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Dorok Sep 22, 2013 @ 6:16pm
SPOILERS (requested) Coyote Rescue quest - How?
I was trying to collect the various way to do the coyote rescue quest but it's complicated because there's many possibilities. So some help would be welcome to list all the ways to do it.


At first I only aim to focus on how reach the second floor. Here what I already collected but I haven't check all:

Apartment Royale (Coyote Rescue)

Goal: Reach upstairs.

Use the stair to the right, in that case you'll reach the level through a more hidden/better position which is logical as it's a hidden backdoor. You could feed the hellhounds, open the prison door, kill the guard and speak to Coyote then she comes in your team until the end of the fight. You have four way
1 - Speak old man to right, threaten him and he open the door leading to the stairs (not all characters can)
2 - Speak Old man to right, charm him and he open the door leading to the stairs (not all characters can)
3 - To the right, move the dresser, look to the hole and send a drone through it. The drone opens the door leading to the stairs.
4 - With a shaman, look through the hole, see a summon spot, summon a demon to scare the lady in the closed room, she flees and open the door giving access to the stairs.

5 - And there's an alternative when you use the stairs, it's first to go to elevator, use the intercom to provoke gang up, one guard up will go at bottom to fight. Then when you'll have a slightly different setup at second floor, with one less guard up, and nobody around the prison. It's just a slight variation because it won't change really the sneak path to free Coyote soon.

6 - In fact as a variation you could also free coyote during the fight when you come from the elevator. In case your character have no way to reach the stairs you could use this anyway. Start fights at second floor near elevator and soon have your character rush in to go to prison, feed the hellhounds, open the jail, kill the guard, speak to Coyote. It seems long but in fact if you move well they'll just use their AP to follow you and you second character can kill one and move to help.

You can also get the BTL recording in various ways, and use it at intercom to move up and be welcome. Gang at second floor will be friendly and you can reach the prison and free Coyote but the boss will follow you and when you'll open the jail he will call an alert. Still you'll be able free Coyote and take her in your party during the beginning of the fight. To get the BTL:
7 - You can buy the BTL to the boss at bottom (not all characters can and you need first collect some information from other NPC to get the dialog option)
8 - You can speak multiple time to the bottom boss to get a dialog option to kill him then you can access the computer and open the room to right and get the BTL recording from the recorder.
9 - You can trigger the fight near the elevator by using the intercom as explained in previous options. Then the bottom boss leave to the closed room to the right. And you can access the computer and open the room to the right.
10 - You can also hack the commuter to get the BTL recording but I'm not sure it's the same recording and not one to sell later, need check.

You can hack the elevator commands to go up if you are a decker:
11 - You need access the computer, there's multiple way to do it as mentioned previously, then you can hack the elevator commands to go up.

You can also just use a direct brute path with the elevator. If you trigger the fight by using the elevator intercom the gang up will wait you but also there will be one guy less at second floor:
12 - You can trigger a fight by using intercom of the elevator and provoke the gang. During the fight a dead guy will drop a paper with the security code of the elevator. You can use the code already but also you can try use a second time the intercom and get 3 new dialog options. I haven't found if they trigger something. I think it's more a role play element, but it's a very cool detail.

There's many other stuff to do at bottom, at least many for a small area like that, but I haven't notice links with the goal to go at second floor nor on the situation at second floor. Only that some dialogs options appear only if you have done some other stuff before.

Can you complete or even correct what's above?

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Edited to complete the list.
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Cutlass Jack Sep 22, 2013 @ 7:21pm 
The one part you havent mentioned is feeding the hellhounds. Rescuing her gets quite easy if you do that. My approach:

1. get up the back starcase (via the methods you mention)
2. Sneak up on the guard with his back to you and attack with both characters simultaneously while right behind him.
3. Click on the door and feed the hellhounds the meat you got from the Butcher streetside.
4. Then you just have to take out the one guard on Coyote and she'll join your team. Even with only one functional arm and a shotgun, she'll make it pretty easy to clear the rest of the place.

If you play it careful you can free Coyote from her cell without any of the gang in the main room noticing.
Dorok Sep 22, 2013 @ 8:06pm 
Thank you it clarifies how to free Coyote very soon, I had no clue on that. About the Hellhounds and without relation with the path you describe I was wondering if by using a brutal path you could kill first the Hellhounds and keep the meet for the other Hellhound later. Probably not but I was wondering.

EDIT: The game allows move shoot move if I remember well. I remember some enemies using it but I could make a confusion with another game. If I remember well the first Hellhounds could be rather easy to kill but the last not as much.
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fredingue Sep 22, 2013 @ 10:23pm 
I played this part long ago, but there are some more things i can remember.

- on the first floor you have an intelligence-related option with the Guard. You can drive him to be more cooperative.
- on the other hand, if you're a decker you can get him hostile using the computer, and kill him (no loot).
- It's quite the same with the doctor who may flee or get killed.
- as well, you can turn all the BTL-addicts to enemy if you freak them out with messages

- beware of the dogs : if in combat turn, they will fire at you if you are in range and did not use the door to give them the food. I never fought the 2 dogs here, but the one to get the diamonds is quite strong, according to your skills.

Move/shoot/move : you can do that if you have 3AP of course.
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Dorok Sep 23, 2013 @ 1:06am 
Ha ha yes there isn't yet 3 AP, now I get why I didn't used that option. :-) First time I didn't noticed the dogs and the ability to feed them. I don't remember well but I think I killed one when I noticed I could feed them and then spared the second, not sure.
INsaneyAC Sep 23, 2013 @ 10:05am 
Dorok, I haven't tried it but the meat is a quest item, and I would assume you can only use it on the 2 hounds guarding Coyote. I also don't think you can feed the second hound because your character doesn't know it is there until you open the door, and it is too late at that point.

The second hound is harder only because you are alone. Note you can buy some time by running away at first to the far right because you have more movement than the hound, so it can't keep up. Then attack and move and stay out of range.

Failing that, the second hound is optional. If you cannot kill it, just skip that part. It is worth a bit of money for retrieving the jewels, but there is no karma reward for doing this part.

I managed to kill the hound with a shaman with a rifle but no ranged combat skill, but I died like 5 times before figuring out the hit and run tactic.
fredingue Sep 23, 2013 @ 12:54pm 
INsaney, there is a spirit to be summoned in the corridor, it helps a lot vs the hellhound !
Dorok Sep 24, 2013 @ 12:19am 
INsaneyAC, yes that's my bet too.
Dorok Sep 24, 2013 @ 2:42pm 
Yesterday I hadn't the time to explore more the choices in that area so doing it today. At first attempt I got some good surprises.

To climb up you can use the elevator intercom, use the intercom and provoke the gang, after some time two guys come for the fight. Then you get the elevator password on one corpse.

You can use it right now to go up. Or you can use the intercom a second time and you get new dialog choices, to threaten/advice/provoke. It made me smile to quote it, first time I used this path to go up I didn't though use the intercom a second time.

Ok there's perhaps skills check or it's for the role play, I tried a choice and go no answer. But it's a fun detail anyway.

EDIT: And I tried use the food for the second hellhound but as expected I hadn't the choice.
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Dorok Sep 24, 2013 @ 4:58pm 
Well it's complicated to explore the possibilities, for example I quoted there's some differences if you use the backdoor stairs after having trigger a fight close to elevator or without to have done it. Using the editor would be probably more efficient.

Anyway I made a check of some options already quoted in OP and check some other variations. So I edited OP to list the various way to go at second floor and the variations they involve at this second floor.

fredingue Sep 24, 2013 @ 9:13pm 
Excuse me, are not doing that for a graduation exam, are you ?
Thesis "The various ways to go to the second floor in a SR mission"
Dorok Sep 26, 2013 @ 10:55am 
Originally posted by fredingue:
Excuse me, are not doing that for a graduation exam, are you ?
Thesis "The various ways to go to the second floor in a SR mission"
I'm curious, why are you asking this? Are you serching the subject of your next thesis?
fredingue Sep 26, 2013 @ 11:29am 
Now, lol, just wondering why you study so deeply a minor mission. Is it because you want to learn the how-to-make it, intending to use the Toolset, or because you really have trouble to survive, or any other reason...?
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