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theKAIS3R  [developer] May 23, 2013 @ 10:31am
FAQ & Known Issues
First off, thank you everyone for taking the time to post any issues you find while playing the game. While we apologize for the inconvience, your talking to us helps us nail down these issues so that we can fix them for you.


FAQs and Known Issues

Ver 1.2.0 – 06-03-2013


Q: Why do I have to use “W” to jump? I’m used to using the Spacebar to jump.

A: The developer wanted to use controls that were reminiscent of older games. Also, the Spacebar swaps weapons which is a very important element of the game (especially for some of the Boss Bot battles). We do hope to add keyboard customization to the game in the future assuming GameMaker will support it. Play Challenges for ten minutes and you’ll get used to it. And probably thank us for it in the morning.

Q: I sometimes get stuck in persistent attacks. What’s the deal?

A: We didn’t want the game to be too easy. With decent timing, the right move and enough health, you can escape even the peskiest of persistent attacks. If not, then use a bit of tact and caution the next time you enter that area and you’ll get through with (relative) ease. Afterall, that’s what Save Stations are for.

Q: I sometimes get a little lost. How am I supposed to know what to do next?

A: It’s a big ship, we understand. If you notice, in some rooms there is actually a mini map of the shop that show your current location. Also, each room has a designation that is painted on the wall. As for your next objective, Mother will tell you want to do and a message will briefly appear at the top of the screen each time you get a new objective. You can also Pause the game with [ESC] at any time and read your current location and objective. Also keep in mind that the next area you need to visit is probably not very far. Circle back. You probably just missed a small hatch in the ceiling or floor.

Q: When will Bad Bots be released for Linux?

A: Although GameMaker does support Linux, it did not work well enough for the initial release of the game. We do hope to release a Linux version in the future.



Screenshots with Controller – Steam’s Screenshot feature may not always work when using the controller hotkey [Center-Button+RT]. The Screenshot feature will work with F12 even when the controller is plugged in.

Starting Campaign with Controller – The “Start Campaign” may occasionally not work when using a game controller if a Campaign Save exists. You can still use the mouse and cursor to select “Start Campaign” with the controller plugged in.

Removing Controller during launch – Unplugging a game control while the game is launching may cause the game to crash. The game should be fully exited before removing a game controller.

Removing Controller during gameplay – Unplugging a game controller and then continuing to play the game with the keyboard and mouse may sometimes cause the game to crash. The game should be fully exited before removing a game controller.

Potential Multi-Screen Taskbar Issue - When using more than one screen, clicking on a second screen or pressing [Alt+Tab] while Bad Bots is playing may cause the game icon to disappear from the Taskbar. You may need to use the Windows Task Manager to Quit the game before restarting it in Steam.

Screen Tearing - The screen may “tear” or show a brief ripple effect in some levels of Bad Bots. Usually only in longer rooms where there are more than a lot of ‘bots. We are able to correct for this issue but, in order to do so, gamers using slightly older computers would experience noticeably reduced framerates which causes the game to play in a funky slow-motion style. At least for now, we have decided not to implement this update as we want as many people to enjoy Bad Bots.


Steam Community Access – The game cannot access the Steam Community. This is a GameMaker-specific issue and we hope this will be corrected in a future update.

Controller Support - Controller support for the Mac version of the game may not work at this time due to the game’s engine (GameMaker). We plan to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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Purple Tentacle Sep 16, 2013 @ 2:47pm 
Really don't believe in options, do you?

Remappable keys? Nope... better defend your odd controls rather than letting us change them.

But what really kills the game for me is the screen tearing! It's so incredibly irritating, it's basically game breaking ... and then you claim that you can fix it but that would sacrifice performance on low end systems. So instead of giving us an option to toggle such an option, you just leave the screwed up for everyone. Brilliant ... form a technical point of view this game is a complete disaster.
Last edited by Purple Tentacle; Sep 16, 2013 @ 2:48pm
londiste Sep 20, 2013 @ 1:53pm 
for the multi-screen taskbar issue - you can still alt+tab back into the game,
With that energy u wrote bad excuses u could solve those problems already.
meatee Dec 6, 2013 @ 10:12pm 
You could release the version with the screen tearing fixed as a Beta, then those of us who want it can just opt-in to the Beta version. That way, the people with so-called "slightly older" computers aren't affected.
bmendonc May 3, 2014 @ 3:17pm 
so basically, you are A) too lazy to fix anything B) don't care, and C) just want to make money

worse than a triple A dev that produces a ton of DLC and makes their game pay2win, at least they don't try to defend their mistakes, these devs do
hotmatrixx Jul 18, 2015 @ 5:17pm 
I have the Alt-Tab=NoTaskbarIcon issue (but acording to a post here there is a workaround for it, by alt-tabbing again.)

I have another issue, with Dual Monitor.

the game loads in "Borderless Window", rather than "Fullscreen" Now there are advantages to this, however there is one that is immersion breaking. Because it's not true fullscreen, the mouse is not locked to the game window, meaning if I swing too far to the edge of the screen, I can click on the next monitor, effectively alt-tabbing me out of the game.
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