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Tyr 2013年9月10日上午11:32
Your favourit Steamworkshop content?
I have not really modded many of my games and I always hesitate to stray from 'vanilla', however its time to take the plunge and explore some of the user created material! What are your recommendations?
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Grrringo_Star 2013年9月10日下午12:03 
From the shadows run is good. Thumbs up :)
MrWiggler2u 2013年9月10日下午12:03 
Hi Tyr, the daddy of them and the first to play should be "Jacked Up" by Taloswind and of the ones I have played so far "Wolf Runners Inc.", "Truth Lies In The Shadows" (though I have not yet finished that one) and "From The Shadows" are the very best.

I would also love your opinion on my own "Fraggin' Marvellous" if you fancied playing that.
Tyr 2013年9月10日下午12:21 
Cheers I'll give those a go!
Tyr 2013年9月10日下午12:23 
and I'll let you know my opinion on Fraggin Marvellous when I've given it enough time to have an opinion
MrWiggler2u 2013年9月10日下午12:28 
Cheer mate :) Hope you enjoy those.
fredingue 2013年9月10日下午1:28 
Don't forget to watch what other contents are needed to play an UGC, for some don't integrate things that are taken from a tier's work.
Per ex, SSCV2 (Street Samurai Catalog Data) is frequently needed (if not the game will show a dark screen on start).

You just have to subscribe to those that are shown under "dependencies" and relaunch Steam & Shadowrun Return.
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chriseggroll 2013年9月10日下午1:33 
Jacked Up and From the Shadows, Run are my favorites, though both are pretty short at this point. Some of the ones that could be very good suffer from poor dialogue, poor story, or both. Not just typos, but believable dialogue and multiple dialogue options are what people seem to be skimping on, and it just takes me out of it immediately. I want to try Silver Angel next since I've heard it's pretty good as well.
KingOfHalves 2013年9月11日上午11:40 
Lone Star: Double Emnity is my favorite so far. The dialogue is brilliant, and the diner scene is amazingly over the top.

Right now it's only the first chapter, but I am definitely hooked.
Andrew 2013年9月11日下午7:56 
It doesn't seem like any of them are finished. I couldn't possibly recommend any until I play a finished UGC.
Xomox_llts 2013年9月11日下午9:06 
Stuffer Shack is a really nice, short adventure. It's also funny, and you can play 4 difficulty levels. It's the only one I tried so far.
MrWiggler2u 2013年9月12日上午2:59 
AKouns - Firstly, pretty much all UGC is going to be basically work in progress to some extent and for a while at least, unless you are talking about short one off packs like "Endless Zombies" (which are great fun as well).

It takes a serious amount of time to build an adventure in this editor and more on-top of that to design a worthwhile game that people will actually want to play. This is why most content will be released episodically and why there are bound to be minor flaws with any UGC as it is incredibly difficult to bug test a game as a single person, playing only from your own perspective. It was only when I released "Fraggin' Marvellous" that certain issues came to light as I would not have thought to play the game in certain ways (human's are very unpredictable as is the editor in some ways.)

Remember, the game itself was a month delayed for the HBS team (a group of highly skilled actual games designers, artists and programmers) to smooth out bugs and add content. Then, account for the fact that most UGC is made by one single person, using the same tools as the developers, working alone to make something worthwhile for the community to enjoy!

Hope this clears up why there aren't any "complete" adventures out there for you yet, though I would argue that "Jacked Up", "From The Shadows : Act 1" (I haven't yet played act 2), "Wolf Runners Inc.", "Silver Angel", "Truth Lies In The Shadows" and "Fraggin' Marvellous" (and there are more that I haven't yet had a chance to play) are all in as ready a state as possible to be enjoyed by the community as the first installments of more to come.
最后由 MrWiggler2u 编辑于; 2013年9月12日上午3:02
lordmarsh 2013年9月12日上午10:17 
The Snes Version is something I feel might become quite good given time, but then again, i'm a sucker for nostalgia. Might not mean as much to someone who didn't play it way back when.
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