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Other games like Shadowrun Returns?
Figured I would start a discussion to see what other games like Shadowrun Returns (RPG, turn-based, advanced character upgrading, etc..) other people would recommend? Put system it runs on after the game name.
My thoughts are the usual:

X-Com series (old version) - PC
X-Com series (new version...which I still have not tried, except the demo which seemed good) - XBox360
Fallout 2 - PC
Skyrim - XBox360
Shadowrun - Sega Genesis

Hopefully there are some other gems out there that we can all discover.
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I'm not quite sure what your criteria are for a game to be like SRR if you include Skyrim in the's nothing like SRR (Skyrim: shallow characters and story, open world, real time combat, first person view, entirely different level-up system) so I'll just give you some cRPG games I'm anticipating:

(relatively near) future releases (both on PC):
- Wasteland 2 (release: early next year iirc), looks like combat will work similarly to SRR. Spiritual successor to the Fallout-series which was the spiritual successor to Wasteland 1 (oh the irony...)
- Divinity: Original Sin (release: february 2014 iirc) - turn based open world
(much) further into the future:
- Torment: Tides of Numenera (combat system is toss up between turn based and real time with pause atm)
- Project: Eternity (spiritual successor to IE games, so BG and IWD series)
- Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore (first person turn based RPG, now on Kickstarter)

On a somewhat offtopic note: why in the name of all the gods in the Pantheon would you want to play Skyrim on a console if you own a PC? Bethesda games are modders' wet dreams, playing them on consoles just takes away half of the things that make these game decent.
And no, I don't mean you necessarily need to mess with the main campaign or add game-breaking stuff, but you can seriously upgrade the graphics and fix bugs that Bethesda didn't (because Bethesda game == bugfest). I mean, I've had at least one game breaking bug that I fixed with a mod...
Последно редактиран от theBlackDragon; 26 ноем. 2013 в 7:52
Skyrim on console due to that is what the wife bought me. ;-)
I'm also not sure, why Skyrim is in your list...
However, maybe Space Hulk could be in your interest if you like the Warhammer 40K setting.
And if you like X-Com you could also like the Jagged Alliance Series.
Everytime I play X-Com I just get confused. Which game is most like Shadowrun Returns? I have yet to play the Genesis version of Shadowrun as well but I have reason to believe that Shadowrun Returns incoporates elements from both Shadowrun games. much confusion over Skyrim? Really?
Regarding what is in the game, it has everything EXCEPT it is not turn-based. So maybe just based on not being turn-based it could be confusing...sort of like why the Kardasians are still so famous to some people.
This should erase any future confusion...Take Skyrim off my list. There...the confusion should now end. lol
Skyrim as much relevence to Shadowrun Returns as Viva Pinata, but if you can actually state what is mechanically or contextually similair, we will accept the entry.

X-COM is similair to Shadowrun Returns because the visual format is isometric 3D, and both games feature turn-based combat. Skyrim doesn't have those and isn't even set in a cyberpunk universe, hence why some people might get confused.

Actually, you might be thinking of the skill-progression thing, but Skyrim is like a strange mainstream reference for that.
Последно редактиран от Haydn Shaw; 26 ноем. 2013 в 9:28
I must have played a different Skyrim.
Advanced character upgrading? Check
RPG? Check
Once again I will state my error was that it isn't turn based like Shadowrun returns.
If you want to get nitpicky, XCom has as much relevance to Shadowrun as Viva Pinata also. Aliens from space versus soldiers.....Mutants and runners versus corporations and evil plots.
But once again we are going off topic...lets get back to listing games again.
Eh.. not really, but we're getting off topic. The point isn't so much story, it's just that I get the impression you want a more shaved-down list of RPGs, that are relevent to Shadowrun Returns core mechanics. The Viva Pinata reference is more to illustrate Skyrim's lack of similarity to Shadowrun Returns more than anything else.
Try restricted area. It's the colsest to shadowrun I can think of. you can get it on gamersgate for like $2.50 or something.
Stasis. Its coming out soon, has a playable demo on their website. Looks like its gonna be a good one.
for another excellent RPG, brilliant writing and great turn based combat you guys should definately check out "Expeditions: Conquistador".
Първоначално публикувано от jonasan #!:
for another excellent RPG, brilliant writing and great turn based combat you guys should definately check out "Expeditions: Conquistador".

Yes, that is definitly on my list.
FYI Shadow run for sega, was 10x better than the SNES I would check it out if you haven't played it. It was ahead of its time in replay ability and non linear story. SRR does not incorporate what it was.
Syndicate and Satellite Reign are not turn based but have the rest.

Fallout Tatics: PC not bad

Heroes of Might and Magic and Armored Princess/King's Bounty arent as complex but still fun.

Fire Emblem: 3DS always awesome.

Xenonoughts has the old school Xcom feel.

Final Fantasty Tatics: Ipad/PC is really good.

Disgea has a lot of humor for 12 year olds and is fun to play.

The Banner Saga is getting ready to release so I am not sure how good it will be.

Valkyria Chronicles was Awesome despite being cell shaded.

Also the Last Remnant will make your brain hurt trying to figure out how to equip and form your squads.

Hopefully XCOM will inspire a few game now with it success. Always keep an eye on kickstarter. Seems to be a lot of gems coming from there lately.

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