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Game Barks Contest!
Greetings, officers!

We hereby announce the start of the Game Barks Contest!

You can read about the contest in details here: !

This thread is created for your entries!
Shoot 'em up!
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Dr Mad Dec 8, 2016 @ 2:56pm 
In some RTS games , such as Warcraft or Company of Heroes , there is a special dialogue when you click 3 times in a row on the same unit.

Therefor , I'm bringing you a little list of quotes that would appear when you click on them 3 times.

- Why do you torment us ?
- Aren't you supposed to lead an army right now ?
- ♥♥♥♥ off
- What the ♥♥♥♥ do you want ?
- If you weren't my superior...
Friedrich Dec 9, 2016 @ 2:19am 
:GERMANREICH:For German infantry units::GERMANREICH:
When seeing an enemy unit they can shout:
Da ist ein Ivan! (only for russian enemy)
Feind gesichtet!
Achtung feind!

When ordered to engage an enemy:
Keine gnade!
Tötet sie! Tötet sie alle!!
Die werden das gleiche mit uns tun! Mäht sie nieder!

When they are loosing a fight:
Gruppenführer, wir müssen zurückfallen!
Schießt verdammt nochmal, Schießt!
Wir brauchen hilfe hier!
Wir brauchen Panzer unterstützung!
Ich werde doch hier nicht sterben!

When crossing a brige:
Schnell rüber.
Los beeilung.
Los Los Los!

When a unit dies:
Aber doch nicht so..
K-Kämpft w-weiter .. männer (dying)
Keine sorge (Ivan/Ammi) wir kriegen dich n-noch (dying)

NOTE: Because my good pc broke down a while ago i have not played this game for a long time, if these lines are already in the game or for some other reason dont work then im sorry, i could not know that, but i got it repaired and will soon start playing again.
Well, only right to have some proper British phrases for British units!

Humber (Scottish)
Humber while idle:
(Sung) "Oh flower of Scotland, when will we see your like again..."
"Love me a good cuppa. Eh, Jonesy?"
"Reminds me a wee bit o' home."

Humber, when selected:
"Aye hell, words from the powers that be..."
"Shut up, lads! CO's on the line."
"Armored Recce here."

Humber, when attacking:
"Eat lead, yeh ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s!"
"Aye, and there's more of that where it came from too!"
"Get buggered!"

Humber, when attacking a unit it cannot penetrate:
"Are you sure, sir?"
"What the hell are we doing?!"

Humber when wheel is damaged:
"Reminds me of the days in the garage with me dad. With more shooting, of course."
"Fix it, or we're bloody gonners!"
"Oh damn, not another puncture!"

Humber when optics damaged:
"Ah hell, I am NOT takin' a peak"
"Oh no, I ain't looking out!"
"Lovely weather today, eh lads?"

Humber under attack:
"C'mon you pile of crap, hold together!"
"Ah hell, they don't like us!"
"We're just sittin' here, waiting tae die!"

Humber when killed:
"Ah sweet mother of Mary, get out!"

Churchill (London)

Churchill while idle:
"Driver, put on a brew, will ya?"
"Not a bad spot, is it lads?"
"Williams, I swear to God if you keep whistling..."

Churchill when selected:
"Cavalry 'ere."
"Oi, Lads, belt up, we got orders!"
"Oh brilliant, we've been remembered..."

Churchill on the move:
"Right! Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre..."
"On the way, sir. Eventually."
"Well, at this rate, we'll be there... tomorrow."

Churchill when attacking:
"Time to roll over 'em"
"We'll teach 'em a bloody lesson!"
"That's right, run you ♥♥♥♥♥♥s!"

Churchill when attacking a unit it cannot penetrate:
"That's a negative, sir, that won't bloody work!"
"I suppose we could ram the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥?"
"Yes, sir. Wasting highly valuable AP rounds as ordered."

Churchill when track is damaged:
"Oh for the love of... not again!"
"Gunner, put the kettle on, we'll be here a while."
"Evans, get out and fix that, will you?"

Churchill when optics damaged:
"Well that's karked it... Where's the bugger now?!"
"Well that's just bloody typical, that is.... Sir, I can't see."
"Evans, job for you... fix my scope"

Churchill under attack:
"Well, bugger me, this one's fiesty."
"They spotted us. Not like that's a surprise..."
"Gunner, blow his stupid bloody head off."

Churchill when killed:
"Oh, bloody hell, they got us!"
"Bail out, Lads! Bail out!"
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HANNIBAL BM Dec 17, 2016 @ 12:11pm 
Hello here I bring some phrases for the Soviet army, I hope they are useful and they seem original.

Reaction to staying idle
* Does anyone have a cigarette? Or does someone have fire?
* Humm do nothing ... my favorite sport!
* If we stay here the Germans are going to ambush us!
* I would like a vodka!

Detect an enemy unit
* Attention fritz is there ahead
* Fascists in front of us
* We have company

Reaction to combat actions
* When your troops liquidate an enemy unit: Huraaaa! (Can be used with infantry units and tanks, the classic red army war cry)
* When you give the order to attack the Germans: kill those fascist pigs!
* Send them back to Berlin
* In combat situations between infantry: I killed one!
* Give them hard
* For the Comrade Stalin

Requesting Support
* When you call a parachute attack: the hawks are on the way!
* Request an artillery discharge: Covered! That place is going to be a crater!
* Request a bomber plane: Let the hell roll over your heads

Reaction to movement orders
* Move your♥♥♥♥♥or we will never get to Berlin!
* Damn I'm sick of walking
* Moving ladies!
* Move this can of sardines! (Only for tanks)
* Where is Zhukov is the victory!

Order to capture a heavy weapon (anti-tank gun, machine gun, mortar or AA)
* What are they waiting for? an invitation?... Capture that machine gun. (mortar cannon AA etc...)
* Get those rats out of their nest!

By the way I speak Spanish not English, English is not my mother tongue but that does not mean I do not know how to speak well, if I have some spelling mistake or something like that, I hope you can understand it.

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