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Ailes Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:41am
I dislike progression bars/numbers
I enjoy the game a lot but there is one thing I see in many games these days which I just don't like, and that's a progression bar/number. In Dust you see it everytime when saving a game. I try to look away whenever I'm saving. I know this sounds stupid at first but I like not knowing where I am. Even if it is just a rough number that also takes other things into account like how much of the maps you've explored and all, seeing how far you are in a a game especially when it is slammed in your face like that just kinda ruins the idea of trying to get drawn into it. It's a very little detail but should the maker of this game read this at some point please just put it somewhere more hidden please in any of your future projects. I don't want to get told how much I've completed a game each time I save, if I wanted to know that I could look up the statistics menu.
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newman Oct 28, 2013 @ 11:59am 
It doesn't relly tell much to be honest. The progression number go all the wa up to 117, so it's kinda redundant.
I love knowing how far in the game I am. But that's partly due to being a completionist.

Also, I like having the progression number right in the save screen. It helps me identify multiple saves for games that I replay often, or if my wife plays the game on my Steam account.

It has its pros and cons and I can see why you might not like it. But for what it's worth, you can beat the game with less than 100% - the percentage completion is only in reference to "did you discover all areas and all treasures", not "how far into the plot you are".
The Real HELLCAT Oct 29, 2013 @ 3:55am 
I also like to know how far I am and how much is still in front of me.
But I can also understand people who see this as a spoiler kind of thing.

Maybe an option to hide/show the progress, that'd suit everyone, I'd think.
Have to agree with Hellcat. Personally I liked the progression bar, but having an option to hide it doesn't harm anyone, and it shouldn't be too hard to implement either, I would expect.
Bapabooiee Nov 1, 2013 @ 12:05pm 
Well, since the game is programmed in C#, that means it's compiled into CIL[en.wikipedia.org], which is very easy to reverse-engineer/decompile.

If you really, really wanted to, you could run DustAET.exe through a tool like DotPeek[www.jetbrains.com], and export it into a set of MSFT Visual Studio project and source-code files. You could then find the drawing code for the menus, and remove the relevant code that draws your progression-percentage. Then (if all goes well) you could recompile the executable, drop your freshly-baked replacement DustAET.exe into the original installation directory, and bam, you are in business.

Well, sort of. This would probably be really impractical to do (I'd certainly do it if I cared enough about it). But ehh, it's possible.
The Real HELLCAT Nov 1, 2013 @ 12:47pm 
It also might break signatures and checksums - Steam might refuse to execute it.

Just a wild guess though, no clue how Steam handles it's DRM and integrity stuff.
Originally posted by The Real HELLCAT:
It also might break signatures and checksums - Steam might refuse to execute it.

Just a wild guess though, no clue how Steam handles it's DRM and integrity stuff.

At the worst case you might have to run it in Offline Mode, I expect (that is how Steam handles certain XCOM-Enemy Unknown Mods, anyways - they work fine in Offlinemode but if you are online it overrides them and gives you the vanilla game).
Bapabooiee Nov 2, 2013 @ 3:04am 
I think it's only CEG'd games that force integrity checks from Steam on the executable, and XCOM happens to use CEG - so that's probably why. Same goes if the file you're trying to modify happens to be listed in the game's 'signedfiles' CDR entry.

Dust does use Steamworks authentication, but it doesn't use CEG or have anything in its CDR that forces integrity-checking on launch. So Steam treats it like it would a DRM-free game, and doesn't care what you do with it - it'll just run whatever you put there.

I also just tested this in Online mode, and replaced DustAET.exe with my own little application, and it ran just fine.
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