thank you for sending us your logs and save files.

It would be totally awesome if this fixes the bulk of it, but I'll stay reserved for now. In any case, please do let us know if/when you encounter further problems so we can work on them ASAP.

In the meantime we're continuing our work, tackling on other encountered bugs.

Safe travels captains!


[2014/9/28] Update v1.002 - Addressing the key problems first
Got another small update. Nothing major. I'm terribly sorry we're issuing these small patches, but we're trying to constantly test and deliver even small updates to address issues as quickly as possible.

Players that have experienced problems in Giant leap mission, especially playing in German, please update (restart Steam Client if necessary to force the update) the game and give the mission another to. It should work properly now.

As is customary, we thank you for all the support, the assistance you give us by sending in your game logs and reporting the issues and especially for your patience.


[2014/9/28] Update v1.002 - Addressing the key problems first

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Got that patch ready and running for you. It should start downloading automatically, but if it doesn't, please restart Steam Client.

I won't be pulling a change-list this time. We've focused on the reported issues regarding main campaign missions. A few other changes were made regarding Experience gain etc.

If/when you encounter any more problems, please do let us know and we'll do our very best to fix them as soon as possible.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!


Update v1.001 - A quickfix for a quickfix

A quickfix for a quickfix. Please accept my sincere apologies ladies and gentlemen. The patch we released during the night had some corrupted scripts in it. I am personally to blame since I upload and release the Steam version and should have detected the problem. I think it's high-time to sleep it off and get back on my feet properly.

The current version has proper script files and the game should function normally once again. We'll continue our work to fix all the reported issues as soon as possible and get the update into your hands (your hard drives?).

I'd like to extend the thanks from the entire team to everyone for helping us find the problem. Each log you sent Oliver got us closer.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Update v1.001 - An early morning quickfix

OK. A quickfix is in order. Something those of you who have been with us longer are likely already accustomed to ;). Not the nicest thing to have to do, we know, but we do try to fix those glitches as soon as possible and release the update to you ladies and gents.

Some of the graphics options still remain locked. I'd like to tell you what happened, but I don't know. It's almost 6 AM on our side here, and my mind is running snail-speed. What I can tell you is that we'll do our best to sort it out as soon as humanly possible.

As always, thank you for your patience ladies and gentlemen :).

I'll just post a short list of changes in this quickfix
  • FIXED: Model detail setting should now be operational in the options menu
  • FIXED: Volumetric fog shadows are now saved as intended
  • FIXED: If a ship is grappled and then disabled (usually via scripts), the grappler will no longer stay hanging in mid-air (mid-space?)
  • FIXED: Boarding is deactivated if the boarded ship is disabled (same as above)
  • FIXED: Shadow-related glitching
  • FIXED: Mission markers should now appear properly after exiting the game and loading a save file in mid-mission
  • UPDATED: Capturing main mission ships should now work as much as destroying them

I apologize in advance if you ladies and gentlemen encounter some other problems, especially if they're campaign-related. We'll fix them ASAP!


Update v1.000 - LAUNCH!

One whole year, ladies and gentlemen. That's how long we've been in Early Access. And it has been absolutely amazing! Simply because of all of YOU!
Yes... YOU, looking at the screen right now. If it weren't for each and every one of you, the game would be much much different.

So, please accept a heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us here in the team. You humble us.
... ... ... ... ... ...
Onto the business at hand :). The standard procedure would now be to mention the highlights, but come on... campaign is likely the most interesting ;). The complete change-list is below as usual.

PS I'll go over our tracker some more to compile all the fixes that we're made. I thought for starters, the updates and additions were more important ;).

Have fun captains!

  • FIXED: When story panel is activated, PTE is shut down and audio volume is lowered
  • FIXED: Game is paused when Mission failed panel is active
  • FIXED: Fire at will mode is automatically deactivated when a cut-scene starts
  • FIXED: Freelance missions are filtered when Reputation is changed
  • FIXED: Ships and stations change color-coding when Reputation changes
  • FIXED: Tutorial setting is saved properly
  • FIXED: Starchart hint is now properly placed when using gamepads
  • FIXED: Fire At Will with beam weapons fixed
  • ADDED: Full campaign mode
  • ADDED: Riftway fast-travel grid
    • Simply fly into it and let it carry you.. some maneuvering is required though, since inertia can sling you out
  • ADDED: Numerous missing sound effects
  • ADDED: Full ambient soundtrack
  • ADDED: Full combat music soundtrack
  • ADDED: Freelance missions deactivated during the first mission in the campaign mode
  • ADDED: Mercenaries
    • You can hire Mercenaries to accompany you
    • Be careful to pay them their salaries... or they will leave your service, or alternatively beat you up...
  • ADDED: Several starting options for the Freeroam mode (character name, ship, portrait)
  • ADDED: Adding turret now costs money depending on the ship class
  • ADDED: You can now remove turrets from weapon batteries
  • ADDED: Autosaves to Campaign mode (when accepting a mission)
  • ADDED: Cloak while active, now drains ship's power, much like skills
  • ADDED: Skills are now SUSTAINED(!)
    • Skills don't have limited duration anymore, but simply drain power while active
    • It is possible in theory to setup your ship that you can sustain a skill indefinitely
  • ADDED: Try going closer to the suns now. I dare you :P
  • UPDATED: Boarding mechanics have went through another tweak
  • UPDATED: NPCs and missions will now spawn according to regional level range
  • UPDATED: Trooper price increased from 100 to 250
  • UPDATED: Alarming/Deadly/Impossible enemies granted damage reduction of 10%/20%/30%
  • UPDATED: Player no longer receives bounty without taking part in battles against Heroes
  • UPDATED: Enabled rank restrictions for ship classes
  • UPDATED: Easy difficulty no longer receives a flat hardcoded starting credits.
  • UPDATED: Loading a game with hull bonus no longer forces the player to repair the difference in hull.
  • UPDATED: The engineer can no longer receive experience by scanning his own anomaly
  • UPDATED: Boarding hostile ships is no longer a crime
  • UPDATED: Clicking on the boarding slot will place a waypoint on the captured ship if that ship is beyond target lock distance
  • UPDATED: The player can no longer loot a captured ship beyond transporter distance
  • UPDATED: Player now receives 6%/12%/25%/50% damage from heavy weapons on Easy/Normal/Hard/Extreme difficulties
  • UPDATED: Player now receives 10%/25%/50% damage from beam weapons on Easy/Normal/Hard difficulties
  • UPDATED: The recommended level for Missions has a bigger font size and flashes red if the rec. level exceeds player level
  • UPDATED: The captain info panel will now properly display if the player is unlawful
  • UPDATED: The log now displays recommended level for missions (in the list)
  • UPDATED: Mining Beam now deals 100 times more damage to asteroids
  • UPDATED: Heroes now deal +50% beam weapon damage and +100% damage with all other weapons
  • UPDATED: Heroes receive 2.5% damage from all NPCs (excluding mercenaries and other heroes) and receive 30% damage from the player
  • UPDATED: Heroes have reduced bounties
  • UPDATED: Heroes now have the title "Hero" instead of faction association written on the target lock
  • UPDATED: Heroes can no longer be boarded
  • UPDATED: Licenses have been balanced to make more sense
  • UPDATED: Officers have been rebalanced
  • UPDATED: New loot system gave more accuracy to the progression system and bonus modifiers from perks, officers and licenses
  • UPDATED: Combat mode now properly tracked by the gameplay engine
  • UPDATED: Light weapons damage, shield/hull ratio and price rebalanced
  • UPDATED: Heavy weapons damage, shield/hull ratio and price greatly rebalanced
  • UPDATED: Freighter and freightliner class ships cargohold, energy, price rebalance
  • UPDATED: Systems and ships on station prices rebalance
  • UPDATED: SETH is now packed with the PlatformGun, rebalanced
  • UPDATED: Difficulties rebalanced
  • UPDATED: Rearming heavy weapons now costs credits depending on heavy weapons loaded on the slot
  • UPDATED: Platforms now carry a PlatformGun, hitpoints rebalanced
  • UPDATED: Asteroid fields rebalanced
  • UPDATED: Grappler improved
    • You can go into PTE while towing a grappled ship, but increase speed over time or the grappler will snap
    • Grappler can still snap if strain is too heavy
    • Grappler success depends on ship mass. The larger the ship, the higher the chance of the link snapping
  • UPDATED: Several optimizations regarding ship's weapons fire and frame-rate
  • UPDATED: Several ships rebalanced
  • UPDATED: Lowered Experience gain on destroying ships
  • UPDATED: Sensitivity lowered when playing with gamepads & joysticks
  • UPDATED: New loading screen


Update v0.8004 - September 16th, 2014 - Here's another one

Got another small update for you ladies and gents. To attack some of the nagging issues. Check the list below please.

  • FIXED: Audio-related constant framerate drop
  • FIXED: Framerate drop on looting a captured ship
  • FIXED: PhysX related problem that could cause framerate drop and in severe cases crash
  • FIXED: It is now possible to properly save your game when using gamepads or joysticks
  • FIXED: A potential crash that would happen when your ship is being scanned for contraband, while using gamepads or joysticks
  • UPDATED: Done some mod-related changes that would usually cause a crash when loading a saved game created using mods, but trying to load it without those mods. The solution is NOT perfect in some cases, but the goal was to prevent crashes.
  • UPDATED: Log now records more data to make it easier to hunt for bugs.

We're sorry for the following, but we're afraid it's not easily avoided. Namely, the updated log bit, that now records even more info, also brings with it a reduction to framerate. This will be rectified as soon as possible, or to say it better, we'll simply stop recording that much data once the ongoing problems are fixed, which will in turn instantly increase framerate, at least somewhat.


Update v0.8003 - September 15th, 2014 - Quickfix time!

A quickfix is in order ladies and gentlemen. Nothing special, just patching up a few things. Here's a rundown:
  • FIXED: A save compatibility issue in case you deactivated a mod that saved some info into the save file. Redundant info should now be discarded and prevent crashes.
  • FIXED: A problem on the Licenses panel when using gamepads/joysticks
  • FIXED: Several potential crash-causing issues
  • UPDATED: Game log now records some more data to make bug-hunting easier

As I said, nothing much, so even the external version number is still the same. Internally, we'll know what exact version it is.



Update v0.8003 - September 15th, 2014 - Well wouldya look at them apples

The title has absolutely no relevance to this small update, but my mind-brakes that usually prevent me from writing nonsensical things, are gone, so... yeah... change-list...

  • FIXED: A joystick/gamepad related crash
  • FIXED: A problem related to artefact flags that could cause a crash
  • FIXED: A script-engine related issue that could cause the game to crash when interfacing databases
  • UPDATED: Game log records more info for easier bug-hunting
  • UPDATED: Music tracks now shuffle as planned. We're not all done just yet on this field, but this should help bring more variety :)


OK. Sitrep: We think we've taken care of the audio screeching from hell issue, or at least we can't get it on our side anymore. We'd welcome feedback. We wouldn't usually release the update like this, but there are several more fixes in this quick update, so we'd rather not wait. Below is the changelist.

  • FIXED: The screeching evil sound from hell should not appear anymore. If it does, let us know please.
  • FIXED: Several more issues with the music streamer to make it more reliable and overall the game more stable
  • FIXED: Several text errors in both German and Russian localizations
  • FIXED: Several setting in the General options decided they won't get saved. This is repaired.
  • FIXED: The orange main menu problem should no longer appear.
  • ADDED: Combat music
    • Music now changes to combat music when fighting ensues

Update v0.8001 September 12th, 2014 - How 'bout them twins?
Greetings spacefarers!

Time for a touch of sad news. We've hit two problems, late encountered, as can be seen from the time we're releasing this update.
One is related to compressed sector files. We know what the problem is exactly, but it will take until tomorrow to fix. Once that's done, you can expect the freeze when crossing sector border to reduce some more.

The other is related to combat music, more specifically switching from standard to combat music and back.
To prevent you fair ladies and gents from having your ears bleeding (the symptom was screeching noise from the deepest pits of the 9th circle of hell), we've switched off combat music for now, until we get to the bottom of the problem.
We hope to have it fixed tomorrow as well, in which case you can expect both of these features in working order tomorrow too.
The more varied music tracks are not impacted by this problem, so at least that's some consolation :).

While the below list might seem small in comparison to our usual changelists, a lot of work has been done since the last update.
Most changes unfortunately have no point in being mentioned since they're important for the upcoming campaign mode.

Highlights? Well... how about updated loot drop system, or full controller support, or perhaps the twin suns Castor and Pollux, more music tracks, artefacts, improved streaming... Feel free to take your pick :).
Full controller support. This one is a bit tricky. We've made default profiles for all gamepads and joysticks we could get our hands on, but we need your help once again ladies and gentlemen.
All the controllers we tested have different configurations, making our work much harder. Basically this is what I'd like to ask of you:
If you try out a gamepad configuration, and you realize the default sucks big-time, let us know please. Moreover, if you're feeling especially generous, please configure your gamepad in the in-game options,
and then send both your StarpointGemini2Configuration.cfg and log.txt, located in the game root directory. This will allow us to create a default profile for that specific device.

Also if you encounter some problems using your controller device, let us know. We'll tweak, update and fix 'em all. In general, we're looking forward to feedback regarding controllers :).
We plan to have one more update before final launch, but of course if necessary, we'll release quickfixes in the meantime. And it is possible we'll be iterating through smaller, focused updates over the next two weeks.

And finally one more thing to mention: Cinematic trailer. I won't yammer too much about it. Have a look instead ;).

  • FIXED: An issue where destroying ships that spawn a derelict, caused outlaw looters to appear, which in turn could create an endless stream of outlaw looters. Several more script checks implemented.
  • FIXED: Tzar carrier hangar parameters fixed and tweaked
  • FIXED: Heavy weapon blast radius now deals damage to the object that was actually hit
  • FIXED: Ice asteroids now use appropriate destruction visuals
  • FIXED: A script problem where in certain instances a for loop never activated.
  • FIXED: A crash related to Caridad station. Its parameters were all messed up
  • FIXED: A crash that occurred if capturing a grappled ship that was on the verge of breaking grappler hold (distance)
  • FIXED: A bug that resulted in player ship not being visible on loading game after dying
  • FIXED: A a bug related to the Capture freelance mission that resulted in game crash
  • FIXED: Ship sell price, when selling immediately on docking and when selling from the garage is now identical
  • UPDATED: Blueprint part drop rate
    • Based on feedback, drop rate of blueprints is increased in all instances
    • Blueprint parts can now be acquired by hacking structures
    • Blueprint parts can now be acquired by transporting onto structures
    • Blueprint parts can now be acquired by scanning anomalies
  • UPDATED: Loot drop system changed
    • Loot drop definition files completely changed to make it easier to balance
    • Loot drop now depends more on experience level and target type
  • UPDATED: Orpheus mine damage is generally reduced, but damage now depends on player level
  • UPDATED: Damage of the SETH deployable platform now depends on player level
  • UPDATED: Station will no longer call in a large security force to deal with you if you caused problems near it. The numbers are tweaked, largely based on player level.
  • UPDATED: If a station doesn't have any friendly ships nearby, security forces will no longer show up
  • UPDATED: Destroying bounties that are hostile towards you no longer yields negative reputation change
  • UPDATED: Reset general settings confirmation box text changed to display appropriate text.
  • UPDATED: Ship, structure and station shaders to improve material glow quality
  • UPDATED: Spire station now only offers lawful licenses
  • UPDATED: Tortuga Bay station now only offers outlaw licenses
  • UPDATED: Nebulas optimized some more. More specifically, when inside a nebula, other nebulas are not rendered
  • UPDATED: Mission objective text that appears next to a mission-related object, is no longer hard-coded, but is taken from misc.txt file
  • UPDATED: Numerous texts in the German and Russian localizations
  • UPDATED: Removed Evasion parameter from defense platform files (*.def)
  • UPDATED: Increased chance of triggering global events that are related to prices and trading to make the market more lively
  • UPDATED: NPC ships now come with a full complement of Troopers, making them harder to capture (further updates will bring other balancing)
  • ADDED: Big picture mode & full controller support
    • Simply plug in a gamepad or joystick and restart the game
    • You're offered a different control scheme which makes it possible to choose how you want to control the various game panels
    • Using controllers is possible in both control schemes
    • Further tweaks, improvements and manufacturer presets will be done based on feedback
  • ADDED: Artefacts
    • Artefacts can now be collected from special structures scattered around Gemini
    • Collecting all artefacts yields a special reward
  • ADDED: Another optimization pass focused mostly on sector-to-sector streaming
    • Model streaming implemented
    • Audio streaming implemented
    • Script files compressed
  • ADDED: Twin suns now shine over Gemini from its center (will be further graphically improved)
  • ADDED: Confirm resolution change panel can now be closed and resolution change can be cancelled
  • ADDED: A new type of encounter into the game world, generated randomly, but with certain conditions
  • ADDED: Scanning anomalies can now cause a revenant to drop out of rift space (can be either friendly or hostile)
  • ADDED: Info panels for stations, structures, planets, derelicts and anomalies
  • ADDED: Leviathan is now placed into the game world


Update v0.8000 - Blueprints and nebula optimization

Crossing into the 0.8 range this time. Getting closer and closer to release ;). I apologize in advance if I've noted anything that was introduced in one of the recent smaller updates.

OK. There's a lot of new stuff going on. I'll mention only the nebula optimizations (more will be done) and blueprints. How blueprints work is explained below in the change-list :).

The second, but perhaps even more important thing is the MODDING RELATED ISSUE. Here's the link where we explain the problem.

PLEASE CHECK IT OUT. Especially if you've modded the game yourself or if you're using mods.

  • FIXED: Several errors in weapon range calculations
  • FIXED: An error where names of nebulas were not shown on the Starchart
  • FIXED: NPCs start firing weapons at more appropriate distances and not from miles away
  • FIXED: Your own SETH platforms will not shoot each other
  • FIXED: Beam weapons now work in Fire at will mode as intended
  • FIXED: NPCs no longer have impossible weapon range when using beam weapons
  • FIXED: An issue where the planetary screen gets overlapped with the station interface overlay
  • FIXED: Material editor->Ship editor now saves trail parameters as intended
  • FIXED: Station color-coding (friendly, hostile, neutral) is now equivalent in the main viewport and on the Starchart
  • FIXED: An error related to Weapons energy refill and Weapons downtime, where the two could get swapped in-game
  • FIXED: Equipment modifiers are now nullified on loading as intended
  • FIXED: An error that would manifest in an NPC ship powering up Power to Engines, but remaining in the same position
  • FIXED: Damage effects are now properly removed from the ship on repair
  • FIXED: An error that could crash the game when clicking on a mission icon in the starchart
  • FIXED: An issue with mission completion notification being displayed wrongly
  • FIXED: A bug related to Steam Workshop integration and updating mods that could cause the game to crash
  • FIXED: Grappling a captured ship no longer turns every neutral or allied ship against you
  • ADDED: Blueprints
    • You can collect blueprints pieces from various sources (more will be added over time)
    • Once you collect enough pieces, a complete blueprint will be assembled in your Items list automatically
    • After that, simply dock on any station or planet, and you will find that something new is available for purchase (depending on the blueprint)
    • Blueprints are used up in the process
    • Blueprints available: light weapons, heavy weapons, enhancements for all primary systems, an officer, fighter crafts
  • ADDED: Energy redistribution shortcuts to Options->Controls. They are NOT set by default. Set them manually!
  • ADDED: NPCs can now drop Orpheus mines. Frequency greatly depends on player level and difficulty setting.
  • ADDED: Explosion shockwaves can now impact asteroids and junk pieces
  • ADDED: Sporadic lightning flashes inside nebulas
  • ADDED: Profession parameter is now shown on the Quick scan
  • ADDED: Several skill modifiers changed/added
    • Sensor jam
    • Virus (Chance to drop target's shields on hit)
    • Life support sabotage (Reduce target's troop effectiveness)
    • Mainframe shutdown (Chance to completely shut-down target on hit)
    • Disabling shockwave (Range set to 600)
    • Energy drain => Power drain
    • Scramble now states Chance to disable weapons on successful hit
    • Disabling hit now states Drain target's battery energy (% per second)
    • Disabling hit
    • Tracer round
    • Razor
  • ADDED: Additional Perks are now fully functional
    • Hawkeye
    • Collector
    • Space wolf
    • Torrent surfer
    • Large vessels
  • ADDED: Officers that used the same bonuses as the above Perks are now also fully functional
  • ADDED: Another difficulty level added. This is mostly ground work for future use.
  • ADDED: Several game version checks to comply with latest Steam API
  • ADDED: Several notifications (entering hostile territory) received a boost to be more noticeable
  • ADDED: Ship is automatically decloaked when anchoring on stations/planets
  • UPDATED: Grappling a friendly/allied ship is now treated the same as if you were boarding it
  • UPDATED: Accuracy mechanic. Increased weapons fire spread on longer distances.
  • UPDATED: Game log records more data to catch potential problems.
  • UPDATED: Repairing your ship on a station or planet now removes the effects of Radiation and EMP damage.
  • UPDATED: NPCs accuracy improved
  • UPDATED: Bounties improved weapons (enhancements)
  • UPDATED: Jumping away from a captured ship makes it highly possible for that ship to regain control and flee
  • UPDATED: NPCs now carry less Equipment
  • UPDATED: Strong gravitational pull is now only possible if influenced by a wormhole
  • UPDATED: SETH platform now has limited duration before it self destructs. This is to prevent a potential mem-leak
  • UPDATED: Nebulas are now limited to 120 particle patches at a time to improve performance
  • UPDATED: Nebula particles orientation
  • UPDATED: Several nebulas modified specifically to improve performance (Gulf)
  • UPDATED: Tweaked experience gain with trading
  • UPDATED: NPC random encounter spawning system now takes into account more variables and relies more on player level, but also on difficulty settings
  • UPDATED: (Permanent) Quick Target Scan is now active by default
  • UPDATED: When stations react to nearby trouble (someone starting a high-tech space cannon brawl), instead of reaching out to the faction in control of the region, they simply call their own reinforcements.


Update v.0.7022, 20th July, 2014

Another small weekend update. A couple of fixes to address crashes. Anyhow, here's the list
  • FIXED: SETH related (entire equipment database actually) had numerous errors in German and Russian localized version that caused the game to crash.
  • FIXED: Moving panels was not possible on some screen resolutions
  • FIXED: An error that could cause the game to crash while using Loot panel
  • UPDATED: Small things related to the newly added Mounted camera (a few small errors and a bit of polish)
  • UPDATED: Game log records even more info to catch the pesky bugs and mem-leaks.

We're also looking into that weird none-to-very-low damage problem.


Update v.0.7021, 18th July, 2014 - Here's some optimization and a new camera mode :)

Here's a short one ladies and gentlemen. I suppose the biggest change is the mounted camera. Please check below on how to use it. This is the first iteration, so more work will be done based on Your feedback!

  • FIXED: Weapon battery bug. There was a mixup with system parameters. Thanks for the assistance Ryouchan!
  • ADDED: Mounted camera. You can cycle to with with the Switch camera button. IMPORTANT FOR MODDERS: Mod ships are now one version behind in the *.shp file. Check one of our ship files to see the new Mounted camera parameters. The game won't crash, but the camera won't be available in-game until this part is added to the file!
  • UPDATED: Nebulas slightly optimized
  • UPDATED: Flares optimized (ONLY on Low environment detail setup)
  • UPDATED: Game log now records more data used for hunting down mem-leaks and other issues


Hi there ladies and gentlemen. Got another small update for you. Just a small assortment of various fixes regarding stability.

There is one addition though:
Turret view smoothness - You can now turn it OFF in the options menu. This will make the turret view camera work faster.


Update v.0.7019, 15th July, 2014 - Nebulas


Since we're on a roll, no reason to stop, right? ;)
We've got another quickfix to address some more issues with the localized versions. What we thought was a problem fixer, in the end turned out not to be. Serves us right for trying to be fast about it.

Point is:
All new video options should now work properly in all versions, English, German and Russian.

We're really sorry for the inconvenience!



OK. So we've encountered some issues we needed to address, so here's the quickfix.

Mostly it concerns some errors in the localized versions, but also some issues with the newly added graphics options.

If the game is running veeeeeery slowly, please check the Video options and turn off SSAO. It should bump FPS count by a nice number.

PS Thanks to Colonel_Panic for pointing out I've missed out on listing the Best Buy/Sell panel. I'm an idiot.. I know ;).


So it seems I've forgotten to include some of those new things we've added in the last few days... My bad!
  • FIXED: Game configuration file is now properly saved in the default game folder instead of a mod folder, if a mod was active.
  • FIXED: A problem with Bounty spotted title being separated into two lines on the Station->News panel
  • FIXED: Engine sound volume is now affected with the appropriate Options slider
  • ADDED: SSAO (ambient occlusion) is now unlocked in the Video options and can be activated. Be careful though; remember the game isn't optimized yet ;). The options is OFF BY DEFAULT!.
  • ADDED: TDrive effect in the Video options is now added and unlocked and can be activated. Try it out, and if you don't like it, turn it back off. The options is OFF BY DEFAULT!.


Greetings captains! First an apology is in order for being late on the delivery of this update. We hit some bumps in the last days, so we needed to take care of those. It did give us time to put a few more things into the game, so we've got that going for us ;).

To cut a long story short, below is the latest change-list. Enjoy!

  • FIXED: An issue with only one fighter craft in a wing firing, while the others were just flying about like nothing important is taking place
  • FIXED: An error where ship markers would not change color to red even if they became hostile to the player
  • FIXED: A bug where a ship would turn back to friendly after the player left its vicinity
  • FIXED: Material editor -> Ambient editor Save and Load buttons are displayed correctly
  • FIXED: A problem where fighters would not acquire targets on-the-fly, but only on launch
  • FIXED: An instance where not all fighters would return to their carrier when recalled
  • FIXED: An issue where ships would first turn hostile when attacking them, but then they turned back to neutral/allied after you destroyed one of their ships
  • FIXED: A bug in the Material editor where flares and lights from an old ambient remained in the new one, on loading the new ambient
  • FIXED: Planet icons now highlight properly on the Starchart
  • FIXED: Slow rate of firing at allied NPCs will no longer make them revert from hostile back to allied
  • FIXED: A text overlap issue when smuggling onto planets fails
  • FIXED: An issue where the Planetary customs panel would overlap some other opened panel
  • FIXED: An issue where the Loot panel would overlap some other opened panel
  • FIXED: Ship system prices are now displayed as intended on both the Drydock->Systems tab as well as the Drydock->Loadout tab
  • FIXED: PTE temporarily disrupted notification is now properly displayed when the disruptor hits and NPC
  • FIXED: An error with Engineer skill Hack, more specifically the modifier Immunity. It now works as intended.
  • FIXED: Deleting models and particles from an assembly via the Material Editor now works as intended
  • FIXED: Last seen info for bounties now shows appropriate info instead of the place-holder value
  • FIXED: An issue regarding physics engine that caused problems in calculating collisions with large objects like stations
  • FIXED: A memory leak occurring when hitting a ship, that could potentially cause the game to crash
  • FIXED: F2 no longer activates the Phaseshift effect on the player's ship
  • FIXED: anomaly SetPosition function now works as intended
  • FIXED: Add turret button is now greyed out and unusable when a hangar slot is selected
  • FIXED: A physics error where a derelict created when a ship explodes would push the ship faaaaaaaar away
  • FIXED: Numerous typos and errors in both German and Russian localizations
  • ADDED: Camera now shakes while in Power to Engines
  • ADDED: Best Buy/Sell panel is now introduced into the game in its first form
    • You can access it via the starchart. A new button on the upper-right panel
    • This is the first iteration, and it will be further improved, mainly accessing it will be made easier and we'll make it easily and quickly accessible in numerous places, so you don't have to open the Starchart every time ;).
  • ADDED: All Nebulas are now added to the game map
    • Gas pockets that can be found inside nebulas can be Scanned and then Collected as loot
    • Nebula collector equipment can be used on the gas pockets for increased collecting yield
    • Nebulas are visible on the Starchart, but can be toggled with the button on the top-right panel
  • ADDED: You can now enter Area effects that can cause various detrimental effects
    • For now, Area effects are only linked to nebulas, but in time, other objects will also be able to have them
  • ADDED: Junkyard is now visible on the Starchart
  • ADDED: Phaseshift equipment is now available for purchase on numerous stations
  • ADDED: Scavenger nanobots equipment is now fully operational
  • ADDED: There is a chance that you will jump into the wrong location when passing through a wormhole
  • ADDED: If you have the Free scientist license, you will now get paid for each anomaly you scan
  • ADDED: Some Experience is rewarded when trading
  • ADDED: Ship markers on the radar now fade-in when they appear
  • ADDED: Depending on cargo value and other region-based parameters, it is possible for you to get ambushed by outlaws trying to get your cargo
  • ADDED: VO warning is now heard when your Troopers are in trouble
  • ADDED: More situations now affect player Reputation change, governed by a new database
  • ADDED: Soft-particles make nebulas blend better with other objects
  • ADDED: Camera shake slider in the Options
  • ADDED: You can now encounter various battle encounters while flying about. Warzones have higher chance of appearance, but still... be careful ;).
  • ADDED: Several new micro-events that can happen when you're undocking from a station. A lot more will be added over time.
  • UPDATED: Station equipment stock no longer replenishes each time player undocks
  • UPDATED: Stations will now also turn hostile if you start attacking its friends in the vicinity
  • UPDATED: Cloaking no longer reverts attacking ships back to neutral/allied
  • UPDATED: There is a chance that cloak is deactivated when colliding
  • UPDATED: Cloak is automatically deactivated when grappling a target
  • UPDATED: Contest bounties now have proper OnSeen and OnKilled news texts
  • UPDATED: Numerous tooltips to display useful information
  • UPDATED: Skill hint tooltip to be properly displayed in all versions
  • UPDATED: Chase camera shortcut transferred from Boarding into Views section in the Options->Controls panel
  • UPDATED: Heroes/bounties are now always hostile towards the player
  • UPDATED: PTE no longer remains active after passing through a wormhole
  • UPDATED: Cloak no longer remains active after passing through a wormhole
  • UPDATED: Saved games list is now sorted by date instead of alphabetically
  • UPDATED: Derelict cool-off shader effect
  • UPDATED: Outlaws that appear to claim a derelict, will no longer attack you if you're on good terms with them
  • UPDATED: Structures now have increased Hull
  • UPDATED: SETH activation now has its own animation as intended
  • UPDATED: Additional in-script checks are made to prevent continuous spawning of ships near derelicts, stations and structures that was possible in some instances, eventually leading to the game crashing
  • UPDATED: Numerous ship textures and materials for improved visuals


Update v.0.7018, 22th June, 2014
Evening ladies and gents. We've noticed a potentially critical error which this update fixes. We managed to squeeze in another few things in the meantime as well, so here's the list:

  • FIXED: A bug related to ambush and/or fleet ships that could crash the game or cause other problems
  • FIXED: Script management system so it now flushes unneeded scripts from memory
  • FIXED: A fighter related error leading to multiple problems (not coming back to refuel, not being affected by Mark target, trailing off into the unknown...)
  • UPDATED: Improved NPC fleet management so followers follow the leader after combat


Update v0.7017, 21st June 2014
Another quick one. Please don't let the numbering confuse you. The yesterday's quickfix was 0.7016, and this follows in its wake :)

  • FIXED: Station security ships now react as intended and will provide assistance to friendly ships
  • FIXED: Several errors related to asteroids and physics
  • FIXED: Shooting at a captured ship no longer generates a Critical hit message
  • FIXED: A problem where Fire at Will ignored bonuses applied to weapon range
  • FIXED: A problem where weapon range bonus wasn't properly applied
  • ADDED: Some more bridge officer chatters
  • UPDATED: Memory usage related to scripts optimized
  • UPDATED: Game log records more data to help in finding pesky bugs


Update v.0.7015, 19th June, 2014
This one's quite extensive ladies and gentlemen, but it also took longer to deliver for which we sincerely apologize. I won't be highlighting any item as special this time. Instead, please check out the change-list below and as always... safe travels captains! :)

  • FIXED: Player ship customization parameters are now properly saved and loaded
  • FIXED: An error where the game could crash when using Give, Take or Take All actions on the Loot panel
  • FIXED: An error where ship price wasn't adjusted properly until redocking, after purchasing a License that modifies ship prices
  • FIXED: An issue related to game date being saved, loaded and displayed wrongly after loading a game
  • FIXED: Ships no longer get damaged when Transferring command
  • FIXED: Grappler will no longer deactivate automatically after capturing a grappled ship
  • FIXED: A problem where SETH platform only attacked ships that were hostile towards the player when the platform was released
  • FIXED: An problem where changing resolution in-game and resetting controls could cause cursor issues
  • FIXED: Heavy weapons no longer disappear from the ship if leaving a station when the heavy weapon ammo was depleted
  • FIXED: A graphical error on a flare texture
  • FIXED: An error where junkyard name was wrongly displayed in several instances
  • FIXED: Kojima model is now properly rendered in the Drydock screen
  • FIXED: A tooltip no longer appears when hovering the mouse over empty light weapon battery slots
  • FIXED: A critical error in the script system that could, in some instances, cause any script that uses pause to malfunction
  • FIXED: An error/exploit where jettisoning commodities added +2 commodities per stack
  • FIXED: An error that occurred when displaying mod information
  • FIXED: An issue with beam weapon effects that left them hanging in space
  • FIXED: The Reputation panel now displays outlaw faction info as intended
  • FIXED: Heroes can now be dragged with the Grappler across sector borders
  • FIXED: Energy transfer setup now resets on loading or starting a new game after already playing a session
  • FIXED: Rearming heavy weapons cost is now added into expenses on the Finances tab as a part of Purchases
  • FIXED: Asteroids and junk pieces are now properly calculated in the PhysX system
  • FIXED: An issue where using Go To command on the Starchart placed the target waypoint in the wrong location
  • FIXED: Rift skill now works on Heroes as intended
  • FIXED: A problem where NPCs would spawn at the same location when player uses T-Drive
  • FIXED: Available officers list in the Hiring section of stations/planets can now be scrolled
  • FIXED: Double-clicking on the Exit button of the Starchart no longer leaves the Starchart context menu open
  • FIXED: A problem where the ship was left on fire after docking
  • FIXED: Sit-rep notification after passing through a Wormhole will no longer appear if there is nothing to actually report
  • FIXED: Numerous text errors in all game versions
  • FIXED: A problem where anomaly effect was left active even after an anomaly had disappeared
  • FIXED: Numerous errors in German translation pack where wrong text was displayed
  • FIXED: A potential memory leak in scripts, where several ships bearing the same keyname could exist at the same time
  • FIXED: A problem where some structures and stations were placed too close to each other which caused their labels to overlap on the Starchart (more such instances remain and will be fixed)
  • FIXED: A problem where ship maneuverability was reduced on lower framerate
  • FIXED: An instance where a derelict name wasn't displayed properly
  • FIXED: A problem where the number of Troopers lost while passing through a wormhole was displayed wrongly
  • ADDED: NPCs can now appear using T-Drive
  • ADDED: New asteroid explosion sounds
  • ADDED: Ship explosions can now cause damage to nearby ships
  • ADDED: Asteroid explosions can now cause damage and/or other effects to nearby ships
  • ADDED: Derelict explosions can now cause damage to nearby ships
  • ADDED: You can now be hunted by pirate mercenaries anywhere in Gemini. The chance of this event increases with player Reputation.
  • ADDED: Boarding structures is now possible and can yield rewards and/or trigger global events (more various events will be added)
  • ADDED: Hacking structures is now possible and can yield rewards and/or trigger global events (more various events will be added)
  • ADDED: New notification screens to provide info to player when some situation occurs
  • ADDED: Anomaly scanning can now cause a backfire in the form of a damaging blast (and/or other effects)
  • ADDED: Hero ships can now be visually customized in advance, like the player's ship (manually in an external file).
  • ADDED: Several micro events that can occur when leaving stations (more will be added over time).
  • ADDED: Floating notifications above a boarded ship when a boarding event occurs
  • ADDED: Blast damage resulting from any explosion can damage nearby asteroids
  • ADDED: Heavy weapon projectiles try to avoid collision with obstacles
  • ADDED: Phaseshift Equipment added and can be used. For now only available on Vigo station, near planet Trinity.
  • ADDED: More bridge officer chatter lines
  • ADDED: All skills now have activation sound effects
  • ADDED: Sound effect to Borehole torpedo
  • ADDED: Flares database added, to allow additional flares (textures) to be added into the game easily
  • ADDED: Heavy weapon explosions now have effective blast radius and damage with the accompanying visual effect
  • ADDED: Shield resistances are now displayed with their bonuses on the Drydock->Ship panel
  • ADDED: Holographic panels placed around most stations
  • ADDED: Dynamic news system on station holo-panels now dynamically display/change the news they're showing, based on ongoing global events, bounty status and other factors
  • UPDATED: Station holo-panels visuals
  • UPDATED: Game world is now more stretched as we begin to use more of the world verticality. This is only the start and more work on that front remains.
  • UPDATED: Random ship spawning mechanics changed to increase overall traffic, but also allow more tweaks and variation
  • UPDATED: Now you can die on passing through Wormholes (until now, Hull could never be reduced to 0)
  • UPDATED: Weapon battery icons changed visually on the Shipyard->Comparison panels
  • UPDATED: Structures and stations can now be targeted/selected more accurately
  • UPDATED: Cloak can now disengage automatically if a collision occurs
  • UPDATED: Fire at Will now takes into account if a target is Marked. There is still a chance for your gunners to fire on other hostiles.
  • UPDATED: Purchasing new Equipment that you already have mounted on the quickbar, now automatically adds the new equipment to the mounted one
  • UPDATED: Ship is now properly oriented when exiting a wormhole
  • UPDATED: Ship system value is now calculated in the ship sell value
  • UPDATED: Increased structure hitpoints
  • UPDATED: Visual shockwaves optimized for better performance and lower graphics RAM usage
  • UPDATED: Increased Consumables prices
  • UPDATED: Increased Ore prices to make mining a more viable way of earning income
  • UPDATED: Asteroid chunks flying out from a larger asteroid now have reduced speed so they don't fly as far away as before
  • UPDATED: Autopilot will now try to avoid collision with any object (we've noticed some errors when avoiding stations, which will be fixed)
  • UPDATED: Randomly appearing anomalies now disappear when scanned
  • UPDATED: Licenses now appear in the Available Licenses list even if player is not allied with the faction providing the License
  • UPDATED: Critical hit visual effect
  • UPDATED: Shard and all ice asteroids received a visual overhaul
  • UPDATED: <RU> Most of the names of light weapons with better translations, with the great help of Noob, our helpful community member
  • UPDATED: Numerous instances of weirdly translated words with the help of our community members
  • UPDATED: Some stations now sell more commodities
  • UPDATED: The game log now records more detailed information to help us in determining potential and realized problems
  • UPDATED: Reflector textures and shaders tweaked for better visuals


Update v0.7014, May 29, 2014 - Languages, additions & fixes

Today's update comes with a little surprise. Two additional languages are implemented: German and Russian. You can find the procedure on how to activate them in the list below.

Other highlights include an addition to physics engine. You will now get damaged when colliding with objects, so be careful ;).

On the visual side, we've got new Crysalys and Shard asteroids. Check them out please and let us know what you think.

And finally, one of the things you've asked for: chase camera. I won't dabble too much. Have a go at it in-game, but remember to set the wanted shortcut first!

  • FIXED: An error where a License purchase cost was displayed as income during the first month of purchase
  • FIXED: Several errors in the Material editor that prevented several tabs from opening properly
  • FIXED: Several instances where asteroid field and station name labels were overlapping on the Starchart
  • FIXED: An error where ship damage particle effects were left hanging after loading/starting a new game when the last ended with player's destruction
  • FIXED: A saving-related error that resulted in the in-game date to be wrongly saved and displayed afterwards
  • FIXED: An error in the Loot panel that could cause a crash
  • FIXED: A script error where the player was notified of losing troopers on passing through a wormhole even if he/she had none to lose
  • FIXED: Stations Spire, New Sagittarius, Bethesda, Alexandria, Primrose, Mendoza HQ, Hathor, Hephaestus, Niigata, Panama, Orissa, Lunae, Plymouth, Masada, Caridad, Astralis, Delaware, Orleans, Yxaril, Qoseir, Alameda, Hamilton, Xerxes, New Delhi, Capetown, Rotterdam, HeraCorp HQ, Hallifax, Gilgamesh, Tortuga Bay, Waterloo, Solomon, Rayen, Sigil and Montreal now sell Equipment at intended prices
  • FIXED: All planets now sell Equipment at intended prices
  • FIXED: Equinox collision meshes re-imported to function properly
  • FIXED: A script error that prevented a derelict from spawning properly
  • ADDED: German and Russian localization is now available (errors are possible and please report them to us so we can repair them)
    1. Right-click on game name in the games list in Steam Client
    2. Open Properties and switch to LANGUAGE tab
    3. Choose language
    4. Please restart Steam Client to make sure it downloads the necessary localization data
  • ADDED: Chase camera mode that automatically tracks targeted object. Set appropriate shortcut in the Options->Controls menu
  • ADDED: Leave a nice little gift for your enemies in the form of the powerful Orpheus mine
  • ADDED: Knock down incoming heavy weapon projectiles with the Atlas defense field
  • ADDED: PTE disruptor can be used to force ships to drop out of Power to Engines and prevent them from activating it again for awhile
  • ADDED: Deploy the SETH platform to aid you in crushing your opponents
  • ADDED: Glossiness can now be altered in the Drydock->Customization panel
  • ADDED: New models, textures and shaders for the Crysalys asteroids
  • ADDED: Several elements in the world and sector files, in addition to a new database table, to facilitate better and faster localization to non-English languages
  • ADDED: Tooltips on visual indicators for camera/selection modes and the Fire At Will command.
  • UPDATED: Physics
    • Player now receives damage when colliding with objects (NPCs will receive this as well after their AI is tweaked to properly avoid collisions)
    • Player collision is accompanied with a visual effect
  • UPDATED: Reduced Experience gain on passing through Wormholes
  • UPDATED: Ship materials can now be further tweaked in the Drydock->Customization panel (reflection can be reduced much more)
  • UPDATED: Player now receives proper Reputation (negative or positive) depending on owner faction (when knocking out outlaw structures, you gain Reputation)
  • UPDATED: Derelict assembly files
  • UPDATED: Crysalys asteroid field rebuilt according to the new visuals
  • UPDATED: NPCs no longer commit several contraband scans in sequence
  • UPDATED: Some GUI panels to accommodate longer German and Russian words
  • UPDATED: Skill activation visual effects (removed a refractive blast that looked out-of-place on higher ship speeds)
  • UPDATED: New version of the Mod Manager released
    • Mods can now be properly updated, by simply overwriting your existing mod
    • Mod picture can now be of larger size to improve image quality on Steam Workshop, while the image scales as needed in-game
    • Mod Manager comes with added functionality
  • UPDATED: Workshop support now fully implemented. Updates to subscribed mods are now automatically downloaded and installed.
  • MODDING: Numerous pages added to the modding site and information updated (please check for details)


    UPDATE v0.7013, May 21, 2014

    Time for another one. Once more, nothing major.

    1. Our programmers have been running around the code looking for an elusive memory leak linked to physics. The bug has been found and crushed.
    2. The reset button in the options menu, now resets only the options in the currently opened tab (Reset on Controls only reverts actual controls to default, and not graphics...)

    And now we continue with the next proper update as planned.

    Cheers! :)


    v0.7012, May 16, 2014 - Small update

    Hi ladies and gents!

    We decided to upload a small fix today. Nothing major. Just a few stability related bits and a fix regarding mods. Again nothing major, but if we let it fester for awhile, maybe it could cause some corrupted mod data. We've also made the game record if you're running a modded game and which mods into the log.

    Happy hunting!


    v0.7011, May 15, 2014 - Time to start bumping into things

    Hello everyone! As is probably visible from the below list, we've focused more on fixes this time, rather than new features, but there are some of those too. The most visible is physics. You can now bump into objects.
    Let me emphasize that this is only the first version and it will be upgraded and tweaked quite a bit.

    The other thing worthy of mentioning is Subscribe. Subscribing to mods via the browser or the Steam Client now works. You'll be able to see download progress in the Steam Client and once a mod is downloaded,
    the game transfers the file into the game Mods folder. Then simply Install and activate the mod in-game via the Mods section. Restart the game for all mods to completely activate.

    1. Once you subscribe to a mod, let the Steam Client download the mod (a standard progress bar will appear on Steam Client)
    2. Once download is complete, restart the game so the mod appears in the mods list in-game.
    3. Install and activate the mod via the Mods section in-game
    4. Restart the game for all the changes to take effect!
    This whole system regarding downloading, installing and activating mods will be further upgraded to make most of these steps unnecessary.

    Next in line regarding Workshop is upgrading the Mod Manager so modders can properly update their mods and not create duplicates. Unless something goes freakishly wrong, it will be available in the next update.

    • FIXED: An error where a grappled ship would become friendly when crossing into a new sector
    • FIXED: A problem that would occur when you pass through a wormhole, while on an Assassination Freelance mission
    • FIXED: Two Ferry missions that have the same station/planet as the destination can now both be completed
    • FIXED: A bug where particle damage effects would remain hanging in space when you store a damaged ship into your garage (this issue could also potentially crash the game)
    • FIXED: When switching to another ship (either by transfer or by purchase), the new ship will no longer be cloaked if your last ship was cloaked when anchoring
    • FIXED: An error where beam weapon effects were left hanging in mid-space if the ship firing them was destroyed or captured
    • FIXED: All random encounter ships should now drop loot as intended
    • FIXED: Faction description texts are no longer doubled on Captain Info -> Reputation panel
    • FIXED: Weapon shots and beam effects no longer vanish into thin air on crossing into a new sector
    • FIXED: Zero-quantity loot drops no longer appear
    • FIXED: Space dust particles no longer continue moving after anchoring on stations while PTE is active
    • FIXED: Equipment and Ship systems tabs on the Loot panel are now accessible as intended
    • FIXED: Knocking out structures now yields collectible loot as intended
    • FIXED: A temporary Rank notation was removed from main character name on the Captain Info panel
    • FIXED: Scrolling the mouse-wheel while the mouse is hovering over a panel opened up in the center of the screen no longer shuts down PTE
    • FIXED: Time/day/month counter no longer resets on loading or starting a new game
    • FIXED: There is a chance scavengers will attack you, as intended, to claim a derelict when you come near it
    • FIXED: An error with some light weapons where their assigned bonuses could go into negative
    • FIXED: A problem where a captured ship could become invisible, and could no longer be targeted or interacted with in any form
    • FIXED: Shanghai ship system HP is now reduced to proper values
    • FIXED: Several errors where text would break and overflow into the next line
    • FIXED: Hack skill no longer sends the affected ship into limbo preventing anything from happening to it
    • FIXED: An error where the Freelance mission info/accept panel could go into loop where it could not be closed anymore
    • FIXED: An error where some structures didn't get deactivated after reducing its Hull to 0
    • FIXED: Several instances where the T-Gate selection panel would remain in the main viewport
    • FIXED: Wormhole links are now properly displayed/not displayed depending on how the linked toggle is set
    • FIXED: Passing through wormholes now provide negative effects as intended (kills Troopers and damages ship)
    • FIXED: The above mentioned negative aspects of passing through wormholes is now displayed on-screen as intended
    • FIXED: Several errors regarding particle effects that could in some situations render them invisible
    • FIXED: Heroes should no longer attempt to scan player for contraband, especially not in someone else's name
    • FIXED: If within range of 3000 of a station and attack a ship that is the same faction as the station by using heavy weapons, the station will send security ships to assist their member
    • ADDED: Object-to-object collision
      • You can now collide with objects.
      • Damage to objects in collision is NOT yet calculated.
      • This is the first iteration and the whole physics system will be upgraded
      • Physics should by default be turned on, but it can be turned off in the General tab of the Options menu
    • ADDED: Subscribing to mods via Workshop (in browser or Steam Client) now works, BUT(!) you need to restart the game for the mods to show on the mods list in-game.
    • ADDED: Derelicts left after a ships explode have an updated effect. This is strictly a WORK IN PROGRESS and will be further improved!
    • ADDED: When stations send security ships to assist their faction members against you, you will be notified
    • ADDED: Knocking out A.M.P. structures can now trigger a global event
    • ADDED: Knocking out Prison structures can now trigger a global event
    • ADDED: Knocking out Outlaw structures results in increasing Reputation
    • ADDED: Drydock panel now shows actual Resistances (when bonuses are applied)
    • ADDED: Energy distribution panel now has several snap positions for quicker manipulation
    • UPDATED: Improved visual effects of Equipment. More new Equipment is on the way and should be available in the next update.
    • UPDATED: Capturing a ship that is the target of an Assassination Freelance mission now also counts as completing the mission
    • UPDATED: Capturing a Hero ship will now count as completing the bounty (same as if you destroyed him/her)
    • UPDATED: Dynamically created derelicts (after ship death) can also now be claimed by roaming scavengers
    • UPDATED: Maximum wing number is now displayed in the comparison panel
    • UPDATED: Freya carrier now has 2 hangar slots and proper hangar stats. Although it is a carrier, it also has Cloaking capability, hence the 2 hangar slots.
    • UPDATED: Optimized some VFX textures to make the game less demanding on graphics card memory.
    • MODDING: Improved Material Editor stability so it doesn't crash on model import
    • MODDING: Added several script functions (Please check the modding website for details)
    • MODDING: Added a couple of pages to the modding website (Please check the modding website for details)
    • MODDING: Fixed some errors with buttons being displayed wrongly in the Material editor (Save, Load, Save compressed ambient...)
    • MODDING: ShowWarningsEx function updated to accept proper parameter types (int, float...)
    • MODDING: Mod picture can now be larger than those in the example mods. The images will rescale as needed.


    v0.7010, May 4, 2014 - Late delivery

    Since I'm having some problems accessing Steam community, this update change-list comes with a one-day delay. There's nothing major going on. Just a few more stability fixes and improved game log so we get more info if/when things go wrong :).

    • FIXED: A possible error when spawning some encounters that could cause a crash
    • FIXED: Some contraband-related errors
    • UPDATED: Game log now records more info so it's easier for us to catch those pesky bugs and squash them in a timely manner


    v0.7009, May 2, 2014 - Crashes are baad, mkay?

    Due to some problems connecting to the forum, this update announcement comes with a slight delay.

    We've been focusing only on getting those stability fixes out to you ladies and gentlemen. They've been bugging us this entire week and it was only fair to make that the primary target.

    As always, if you encounter any crashes or other bugs, please do send us your game log. You can find the how-to in the Bug reporting sub-forum.

    Thank you!


    v0.7008, April 30, 2014 - Stability, stability, stability

    Here's another one. We've had one stability issue puzzling us for the last couple of days and we've finally tracked it down. The Junkyard mechanics had to go through some changes, but it should be working now.

    I will bother you ladies and gents no longer. Thank you for your immense patience!

    • FIXED: A critical error causing a crash when jumping via TGate, TDrive or Wormhole while skybox was being switched with a new one
    • FIXED: A critical error with the Junkyards that could cause memory leaks and crashes
    • FIXED: An error with the Rescue Freelance mission where the mission couldn't be generated properly due to missing enemy faction
    • FIXED: An error that caused the game to crash in several sectors (top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left)
    • FIXED: Several typos in text files
    • FIXED: Turret firing arcs on the Perun are now set-up as intended
    • FIXED: Cloak shortcut now only works for ships that actually have the cloak ability
    • FIXED: Heroes no longer target themselves with heavy weapons, which besides being freakishly suicidal, would also cause the game to crash
    • FIXED: Several ambient/skybox textures visible when crossing from one ambient to another
    • ADDED: When on Easy difficulty, Heroes are marked on the Starchart
    • ADDED: Run game in background option in the General tab of the options menu is now functional. When this option is checked, the game will continue running even when it is not focused
    • ADDED: Save games now keep track if the save file was made with any mod activated. The info is shown on the Load screen too. If needed, check the save file internally to see which mods are activated.
    • UPDATED: Game log boosted to catch crashes in certain situations


    v0.7007, April 27, 2014 - Sunday special

    Time for another quick one esteemed ladies and gents!

    As the small list below shows, we were aiming for more stability.

    A BIG THANKS goes to everyone for the support, patience and sending us your game logs. It all helped us greatly in searching for them pesky bugs.


    • FIXED: Several script errors that could cause memory leaks and/or crashes
    • FIXED: Several script errors that could prevent global events from activating
    • FIXED: The Station lockdown event script separated into several smaller scripts to prevent a problem with too many variables used in a single script (potential memory leak)
    • UPDATED: Boarding tweaked some more in the easier direction.


    v0.7006, April 25, 2014 - Another short one ;)

    Here's another small update. Primarily we're aiming at the stability issues, but we've also done a few small tweaks in the boarding/capturing topic to make it more viable again.

    Many thanks go to everyone for your immense patience, for submitting bug reports and for sending us your game logs to help us out!

    • FIXED: Camera sensitivity slider now works and saves as intended
    • FIXED: Several stability-related errors
    • UPDATED: Boarding mechanics tweaked a bit to make capturing ships at least somewhat easier. This is an intermediary measure until Boarding mechanics is fully completed.
    • UPDATED: Engine trails tweaked so the don't get cut off by the camera

    Have a good one ladies and gents!


    v0.7005, April 24, 2014 - A short one

    Time for a small update ladies and gents. Primarily it was for the ghost objects, but we squeezed a lil' something extra ;)

    • FIXED: An error where a giant ghost object(s) would appear in the game world, usually after jumping through T-Gate, T-Drive or Wormhole
    • FIXED: An error in a global event script that could cause a crash
    • ADDED: Bishop now has engine flares as intended
    • ADDED: Always show quick target scan on the General tab of the options menu. This forces the Quick target scan to be always displayed while the target is on-screen.
    • ADDED: Difficulty setting can now be adjusted on the General tab of the options menu.


    v0.7004, April 24, 2014 - QuickFix

    Hi there everyone!

    Just released a small quickfix to address these stability issues some have experienced. Crashes should be quite a bit less frequent, but we've also boosted the game log to record some potentially problematic situations. So it's business as usual. If you experience problems with the game, send us your game log please :)


    v0.7003, April 23, 2014

    Greetings ladies and gents. We took a bit more time on compiling this update, but I'd say it was time well spent. We hope you agree!

    Here's the rundown:
    • Steam Workshop - We're not done with the game or the toolset yet to make modding easier, but you can start publishing your mods on Steam and share your creative work with everyone! Check out the Modding guide on how to start ;).
    • Cloaking - You can finall cloak your ship and attack unsuspecting ships from the shadows
    • Junkyard - One more world element implemented: the junkyard. Feel free release destruction upon them and who knows... you might get to collect some loot as well.
    • Global events - Time to start activating these little ones. Not all events are fully implemented at the moment, but the system is in place and it's only a matter of time before we get the rest in the game too. They're also accompanied by News so you know what you're dealing with. Check your Captain's log regularly... the Info tab ;).

    You might have noticed there's no word above on the Campaign. Yeah... implementing the features listed below took a bit more time than planned, meaning Campaign was pushed into backstage again. We apologize for that, but once we starged working on global events, we couldn't stop. Worry not, though, as we ARE continually working on implementing the campaign.

    • FIXED: An error where the Fleet panel could not be accessed on several occasions
    • FIXED: Fire at will no longer attacks dying ships
    • FIXED: Alameda, Hamilton, Memphis, Roanoke, Zoemin, Cleora, Clearwater and Maniwaki stations now sell Equipment as intended
    • FIXED: Several errors in the game text files
    • FIXED: Player no longer receives Experience for ship he/she didn't destroy
    • FIXED: Ships no longer spawn inside planets
    • ADDED: Steam Workshop support
      • Mods can now be integrated into the game by subscribing through Steam Workshop. Afterwards, the game handles the installation and activation via the Mods panel in-game
      • Mod Manager is added to the game root folder which is used to build up and upload mods onto Steam Workshop, BUT also for downloading mods too(this method is only temporary, as we will continue improving Workshop integration and mold the experience into what everybody is already used to on Steam)
      • Two mods are already available. One that adds more ship banners, and the other boosts Light and Heavy weapons. The latter is actually our "Weapons balance" testing mod.
    • ADDED: Global event system that can influence a number of world elements (prices, encounters, anomalies, wars...)
      • Global events can now trigger at random (time-based)
      • Active global events are noted in the Captain's log
    • ADDED: Player can now use the ship's cloaking field and hide from his enemies, and as intended... strike from the "shadows"
      • Cloak is for the moment only usable by the player. NPCs will use it after one of the following updates
      • Various actions can deactivate Cloak and the entire mechanics will be further tweaked and upgraded
    • ADDED: General tab in the options menu and reorganized some options
    • ADDED: NPC level now influences their Shield recharge (for starting-level balancing)
    • ADDED: Faction descriptions on mouse hover on the Reputation panel
    • ADDED: Passing through wormholes can now damage the ship
    • ADDED: Small notices (like Critical hit) on NPC ship
    • ADDED: News regarding "heroes" now appear on stations/planets which makes it somewhat easier to find them.
    • ADDED: Junkyard(s) added to the game world. Junk can be "mined" for loot much like asteroids; by firing at them.
    • ADDED: Station News panel for an overview of all ongoing news (global events included)
    • ADDED: NPC threat level now actually calculates threat level and is properly displayed on the Quick scan
    • ADDED: Hints on Enhancements on the Fleet and Drydock panels
    • ADDED: New T-Gate, T-Drive and Wormhole transition animations
    • ADDED: NPCs can (and will) use PTE disruptor on the player to knock him/her out of Power to Engines and prevent reactivating it for awhile. PTE disruptor also affects T-Drive.
    • UPDATED: Ship system hints now show added values received from installed Enhancements
    • UPDATED: Boarding now also depends on the state of the boarded ship. A ship with full Hull is severely more difficult to capture than a damaged one, making Capturing harder.
    • UPDATED: Power To Engines has received a visual upgrade
    • UPDATED: Made some tweaks to spawned encounters when entering a region
    • UPDATED: NPC levelling system now works as intended (further tweaks planned)
    • UPDATED: Tweaked Experience gain when destroying ships
    • UPDATED: Nyxian ships now have proper color of engine flares (green-ish)
    • UPDATED: Neptune and Nibiru ships now have engine flares
    • UPDATED: Base\Faction.wdt now includes columns for Description line (Texts\Descriptions.txt) and Logo Id (Base\Banners.wdt)
    • UPDATED: Weapons fire from a single weapon battery tweaked for better visuals
    • UPDATED: Tactical overlay sound effect volume
    • MODDING: Added new script functions (mostly regarding global events). Please check for details


    v0.7002, April 2, 2014 - QuickFix
    Just a short one today, a quickfix to deal with several small and on major bug (torpedo-like equipment not working properly), and the new Smuggling Freelance missions should now appear more frequently.

    Have fun ladies and gents! :)

    v0.7001, April 1, 2014
    Nope. No April's fool joke here. Just one of those regular updates we've grown accustomed to :). For this update's highlight, I'll choose the updated mission object markers as they really can help a lot. And as a graphic/gameplay highlight I suggest you try going near one of those wormholes :).

    We went with this update today so we can focus our next update on finally bringing at least a couple of campaign missions, along with other things :)

    Safe and lucrative travels, captains!

    • FIXED: Several errors in Cromwell Prefecture region file that could cause memory leaks
    • FIXED: Several errors in Planet Sora region file that could cause memory leaks
    • FIXED: Several errors in ship assembly files that could cause memory leaks
    • FIXED: Dialog panel hides when opening the in-game menu to prevent crashes or memory leaks, but leave proper functionality
    • FIXED: Dialog panel shuts down automatically when starting a T-Drive jump, docking on stations and opening the Planetary landing panel to prevent memory leaks and crashes
    • FIXED: Dialog panel "freezes" when opening the starchart or the tutorial panel
    • FIXED: Several errors with heavy weapons trails if the target was close by
    • FIXED: GoTo context menu command for Wormholes now works as intended
    • FIXED: An error where Wormholes displayed the wrong on-screen marker
    • FIXED: A bug where double left-click on numerous panels caused glitches or crashes
    • FIXED: A bug where the Starchart was left hanging when pressing Esc button
    • FIXED: The dialog panel is now displayed beneath other panels when the game is paused (while a tutorial panel is open for example)
    • ADDED: Smuggle Freelance mission
      • If your cargo hold is full when taking on the mission, your cheapest cargo will be dropped automatically(!) to make room for the mission contraband
      • Smuggle mission comes with a significant Credit reward, but watch out for security ships as they WILL scan you
      • Dropping or selling the mission contraband cargo will result in mission FAILURE
    • ADDED: Particle visual effects on ships that activate when a ship is being damaged
    • ADDED: Mission objects now have an addition to their marker to easily and quickly see what you need to do to/with the object
    • ADDED: HUD marker for loot drops to spot them more easily in space
    • ADDED: Heavy weapons can now force a ship to drop out of Power to Engines (50% chance on hit)
    • ADDED: Freelance missions can now appear in Plymouth Shipyard region
    • UPDATED: Increased Heavy weapon projectile speed
    • UPDATED: Anomaly effect strength now depends on distance to anomaly
    • UPDATED: The majority of enhancements are now properly implemented. The only ones still inactive are the ones affecting system hitpoints, cloak, biometric resistance and similar features that aren't yet implemented in the game
    • UPDATED: When close to stations & structures, mesh is taken into account for target selection, instead of frustum sphere
    • UPDATED: Wormhole receives a visual overhaul as well as physics (ships get dragged into it if they come to close and get thrown out on exit)
    • UPDATED: Loot drops change size depending on distance
    • UPDATED: HUD markers transparency now depends on distance to object
    • UPDATED: Changed AI of ships that are a part of Freelance missions (they tended to PTE-out of fight, which is a big no-no)
    • UPDATED: Several faction-related checks for ships that are a part of Freelance missions
    • UPDATED: Wormhole connection lines on Starchart can now be toggled by pressing their corresponding button
    • UPDATED: It is no longer possible to dock on hostile stations/planets. As was suggested, changes might be made in this section to allow more smuggling actions
    • UPDATED: The number of SIMULTANEOUSLY ACTIVE Freelance missions is now LIMITED to 3, to prevent potential memory leaks
    • UPDATED: Accept Freelance mission button becomes greyed out if you already have 3 ongoing Freelance missions
    • MODDING: Added several more script functions. Please check for details

    v0.7000, March 17, 2014 BETA ENTERED!
    Time to cross into the 0.7 version range ladies and gents. This means we've crossed into the beta stage of development.

    To explain a bit what this means for Starpoint Gemini 2 exactly I'll make a list to make things completely clear so bear with me ;) :
    • Entering BETA does NOT mean we've got every feature implemented and we're not stopping until we implement everything we've got planned.
    • Entering BETA DOES mean we have to stop adding more features for implementation, at least for now if we're to finish the game ;).
    • Entering BETA DOES mean we will completely focus on implementing any and all features left on the to-do list as well as finishing all features implemented partially.
    • Entering BETA DOES mean we will focus on FIXING BUGS and later on BALANCING and OPTIMIZATION.
    • Entering BETA does NOT mean we're not looking forward to more suggestions and comments. Feel free to continue posting them. We will continue adding to the wish-list for later implementation.

    In a nutshell, it's time to wrap it up, but wrap it up PROPERLY. And to do that, we need time. Every new implemented feature almost certainly comes with its own set of bugs and glitches that need to be ironed out.

    We have to thank the amazing community that supported us through the alpha stage in Early Access. We owe you a debt we can hardly repay, but we will do our best by completing SG2, polishing it up, and continue building on that foundation :).

    • FIXED: An issue with Aquila decals and ship name models not displaying correctly
    • FIXED: Several errors in the script files that could cause game crashes
    • FIXED: An error where a special weapons were dropped as loot
    • FIXED: A bug where ship selling price wasn't properly calculated (more work remains on this as damage is NOT yet taken into account)
    • FIXED: A bug where a structure didn't use the proper OnDestroy script
    • FIXED: Fire at will now works for Beam weapons as intended
    • FIXED: Beam weapons damage to structures is now calculated correctly
    • ADDED: Fire at will HUD indicator while it is active
    • ADDED: Planet Nyx now has its own unique planetary landing background image
    • ADDED: Wormholes are now functional. Be careful as wormholes can "suck" you in while you're passing by. (visual portion will be added and tweaked later)
    • ADDED: Class choice screen on starting a new game (players interested in switching character class please refer to the forum for instructions!)
    • ADDED: Non-gunner skills
      • All skills except those that influence Ship system failures and System repairs are functional
      • Rift (Engineer) has limited functionality
    • ADDED: Specific structure scripted events depending on region, owner faction and structure type
      • Structures can now drop loot
      • Security announces their arrival via dialog
      • On-screen notifications added when interacting with structures
    • ADDED: One-liner dialogs on various scripted events (destroying structures for example)
    • ADDED: Transitions between skyboxes
    • ADDED: All licenses except Iolian Passport and Union Charter are now fully functional
    • ADDED: Camera shake on heavy weapon hit (depending on distance to explosion)
    • ADDED: Evasion parameter to ships (line added to *.shp files as well)
    • ADDED: T-Drive is now functional. Visual and sound effects will be added later (a skippable cutscene is also planned).
    • ADDED: Several more music tracks added to the mix
    • UPDATED: Increased Fire at will accuracy
    • UPDATED: Increased T-Drive price
    • UPDATED: Reduced chance of T-Drive appearing in loot drops
    • UPDATED: First short balancing run
      • Fixed several bugs that prevented future balancing
      • Increased ship hull
      • Increased shield damage of light weapons
      • Increased ship cargo hold for carrier class ships
      • Increased shield strength of the Prospero
    • UPDATED: Ship systems selling price reduced
    • UPDATED: Equipment selling price reduced
    • UPDATED: All models are now compressed (binary) to improve loading times. Modders are encouraged to open *.mdl files in the Material editor if reference is needed.
    • UPDATED: Changes in the game text files (some typos and additions)
    • UPDATED: Micro-events on derelicts are expanded
    • MODDING: Modding website updated with new info and preparations made for future additions
    • MODDING: Added more script functions (check for details)

    Update 24 - v0.6011, February 27, 2014

    Update v0.6011 going live! We've got several new things for you today among which is the Skill & Perk respec panel on stations and planets so you can change your skill modifiers and chosen perks. The visual upgrade this time goes for anomalies. You can check them out in-game.

    Another bit of news for today's update is the Hero contest!
    You can submit your imagination's creations into the contest through our webpage .Just click on the Contest banner on the right ;). The top five characters with the most votes at the end of the contest will get their character recreated in-game, their esteemed name in the credits section AND a complimentary Starpoint Gemini 2 Steam key you can give to your friend or keep for yourself!

    The next update is planned to finally bring character class choice and improved mission object markers to make them easier to distinguish from "standard" game objects and to quickly show what you should do with/to the object.

    • FIXED: Several glitches in the station/planet interface
    • FIXED: Several errors in the game text files
    • ADDED: All ships now have their own derelict model, with upgraded visuals as well
    • ADDED: Local region security now does random security checks to see if a ship is carrying illegal goods and will request the contraband to be jettisoned
    • ADDED: Skill & Perk respec panel to stations and planets so players can re-acquire their used skill and perk points and redistribute them differently (for a price!)
    • ADDED: Several confirmation panels on station/planet interface to clarify certain situations (Purchase ship, Purchase to garage, Sell ship from garage)
    • ADDED: Several hints
    • UPDATED: Boarding mechanics now includes random micro-events that can change the course of on-ship battles
    • UPDATED: Derelicts now appear more frequently after a ship is destroyed
    • UPDATED: Anomalies have received a substantial upgrade
      • Several anomalies changed visually
      • Almost all anomalies now come with thir on-screen effect to show when you're inside the anomaly's effect radius (the on-screen effect will be further refined and upgraded)
      • Almost all anomalies now come with their proper gameplay effect (Displacement and Hyper-resonance are NOT yet fully implemented!)
      • Randomly appearing anomalies have double effect radius
    • UPDATED: Science Freelance missions now utilize all implemented anomalies. More dangerous anomalies yield greater Credit rewards
    • UPDATED: Increased Freelance mission Credit rewards
    • UPDATED: Planetary landing fee reduced to 10% if planet is the destination of a Taxi Freelance mission
    • UPDATED: Modified Experience gain for destroying ships
    • UPDATED: Increased Shield recharge rate

    Update 23 - v0.6010, February 16, 2014
    Here's a short one folks! We felt it was weird that a quickfix for 6009 wasn't needed, so we decided to push a small update anyway :).

    • ADDED:
    • ADDED: Planetary landing fee is now charged. The actual price depends on player relation to the governing faction and ship size.
    • ADDED: Helpful shortcuts now avilable on the Trader, Drydock->Systems and Drydock->Equipment panel. Details available when hovering over the triangle ;).
    • FIXED: Structure repair icon
    • UPDATED: LOW and MID environment detail option tweaked and optimized
    • UPDATED: Several text files

    Happy space-hunting, Captains!

    Update 22 - v0.6009, February 14, 2014
    Hi everyone!

    We'll begin with something different this time...
    All of us here at LGM wish you all the best FastJack! Keep it steady man. We hope you get out of the hospital soon and back on your space-faring feet!

    New update incoming. The highlight is the overhaul of the asteroid system. Wev'e replaced the place-holder asteroid models with new ones. And perhaps more importantly, we've done a lot on optimizing the asteroid fields to improve overall game performance.
    Riftways, that we've mentioned last time unfortunately didn't find their way into this update. We've got more work left on it before we can release it.

    Moving on to the next update. I've seen in mentioned on the forums recently, so I'll mention it here. We'll finally address the issue of slow shield recharge. While out-of-combat, ship shields will receive a massive recharge boost, so you ladies and gents don't have to wait for ages until your shields recharge before going into the next fray.

    • FIXED: Tooltips for comparing offensive and utility systems for garaged ships now work properly
    • FIXED: Selling a ship from the garage will now properly display new credit balance
    • FIXED: Long station/TGate titles spread across 2 lines now
    • FIXED: Several issues with the Patrol Freelance mission
    • FIXED: Several errors with hints being displayed wrong
    • FIXED: Anomalies can no longer be exploited for Experience over and over again
    • FIXED: You can no longer use the Radar and the Energy distribution panel when the game is paused
    • ADDED: New station model
    • ADDED: A derelict can now appear after a ship explodes. Ship file (*.shp) received an additional Derelict section that shows which derelict can appear. Not all derelict models have been created so far, so don't be surprised if a Taurus gunship, leaves in its wake an Adept cruiser ;). You can then loot the derelict.
    • ADDED: More quest items for Taxi and Ferry Freelance missions
    • ADDED: Repair progress bar indicator is now visible when repairing structures
    • UPDATED: The asteroid render system received an overhaul
      • Changed existing place-holder asteroid models with new ones
      • Added Level-of-detail models for asteroids
      • Asteroid mechanics received some optimization to improve performance
      • Asteroids can now rotate
    • UPDATED: Several sectors around Fjord asteroid field switched to a different ambient
    • UPDATED: Derelict mechanics changed to accommodate new derelict mechanics (derelicts appearing on ship destroy)
    • UPDATED: Changed multiple Enhancement names

    Update 21 - v0.6008, February 4, 2014
    Update 0.6008 was more focused on fixes rather than adding more content. The highlights are ship visual customization available on the Station->Drydock panel, functional shortcuts (sorry it took this long ladies and gents) and a severe optimization of the GUI system. We've drastically improved performance of that section. You might notice some performance improvement in general as well. This is only ONE optimization step and further will follow.

    The next update is planned to bring about the Riftway system which will spring out all over Gemini and help you travel around faster. New asteroid visuals are also planned to go along with that.

    • FIXED: A bug where hovering the cursor over the Fighter wing buttons on the Context menu would show the targeting reticle instead of standard select cursor
    • FIXED: Several errors that could occur on loading a save file
    • FIXED: Shortcuts are now functional as intended
      • HostilePrev | HostileNext
      • Skill1 | Skill2 | Skill3 | Skill4
      • Equipment1 | Equipment2 | Equipment3 | Equipment4
      • LaunchAll | LaunchWing1 |LaunchWing2 |LaunchWing3
      • MarkTarget
      • Menu
      • QuickAction
    • FIXED: A bug where the second fighter wing would show the wrong hint on mouse hover
    • FIXED: A bug where the Freelance mission panel could be opened and automatically closed which could cause other issues only repairable by restarting game
    • FIXED: Loot drops no longer come with zero quantity
    • FIXED: Ship name on the Fleet panel now shows actual ship name
    • FIXED: Ship name on the Drydock panel now shows actual ship name
    • FIXED: Several text errors
    • FIXED: Several text formatting errors that could cause memory leaks
    • ADDED: Schematic images for several stations
    • ADDED: A new station model
    • ADDED: Customization tab on Station->Dryodock
      • Ship banner and banner color can now be set
      • Ship color can now be tinted
      • Ship material glossiness and reflection can now be tweaked
      • Ship decals and decals color can now be set
      • Ship name and name color can now be set
    • UPDATED: Severe performance optimization of the GUI system
    • UPDATED: Mouse sensitivity slider is now functional
    • UPDATED: Camera sensitivity slider is now functional
    • UPDATED: Wormholes are now appropriately named "Wormhole". This will be further expanded on to show the wormhole's destination

    Update 20 - v0.6007, January 20, 2014
    As promised, here's another quick update to address the late-encountered issues with the Tutorial screens and their listing panel. We've pushed in a few other fixes as well.

    • FIXED: Several problems with the Tutorial screens and updated the listing
    • FIXED: Several resolution-related problems
    • FIXED: A problem where Tutorials weren't saved/loaded properly
    • FIXED: Licenses now get flushed from memory when starting a new game after you've already loaded a previous save

    Update 19 - v0.6006, January 17, 2014
    Here comes the first update in 2014, one of many to come. The absolute higlight of this update are Fighters. You can now finally launch them on their mission of utter destruction. Release the Kraken! Or...well... multiple baby Krakens at least ;)

    We've also done some more work on the Tutorials. A new button is added on the upper-right HUD console (shaped like a question mark). This opens up a panel where you can review all unlocked tutorials whenever you need them. This is the first step on improving the general tutorial section in the game.

    That's only a part of the job done since the last update. The foundation of a lot more has been set and the next update is planned to come with ship visual customization (ship name, banner, colorizing etc.)

    IMPORTANT: We've encountered some problems with the tutorial panels a few moments ago, but we won't delay the update further. We really want you to get those fighters today ;).The fix for the tutorials will come as soon as possible (likely a day or two). A thousand apologies for these issues!

    Until next time, safe travels!

    • FIXED: You can no longer delete NewSave
    • FIXED: Starchart tutorial related crash
    • FIXED: Turret view shortcut (def. V) now works properly
    • FIXED: Mem-leak - Perks are flushed from memory on game reload
    • FIXED: Mem-leak - Officers are flushed from memory on game reload
    • FIXED: Mem-leak & exploit - Licenses could become doubled
    • FIXED: Bounty board panel can now be moved around
    • FIXED: Esc button now closes the Bounty board panel and then the Starchart
    • FIXED: Text on Commodities hint is no longer cut-off
    • FIXED: A bug related to opening the tutorial and the Starchart at the same time and pressing Esc button
    • FIXED: Errors on Fighter hints
    • FIXED: Actual shortcuts are now displayed in tutorial texts
    • FIXED: Wrong hint was shown on some hangar slots in the Drydock->Loadout panel
    • ADDED: A lot more random ships flying around in space. This is only the first step, as we'll return to the subject to tweak each individual region
    • ADDED: Fighter wings
      • Fighters can now be launched
      • Hangar Enhancements now work properly
      • Updated hints on Hangar and Fighter wings
      • Fighter idle AI - Fly out and stay near carrier
      • Mark target (on Context menu) designates the object as fighter primary target
      • Fighter definition files added to enable modding
      • Updated Fighters.wdt database table to enable modding
      • Added sitRep panels for each fighter wing on the left side of the HUD
      • Fixed several errors on Fighter hints and added more information
      • Fighters return to carrier prior to T-Gate jump
      • Some interceptors and all bombers carry both light and heavy weapons
    • ADDED: Invert mouse option in the Options -> Controls panel
    • UPDATED: First step on upgrading the tutorial mechanics is implemented
      • All unlocked tutorials are listed and can be accessed at any time with the button on the upper-right HUD console (shaped like a question mark)
      • Added new tutorials and changed some existing ones
    • ADDED: Mark target (context menu action) is now operational for hostile ships. Fire at will is not yet influenced by this command
    • ADDED: Fighting in the vicinity of a station forces the station to call for reinforcements for help
    • ADDED: Special "heroes" - persistent ships flying around Gemini who can be hunted down for special rewards. This is ONLY the first step, as we have yet to implement randomly generated news linked to heroes and their whereabouts.
    • ADDED: Auto-pilot now avoids planets. This is the first, basic implementation, simply to avoid those annoying space collisions ;)
    • ADDED: Added new script functions (for modders; check for details)
    • UPDATED: Status of "heroes" is properly saved
    • UPDATED: AI ships will use Power to Engines to reach their opponent and engage them
    • UPDATED: Security and Military ships (by profession) will aid their allies if attacked within 2500 distance
    • MODDING: Updated Notepad++ script plugins (for modders; check for details)
    • MODDING: Added Modding section -> Modding databases on website (for modders; check for details)
    • MODDING: Added Miscellaneous section -> Bonuses list on website (for modders; check for details)
    • MODDING: Added Miscellaneous section -> Text formatting on website (for modders; check for details)

    Update 18 - v0.6005, December 20, 2013
    A new day and time for a new update. This will be the last update this year ladies and gents. Well, that is unless a quickfix or two will be required :).

    As the highlight this time we chose two features. The first is the Fire at will command. This is the basic model and we're looking forward to your feedback. The second is energy redistribution accessible through the panel in the bottom left (hover over your ship schematic). This feature was almost entirely implemented after a thorough and detailed suggestion by one of the community members.

    Unfortunately, I cannot find the exact post and that way the original poster, so please if you're reading this, contact us. Credit where credit is due :).

    • FIXED: A bug where a target ship schematic was left hanging on the context menu after a ship was captured and transferred to the garage
    • FIXED: Several errors in region files
    • FIXED: Several errors in game text files
    • FIXED: Several errors regarding bonus modifiers
    • FIXED: Fleet->Ship systems panel now works as intended
    • FIXED: Numerous errors in the Material Editor (for modders)
    • FIXED: Several errors in the boarding mechanics that could cause adverse effects
    • FIXED: A bug where particle and other various effects continued to show after player died and loaded a save game
    • FIXED: Selling your ship now correctly adds 20% of it's value to your account instead of 100%
    • FIXED: Several errors regarding object and target markers that were left hanging on the HUD after jumping through a TGate
    • FIXED: Enhancement markers for the light and heavy weapon on the back battery switched to correct positions
    • FIXED: Left and right heavy weapon slots on the schematics panel (bottom left part of HUD) were switched to correct positions
    • FIXED: Shield capacity boost no longer applies after shield status update, which caused the shield to refill up to the base capacity value instead of the modified one resulting in partially filled shields.
    • ADDED: Licenses are now available for purchase on stations (planets will receive them in the next update). Licenses can only be acquired when you're allied to a faction
    • ADDED: New holo panels to several station models. This is just the starting point of the new system and will be further upgraded to show various information dynamically.
    • ADDED: Credit numeric values now have delimiters , to make them more readable (community suggested)
    • ADDED: New script functions (for modders; check for details)
    • ADDED: Energy redistribution mechanics. Energy can be easily transferred between Propulsion, Weapons and Shields via the panel in the bottom left. The panel switches with the player ship schematic. (community suggested)
    • ADDED: Fire at will command in its basic form uses a smart algorithm to switch between targets. This feature is a work in progress and feedback is most welcome.
    • ADDED: New station model
    • ADDED: Structures can now be guarded. Damaging them can trigger security forces to arrive in its defense.
    • ADDED: New planet background for planet Korkyra
    • ADDED: Environment detail can now be set in the Options->Video menu to improve game performance. This option impacts asteroid visibility the most.
    • UPDATED: Planet Iolia and planet Hogosha models
    • UPDATED: Several new bonus modifiers are now functional (Heavy weapon reload, Weapon battery recharge...)
    • UPDATED: Improved two ambients
    • UPDATED: AI routines
      • AI ships can now form fleets (basic implementation; will be further upgraded)
      • AI ships now use Power to Engines
      • Improved AI decision making on when to engage an enemy vs. when to flee
      • AI skirmishes should now occur more often

    Update 17 - v0.6004, December 10, 2013 :: Quickfix
    Hi everyone! We've been receiving reports of some troubling issues these last days since the last update and naturally we had to look in more detail. What we encountered wasn't nice at all so we had to act. It is possible that some save files could have gotten corrupted. So here's the deal:

    1)Anyone experiencing difficulties loading their save files the last couple of days, please try loading them with the v0.6004 update. It should repair almost all of the potential problems on its own.
    2)If numero 1 doesn't work, please contact Oliver directly and preferrably send him your save file so we can see if we can help.

    We're terribly sorry for these problems and hope it didn't cause too much problems.

    Thanks everyone for your support, suggestions and patience. We honestly and really appreciate it!

    Update 16 - v0.6003, December 6, 2013 :: Quickfix
    To address several issue encountered by both you fair ladies and gents and us as well, we're releasing yet another update. A small one, of course. The details are as always below.

    Have fun and feel free to comment! :)

    • FIXED: A bug where the Tactical overlay would "get scrambled" on window resize
    • FIXED: Borehole torpedo efficiency improved
    • ADDED: Viral torpedo equipment - Reduces target Trooper count (actually added in v0.6002, but we forgot to make a note of it ;) )
    • UPDATED: Viral torpedo price increased and effect modifier reduced (it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay overpowered)
    • UPDATED: Officer's price and salary drastically reduced. This is a temporary measure to counteract low income problem. They will be further refined and tweaked over time.
    • UPDATED: HUD Object markers tweaked to represent actual Sensor radius, but also taking into account object size and relevance
    • UPDATED: Object target distance tweaked based on size and relevance (planets can now be targeted from much farther away for example)
    • UPDATED: CaptainInfo->Bonuses list can now be scrolled with the mousewheel
    • UPDATED: Heavy weapons' projectile speed increased

    Update 15 - v0.6002, November 21, 2013
    Time for a new update. The highlight is GUI enhancement in the form of the Tactical overlay. A quick note: Check the Options->Controls panel and set the wanted Tactical Overlay shortcut or you won't be able to see it! We plan to make the Tactical overlay appear automatically for a period of time when something important happens, but for now it is shortcut toggle only!

    • FIXED: Several bugs that could cause the game to crash.
    • FIXED: A bug where the game would crash if player jumped through TGate while the boarding panel was opened (ship capture panel).
    • FIXED: Officers bonuses are now properly recalculated if an officer leaves your service or is dismissed.
    • FIXED: A bug where the main menu could not be used properly after having a conflict in the controls tab and pressing the Esc button.
    • ADDED: Tactical overlay
      • The tactical overlay is a convenient way to have all the important info on your ship, especially the status of your shields and weapon systems
      • ADDED: Shortcut to toggle the overlay - IMPORTANT: Configure the shortcut manually if needed in the Options->Controls panel
      • ADDED: Individual shield info
      • ADDED: Individual light weapon battery energy levels and heavy weapon battery reload and ammo status
      • ADDED: Each individual turret on the ship has it's own indicator when it can fire
      • ADDED: Quick target info is now linked to the Tactical overlay
    • ADDED: Player can now be ambushed when nearing randomly appearing derelicts. This is the first of upcoming micro-events linked to derelicts. More diverse events will be added over time, and the similar mechanics will be applied to other game objects.
    • ADDED: Captain->Finances tab that shows the financial balance sheet of the current month
    • ADDED: Officers now require their monthly salary or they leave your service. The exact required amount will be further tweaked.
    • ADDED: Some equipment is now operational (both actual gameplay bonus as well as activation visual effect)
      • Shield booster - Amplifies shield recharge rate
      • Damage amplifier - Increases both light and heavy weapon damage
      • Speed booster - Increases maximum speed
      • Energy defense field - Grants resistance to Energy based damage
      • Projectile defense field - Grants resistance to Projectile based damage
      • Plasma defense field - Grants resistance to Plasma based damage
      • EMP defense field - Grants resistance to EMP based damage
      • Radiation defense field - Grants resistance to Radiation based damage
      • Hull integrity field - Increases Soak (general resistance to any kind of damage)
      • Borehole torpedo - Fire a special torpedo into asteroids. The torpedo has a wide blast radius and grants increased asteroid loot yield.
      • Atlas defense field - this is a new piece of equipment (community suggested) that can shoot down enemy missiles and torpedoes. Eventually it will also work on enemy fighter crafts.
    • ADDED: Texture detail option in the Options->Video panel. Lowering this setting sets the game to use lower resolution textures (mip-map), but increase performance.
    • UPDATED: Assassin random encounters no longer appear until player reaches experience level 10
    • UPDATED: Installed Enhancements are now properly saved (both for the current ship and those in the Garage)
    • UPDATED: Several changes to the game text files
    • UPDATED: Destroying structures now yields Experience influenced by character class and experience level
    • UPDATED: Destroying structures now slightly reduces Reputation

    Update 14 - v0.6001, November 21, 2013 :: Quickfix
    Several stability bugs that could be fixed fast were reported so we decided to release the quickfix right away. No point in keeping you guys waiting for it :)

    • FIXED: A bug that could cause the game to crash when using Captain info panel
    • FIXED: A bug that could cause the game to crash when using Equipment panels
    • FIXED: A glitch where the Starchart was left hanging when using the shortcut
    • FIXED: A bug where ship turrets were left hanging in space after it was destroyed or grappled
    • FIXED: Credits per month bonus is now displayed properly
    • ADDED: When selling a captured ship on a station/planet, ship systems, equipment and commodities of the captured ship are now added to the overall price
    • UDPATED: A slight rebalance of equipment found in dropped loot

    Update 13 - v0.6000, November 20, 2013
    Crossing over into the 0.6 number range with a one day delay. This is the largest update so far ladies and gents. We've done some work on the GUI, we've updated our bonuses mechanics (applied to skills, perks, officers, equipment...).

    Browse the change list below for details please ;). Our plan was to include a few starting campaign missions, but unfortunately some late encountered issues prevent us from doing so, but then we'll simply bump that part into the next update.

    For now, you can start the campaign from the New Game screen and have a look at the campaign intro movie. That should give you a clue as to what the storyline will focus on. Let us know what you think of the game and the update on the Steam community page or
    on our very own forum at and above all else, have fun! :)

    The announced price change is left to Steam to apply at their own convenience, but we felt it would be unfair to keep you ladies and gents waiting on the update any longer than necessary.

    A big thank you goes out to Steam devs for their quick assist in the unfortunate issues that appeared on November 19th. And naturally a GREAT BIG thank you to YOU the players for your support and patience while the matter was being resolved!

    • FIXED: Several bugs on the Fleet->Equipment panel. Proper quantity is now shown.
    • FIXED: Energy shield indicator on the Context menu.
    • FIXED: A big where player couldn't initiate Power to Engines after demolishing a grappled ship
    • FIXED: Several scripting errors that could cause adverse effects
    • FIXED: Heavy weapons ammo indicator is now properly refreshed on the Drydock->Systems panel
    • FIXED: Troopers are now properly transferred to the new ship when transferring command to a ship from the Garage
    • FIXED: Brightness setting can now be properly adjusted
    • FIXED: Background mask size on 2550*1440 resolution
    • FIXED: Several bugs in the current trading mechanics
    • ADDED: Reputation panel so players can have an overview of their standing with the 50+ game factions
    • ADDED: Perks panel so you can spend your hard earned Perk points on the available passive bonuses. A Perk point is gained every time you gain in Rank. Retroactive perk points are awarded to those of you who have already gained Ranks.
    • ADDED: You can now hire up to 3 officers (Navigation, Tactical, Engineering) that provide passive bonuses for as long as they are on your ship. Officers are available on the Station->Hiring panel.
    • ADDED: You can now loot captured ships in space.
    • ADDED: A couple of new ambients.
    • ADDED: Quick target info - when you first target an object, a small representation of the object appears so players can almost instantly see what the target is exactly and its status (community requested)
    • ADDED: On-screen notifications like Level-up, Experience gained, Credits gained, Reputation changed (community request)
    • ADDED: Fleet->Systems panel. It was locked until now.
    • ADDED: Fleet->Officers panel so players can see their hired officers, their bonuses and salaries
    • ADDED: Bounty board to the Starchart where players can look over the different "heroes" they will be able to hunt down for a reward
    • ADDED: Pre-rendered intro movie for the Campaign scenario. Storyline missions are NOT yet activated.
    • ADDED: Loot dropped from ships and derelicts can now be targeted and you can open the Loot panel to select specifically what items you wish to take on-board.
    • ADDED: New bridge officer voice lines
    • ADDED: Place-holder T-Gate jump movie. The whole jump mechanics will be further refined and optimized.
    • ADDED: Starchart Mission markers can now be toggled via the Starchart panel.
    • ADDED: Loot drop can now contain equipment as well as commodities.
    • ADDED: Scanning randomly appearing anomalies now rewards Experience.
    • ADDED: Soundtrack expanded.
    • ADDED: Myrmidon now has visible engine trails.
    • UPDATED: You can now purchase new ships and store them directly into the Garage. (community request)
    • UPDATED: Changed loading screen background to show an upcoming station model
    • UPDATED: Expanded in-game options
      • Toggle on-screen notifications (community request)
      • Unlocked several video options
      • Toggle bridge officer chatter (community request)
      • MSAA can now be set
    • UPDATED: Wedge asteroid field has a new asteroid explosion effect
    • UPDATED: Several changes to the game text files
    • UPDATED: Wedge asteroid field has been reworked with new models, textures, ambient and accompanying particle area effect
    • UPDATED: Radial context menu updated with new additions (some options unlocked and added)
    • UPDATED: Captured ship mini-panel: captured ships can now be grappled by clicking on the new button on the mini-panel itself.
    • UPDATED: Boarding mechanics tweaked. Ships are now harder to capture to prevent exploits.

    Update 12 - v0.5018, November 5, 2013
    Another update is ready to go. The main focus of this update is the Garage. As requested by you ladies and gents, the garage allows you to store up to five ships so you can freely switch between them on the smallest of whims ;).

    Implementing the garage made progress in other fields a touch slower than anticipated, but we feel it was well worth it. The next update will bring quite a bit more to the table as we plan on fully activating Perks and the Reputation overview among other things.

    • FIXED: Several scripting errors that could cause memory leaks and crashes.
    • FIXED: Several script function errors that prevented accessing database tables from scripts.
    • FIXED: A bug where an energy beam weapon effect was left "hanging" if a ship firing the weapons was destroyed.
    • FIXED: AI bug where a Trader ship didn't respond to attacks.
    • FIXED: Ship prices on station and planets are now proper values from station/planet parameters, instead of default database values.
    • FIXED: Objects can no longer be targeted by clicking on them through the context menu.
    • FIXED: A crash that occurred when scrolling to the last commodity on the list after destroying a commodity in your Cargo hold.
    • ADDED: Garage
      • You can store up to 5 ships in your "garage".
      • The garage can be accessed on any station and you can freely switch between ships.
      • Currently you can only store captured ships in the garage, but the next update should make it possible to store newly purchased ships as well.
    • ADDED: Grappling ships is now possible. Visual effect included. Required for towing captured ships to stations/planets.
    • ADDED: Hiring panel on stations/planets. Here you can hire Troopers. Hiring Officers (on the same panel) is not yet possible, but it is planned for the next update.
    • ADDED: Several script functions. Changes posted on
    • ADDED: Recommend button on the Main menu
    • ADDED: Several warnings and hints.
    • ADDED: Text lines in the game text files
    • UPDATED: Boarding is now fixed and improved, but it is not yet balanced.
    • UPDATED: Notepad++ plugin files. Changes posted on
    • UPDATED: Lowered base price for ships: Luna and RaQaan

    Update 11 - v0.5017, October 22, 2013
    After a one-day delay, SG2 goes up to version v0.5017 and bringing with it several new types of Freelance missions, some changes and additions to the GUI (this is for starters since more changes and additions will be made in the following updates). Naturally, some bug fixes are also in the mix. You'll also be able to notice bridge officer voice alerts. This is only the first portion of the alerts and we plan to introduce VO for other situations.

    A quick heads-up for what is coming next...
    The next update will be larger and should encompass more gameplay elements, skills, voice-overs and GUI improvements, but that also means it will take more time to make it all fit well. Our plan is to release the next update in about two weeks time. Of course if anything out-of-the-ordinary comes up, we'll address the issue as soon as possible with a quickfix.

    Hope you like how SG2 is progressing. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions :).

    • FIXED: A bug where a Remote mining facility in Directorate territory wasn't activated properly
    • FIXED: Removed a particle that was left "hanging" on one of the satellite models
    • FIXED: Masada station now has visible shields
    • FIXED: Ships no longer have a fixed amount of Troopers. The new starting trooper count for AI ships can no longer go beyond the ship's maximum trooper capacity.
    • FIXED: A bug that caused a crash when the player bought all items in the Systems tab of the Drydock panel
    • FIXED: Several region definition errors that could cause a memory leak and game crash
    • FIXED: Several scripting errors that could cause a memory leak and game crash
    • FIXED: One of the satellite's OnActivate and OnDeactivate scripts
    • FIXED: Test side mission can no longer be started
    • FIXED: A game crash bug that occurred when a ship exploded before heavy weapon projectiles actually reached the target
    • FIXED: The Starchart no longer opens up when selecting "Demolish" option on a captured ship's Context menu
    • ADDED: New OnDestroy visual effects for different asteroids. These will be further refined and updated in future patches.
    • ADDED: Planet Corrion background image and save screenshot
    • ADDED: Destroy button for commodities
    • ADDED: Repair visual effect. More work remains on it, but this is the basic "model"
    • ADDED: Maintenance Freelance missions with accompanying structure activation and deactivation scripts
    • ADDED: Ferry Freelance mission with accompanying quest items
    • ADDED: Taxi Freelance mission with accompanying quest items
    • ADDED: Rescue Freelance mission
    • ADDED: Waypoints can now be targeted to view distance and use GoTo command from the Context menu
    • ADDED: Aethera nebula as proof of concept and used for testing
    • ADDED: Asteroids can be fired upon and destroyed by heavy weapons
    • ADDED: Bridge officer voice alerts and infos. Only first batch as proof of concept and used for testing(!)
    • ADDED: New sound effects (scanning, repairing, level up, Mission complete, Mission failed)
    • ADDED: Level-up visual effect and accompanying notification panel
    • ADDED: Skill modifier tooltip to show the exact bonus of the current and next level
    • UPDATED: You can now view your Trooper count on the Ship section of the Fleet panel
    • UPDATED: New targeting reticle design
    • UPDATED: New object marker, quest marker and Starchart quest marker design
    • UPDATED: New Freelance mission Log icons
    • UPDATED: Quest items panel is now unlocked (only when a quest item is actually in your inventory, otherwise it's still "greyed out")
    • UPDATED: Skills for the Gunner class (only class available at the moment) are partially functional. For all skill modifiers to work properly, more game features are required.

    Update 10 - v0.5016, October 14, 2013
    Version v0.5016 is up and running. The invincible ships are now fixed. This update is smaller than previous updates, as you might have noticed by the change list posted below.

    We've done a lot more work (on skills, enhancements, HUD, Freelance missions), but that is not yet ready for release.

    We'll bring more in the next update planned for Monday (October 21). That should bring quite a bit more ;).

    You already know the drill. If the game doesn't update automatically, please restart Steam client :).

    • FIXED: A bug where a planet model would "follow" you through a T-Gate jump
    • FIXED: You can no longer fly into a planet when in Power to engines mode
    • FIXED: Firing weapons is now deactivated as intended in Power to engines, even if you started charging PTE while firing weapons
    • FIXED: Player Reputation is now limited to +/- 2500 as intended. This bug could cause hostile objects to appear as friendly.
    • FIXED: Several scripting errors that could cause memory leaks and crashes
    • FIXED: A bug that caused god mode on AI ships
    • FIXED: A bug where the sykbox wouldn't switch to a new one if the player was inside a nebula when entering a new skybox region
    • FIXED: Double objectives no longer appear while on Patrol Freelance mission
    • ADDED: When a mission is completed, a special panel now opens up to show rewards
    • ADDED: A small radar alert (ping when enemies enter your sensor radius
    • ADDED: Individual asteroids can now be targeted to view their hitpoints. Hitpoints depend on asteroid size.
    • ADDED: Two more Relay satellite models for more variation
    • ADDED: Structures now have a default Active and a Deactivated states which will serve as a basis for Maintenance Freelance missions
    • UPDATED: Reflectors on Mining facilities now use better materials
    • UPDATED: Increased waypoint radius and improved mission waypoint layout on Patrol Freelance mission
    • UPDATED: Using the Jettison cargo button on more than 1 commodity in stack now opens up small panel to set the amount to jettison
    • UPDATED: Notepad++ plugin files. Changes posted on

    Update 9 - v0.5015, October 7, 2013
    A big "Hi" to everyone!
    The biggest addition in this update is the LootDrop system for ships and derelicts. This is the first step as it now only involves commodities, but we'll update it to include both ship systems and equipment. Also, the problem with anomalies popping up or disappearing should no longer occur.

    We're working on the skill system and a more comprehensive skill update will follow. That's just a part of the update. Check the change list below for the details.

    And the standard announcement signature goes "If the game doesn't update automatically, please restart Steam client" ;).

    • FIXED: Station marker color on radar and target lock now represent actual faction alignment towards the player
    • FIXED: A derelict linked to a main storyline mission is now deactivated, and will only activate when needed
    • FIXED: Randomly appearing anomalies and derelicts will no longer abruptly disappear (switched from OnEnter sector to OnLoad sector event
    • FIXED: A freelance mission related crash that occurred when the mission involved 2 ships and the player destroyed one
    • FIXED: Several errors in the Draw framework
    • FIXED: Numerous bugs on the Enhancement section of the Drydock panel
    • FIXED: Enhancements are now properly mounted on the selected weapon or system, but are still lacking tooltips and don't function in combat(!)
    • FIXED: Player no longer dies when starting a new game or loading immediately after death animation started
    • ADDED: Jettison cargo button to the Fleet->Cargo panel
    • ADDED: Visual effect on scanning
    • ADDED: Loot drop definition files (Spg2\LootDrop\*.txt). Loot drop files will be update to include ship systems, equipment and quest items in further updates.
    • ADDED: Anomalies, derelicts and ships now have accompanying Enabled flag to shut them down or activate them OnLoad
    • ADDED: FadeToColor function to the script system (to be used mostly in cutscenes)
    • ADDED: Camera controls to the script system (to be used mostly in cutscenes)
    • UPDATED: Planet Nyx now uses planet Eanakai model, until proper model is finished
    • UPDATED: Ships now drop loot according to the loot drop definition files
    • UPDATED: Derelicts now drop loot according to the loot drop definition files
    • UPDATED: Size of anomalies increased
    • UPDATED: Game log now records more information about graphics cards and bugs
    • UPDATED: If save file position is too close to a planet, the position is slightly altered to prevent repeated player death on loading
    • UPDATED: New versions of sal_LGM script language definition files for Notepad++ are available on the modding site (

    Update 8 - v0.5014 September 30, 2013
    Time to go up to 5.014. The exact change list is below. We've done quite a bit of progress on other fronts as well (ships loot drop, skills, freelance missions etc.), but these are not yet ready for activation. The plan is to have those things updated in the next version.

    The game should now work a lot more stable, since we found and fixed several crucial memory leaks that could quickly pump up memory usage. As always, if the game doesn't update, please restart Steam client.

    • FIXED: Several stations that had deprecated parameters
    • FIXED: Several scripting errors that could cause memory leaks
    • FIXED: Stations: Hamilton Shipyard, Bordeaux Research Station, Roanoke, Clearwater, Cleora, Odense and Eryn now sell commodities as intended
    • FIXED: Several potential memory leaks
    • FIXED: Corrupted save files are no longer visible on the saves list to prevent crashes
    • FIXED: Objectives and logs of solved Freelance missions are now removed after loading
    • FIXED: Proper faction now spawns as a part of the security random encounter in region Tranquility
    • FIXED: Improved model import in Material editor
    • FIXED: Several errors concerning Player creation (skills)
    • ADDED: 5 new station models. Their schematic images will come in the next update.
    • ADDED: Two variable stacks into save file: Integer and Float (100 each) to be used for saving custom variable values, specifically for modding purposes.
      ->GetFloat | SetFloat | GetInt | SetInt functions available for usage (details on
    • UPDATED: Zoom-out is now extended. (Numpad +/- by default)
    • UPDATED: Patrol freelance mission now has multiple waypoints and player can get attacked
    • UPDATED: testScript.sal activated by pressing F9 in-game, now uses Player as Parent (script used for modding purposes)

    Update 7 - v0.5013 September 24, 2013
    Another update fresh from the anvil. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is that prices on stations and planets are now different on each station/planet. It may be possible that there are stations that do not appear to sell any commodity/equipment etc.. It is a known issue and is being fixed at the moment, but let us know if/when you encounter such a situation.

    We've also continued our work on making the game more stable by eliminating all found and potential memory leaks. One possible memleak occurs when exiting "game space", but that should be fixed in the next update.

    Usual procedure: if the game doesn't update automatically, please restart Steam client.

    • FIXED: Several scripting errors that could cause a memory leak
    • FIXED: Secular station now has proper schematic image
    • FIXED: Plymouth station now has proper schematic image
    • FIXED: Empire no longer uses ship "Luna", as is intended
    • FIXED: Station target lock color now properly depends on player Reputation and Faction alignment
    • FIXED: Station Syndicate X5001 now renamed to Atargatis
    • FIXED: Stations: Atargatis, Alameda, Memphis, Maniwaki, Sigil and Zoemin now sell commodities as intended
    • FIXED: Data shown on Captain info panel are now displayed properly. Class now shows character class and NOT rank. Other parameters also adjusted.
    • FIXED: Several memory leaks that could cause game crashes
    • ADDED: Ships now drop loot when destroyed. This is a proof of concept and NOT the final version(!)
    • ADDED: Commodity prices on stations and planets now depend on actual station/planet parameter and not default database values.
    • CHANGED: Commodity price on Commodity hint when shown in Fleet->Cargo hold now shows Average price for the commodity


    Update 6 - v0.5012 September 20, 2013
    Taking it up to v0.5012. We've continued working on flushing out all memory leaks and other bugs we could find with Your amazing support. We're happy to report, we're now getting the chance to focus more on gameplay as well and should start implementing more content in the following updates! A big thank you to everyone once again. We're humbled by your support and patience.

    As always, if the game doesn't update, please restart Steam client.

    • FIXED: Gemini Protectorate now uses appropriate ships in regions: Hamilton shipyard, Degran Prefecture, Crossroads and Orenhelm Prefecture
    • FIXED: Revenants now use appropriate ships in region Fenicia
    • FIXED: Madeira Constructs now uses appropriate ships in regions: Planet Nyx and Palomar
    • FIXED: Error in Planet Eanakai region file that could cause a memory leak
    • FIXED: Error in Godswrath region file that could cause a memory leak
    • FIXED: A script system error that caused <= >= and && script operators to malfunction
    • FIXED: An error that caused a crash when landing on planet Pyros
    • UPDATED: Buy/sell buttons are now disabled if no purchase/sale is available
    • UPDATED: Several random encounters in regions: Planet Nyx, Palomar, Fenicia, Helmsford barony, Maginot barony, Sentchuk barony, Planet Baeldor, Planet Corrion, Maelstrom, Stone dead, Heraclean stretch and Murky waters
    • ADDED: Mars Shipping and IonTech factions will now spawn in regions: Helmsford barony, Maginot barony, Sentchuk barony, Planet Baeldor, Planet Corrion and Maelstrom
    • ADDED: Spg2\Scripts\testScript.sal can be activated by pressing F9 in-game. This method is best used ONLY for testing scripts! if not used, please leave script as-is.


    Update 5 - v0.5011 September 17, 2013
    A new update for Starpoint Gemini 2 is now released. Our work on the resolution problem continues and we hope this will take care of the issue for everyone.

    If not, please let us know so we can continue from there. We're doing our best to incorporate other fixes, additions and updates as fast as possible, but with as few errors as possible as well.

    If the game doesn't update to 0.5011 automatically, please restart Steam client.

    Thank you all for your continued support! We're working hard not to disappoint you.

    • FIXED: An equipment related crash bug
    • FIXED: Cargo hold limit is now properly enforced while collecting loot in space
    • FIXED: Starchart notes no longer get doubled on loading
    • FIXED: Necalli asteroid field now has proper loot drop (World.ics changed)
    • UPDATED: Changed Cargo hold values of almost all ships
    • UPDATED: New fix for the resolution/mouse box problem. If you encounter the issue again, please contact us as is stated in the BUG REPORTING thread on the Steam community.
    • UPDATED]: Lowered asteroid loot drop chance and quantity (World.ics changed)
    • ADDED: Cargo hold status added on Fleet screen


    Update 4 - v0.5010 September 16, 2013
    Greetings and salutations! Time for another update, bringing the alpha up to 0.5010. We've still been working on the resolution/mouse box issue, among other things as is seen in the fixlist below.
    Anyone still encountering problems with the resolution and/or mouse, send us your log please, as is stated in the BUG REPORTING thread on the Steam community.

    • FIXED: Collect all shortcut now works properly
    • FIXED: Starchart shortcut now works properly
    • FIXED: Heavy weapons ammo is now spent properly
    • FIXED: Automatic tab selection error (YOUR SHIP & DRYDOCK) related to the Loadout screen when in Drydock
    • FIXED: Several potential crashes related to the Loadout screen in the Drydock
    • FIXED: Fighter prices in the Systems screen when in Drydock
    • FIXED: An exploit: mounting a weapon from the Loadout screen (DRYDOCK) didn't charge the player
    • FIXED: A bug in the Buy Interface. It was possible to buy zero-quantity items
    • FIXED: Several bugs related to buying, selling, mounting and dismounting heavy weapons when in Drydock
    • FIXED: Several boarding related crashes
    • FIXED: Several scripting errors that could cause a memory leak
    • ADDED: Secular station now has appropriate schematic image
    • ADDED: "Deadzone" to mouse-steering. This feature will be further upgraded over time.
    • UPDATED: Asteroids now drop different loot, based on asteroid field parameters (ore, chance to drop & drop quantity)
    • UPDATED: Updated the EULA.txt to include Privacy Policy
    • FIXED: An issue with the resolutions and "boxed mouse", where you couldn't use the entire game viewport.


    Update 3 - v0.5009
    Hello everyone! We're happy to report update v0.5009 is released! If the game doesn't update, try restarting Steam client. Happy hunting, and as always if you encounter problems, let us know.

    • FIXED: Several scripting errors that could cause a memory leak
    • FIXED: Inciter MKII now has correct Weapon battery cooldown
    • FIXED: An error with the Main menu background movies that could cause a memory leak
    • FIXED: A crash that could potentially happen when mounting weapons
    • FIXED: An issue with the "boxed mouse", where you couldn't use the entire game viewport.
    • UPDATED: Game now records more information in the log.txt and should help further with possible problems. Anyone still experiencing this problem should contact us and send us the NEW log file (instructions available on the forums if needed)
    • ADDED: Delete save game button on the SAVE and LOAD panel. Removes files BOTH LOCALLY and on the STEAM CLOUD(!)
    • REMOVED: Testing save files removed from the saves sub-folder.
      IMPORTANT: Those who already downloaded our test saves will have to manually delete them from within the game (new button explained above!)
    • REMOVED: Additional NewGame file versions (used for testing) removed
    • TEMPORARY CHANGE: Removed background mask on Save game screen, when prompting for a new save name
    All of us here at LGM wish to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for your overwhelming support and patience in the last several days. We hope the following updates will bring more gameplay elements and not just bug fixes!


    Update 2 - v0.5008
    The new update is live! Below is the fix-list. Let us know if/when you encounter problems with the game. We're hard at work to get all the nagging issues out of the way so we can get back
    to adding new content. 
    • FIXED: A problem with the save button not being accessible when the menu was opened using the Esc button
    • FIXED: Shield parameters not displaying properly
    • FIXED: CTRL and SHIFT are now bindable
    • FIXED: Mouse 4 and 5 are now bindable
    • FIXED: Audio Options/In-Game sliders for Music, SFX, UI now work properly
    • FIXED: A crash that happened while mounting equipment
    • FIXED: Several scripting errors that could cause a memory leak
    • FIXED: Several errors in sector files that could cause a memory leak
    • FIXED: You can now change resolution in the in-game video options. CHANGES TAKE EFFECT AFTER GAME RESTART (Select resolution, APPLY, and restart game)
    • FIXED: Loot mined from asteroids can now be collected properly and they appear in your cargo hold
    • FIXED: An error in a region file that could cause a memory leak
    • FIXED: Derelicts will now explode and drop loot properly.
    • ADDED: Text line in misc.txt
    • TEMPORARY CHANGED: Video options that aren't active yet are now greyed out and deactivated in the in-game options. Options will be unlocked over time.


    Update 1 - v0.5007
    First of all an apology for the delay. We had to run a few more tests.

    This is the deal:
    *RESOLUTION PROBLEM goes a bit deeper than anticipated, but we've done our best to make a workaround to get the game running on all (or at least most) resolutions.
    Those who changed the resolution setting in the *.cfg file and the game isn't working properly have to change the resolution (in the *.cfg file) in the following way:

    16:9 resolutions -> 1920 1080
    4:3 resolutions -> 1800 1350

    The UI should scale down if necessary.
    This is NOT the final fix, but a temporary workaround until we get it all sorted out in the video options in-game.
    *SAVE CRASH should now be fixed and you shouldn't encounter more problems with saving.
    When you play the game and load another save file, the loading screen will be left hanging when the load progress bar reaches its end. Give it a minute more and it will load to the end properly. This is a KNOWN issue and should be fixed in the next update.
    *Fixed some bugs in the text files that could have cause memory leaks or other problems.

    We plan to get the next update live tomorrow!
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n69ky Sep 10, 2013 @ 12:53pm 
great update! the mining works now like a charm ;) one thing: you should be able to 'dump' stuff from your cargo, the fact that there might be some more valuable stuff to loot when your cargo is full frightens me ;)
phazelessone Sep 10, 2013 @ 1:07pm 
Good job dev team. Keep it up. Great game!
Vovolov Sep 10, 2013 @ 1:18pm 
Awesome stuff. I am really happy to see the bugs I reported fixed! Means a lot to see the devs taking things up and fixing them so quickly.
Thank you :) and good night !
Vovolov Sep 10, 2013 @ 1:47pm 
My game hasn't actually updated to v0.5008 yet. What gives?
Last edited by Vovolov; Sep 10, 2013 @ 1:47pm
It can't update when you play it, wait a bit or restart steam
mmihokovic_LGM  [developer] Sep 10, 2013 @ 2:04pm 
Yes. If any problem occurs, just exit and restart Steam client. Update should start automatically
Volkira Sep 10, 2013 @ 3:25pm 
My old save game loads fine and I play but as soon as I want to save the game it crashes.
Save game wasn't crashing with the last update but now it is with this latest one.
Kele - Starpoint Gemini 3  [developer] Sep 10, 2013 @ 4:00pm 
Thanks for letting us know Volkira! Please send us your save file via email with a reminder of your problem and we'll check it out asap. Try if you can save new files and load them in the new version so we can compare the results.
Volkira Sep 10, 2013 @ 4:11pm 
New saves crashing too for me will go ahead and send you email with save files.
Meta6olic Sep 10, 2013 @ 4:14pm 
Still have an "invisible box" keeping my mouse cursor from going to the edges of the screen.
Kele - Starpoint Gemini 3  [developer] Sep 10, 2013 @ 4:24pm 
@Meta6olic send us a screenshot and the Log.txt found in your game install directory via email.
Per Sep 10, 2013 @ 10:44pm 
Good Job :D
LordSentinel Sep 11, 2013 @ 2:50pm 
good update!! Keep 'em coming!!
mmihokovic_LGM  [developer] Sep 11, 2013 @ 3:19pm 
Yes we will :)
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