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Cyril Jul 31, 2013 @ 11:00pm
Just wanted to inform you all that Bring A Towel and Reverb Nation are unquestionably the worst levels in video games ever.

Not to say that all the levels are bad, most are okay to good with a few being great.
These two though, both completely inexcusable and completely unfun.

Also no clue what the achievement tied to the former is asking me to do but I also don't really care.
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Ian B. Aug 1, 2013 @ 6:00pm 
Hey there Cyril! Rush Bros. level designer here!

Fear not: Some fixes are in the works to greatly reduce the difficulty of these stages based on Feedback- some have already been put in place to fix sections which were just out-right broken feeling if fast-paced music was playing.

The beat-based bubbles are a fun mechanic which we'd like to re-use in the future though. And so far no complaints have arisen about those sections.

The summer-tiume acheivement is earnable without completing the stage- you pretty much just have to jump into one of the pools to get there- unfortunetly a "Slow down zone" which pulses a lot depending on the kind of music you have playing makes it very VERY hard to get to that pool. Not impossible- just NES-level Hard. We're probably just going to remove that zone entirley to make it easier to pass by.

As for Reverb Nation : This is an entirely musical level so you can beat it but you need to pace yourself and stay aware of your surroundings. There are plenty of checkpoints throughout- though this isn't the first feedback we've heard about Reverb Nation's difficulty. We're looking into patching it up a bit in a future update which will most likely be pushed out along with level 42.
Cyril Aug 1, 2013 @ 7:49pm 
I think one thing you'd do well to change is how the checkpoint system works, because that's a big cause of frustration at least in trying to clear levels for the first time. Most notably for two different reasons:
1. Chase levels, where you have to go through them god knows how many times because you died to a trap you couldn't see coming and dying means going back to the start.
2. Any level where a fall can lead to a lot of backtracking specifically because of resetting checkpoints.

For the first I don't imagine it would be that difficult to have the spike wall reset a certain distance behind the player. Checkpoints don't need to be exceptionally common, admittedly; two or three would greatly improve all those levels.
For the second it's maybe just me but replaying huge chunks of level because I missed a difficult jump just is not fun. If you implemented a secondary type of checkpoint that doesn't reset when you get a further one, I think it would help cut down on frustration. Some levels clearly need resetting checkpoints while others are linear and have no reason to have any, so.

I honestly think the most egregious error in 42 is completely non-bubble related, for the record. The point where you have a red zone and have to slide BEFORE where the checkpoint starts you and then jump to get through the low ceiling without ramming into the spikes above or below... it is completely unintuitive as to what you have to do there. The springs resetting 1-2 minutes of level in the second half are also completely unnecessary and punishing for no particular reason, especially since you can fall blindly down into those springs from above...

And Reverb Nation would be fine if there was any method of predicting when the speakers will pulse. It's not rhythmic is the issue, it may be playing along to the music but it does so in such a cryptic fashion that it may as well be random. (Side note, I've also noticed trap activation time changing despite the same song being played in many a level, which does also play into the randomness factor).

I probably could go into further detail why some of the later levels are thoroughly unenjoyable but I don't particularly feel a need to if they're already being looked into, I suppose.

Also, random aside. Is the Ramped Up achievement description incorrect? It shows "60 seconds" but the record leaderboard time is 80 seconds (and I can see your top time up there, a few below 90) so I can only assume it's a typo. The achievements for Glitchfield and That One Level also seem to be backwards as well, the titles/pictures make more sense the other way around, though I know the descriptions activate with the right track at the very least.

Rambling will cease here, need to get back to what I was playing before I saw your comment. Thanks for the feedback though, appreciated.
Ian B. Aug 4, 2013 @ 2:14pm 
And thanks very much for your feedback too :D
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