Teleglitch: Die More Edition
Anyone know where the save game is located?
Yes, so I can back it up like a big cheater....actually. I was playing today and had accidentally quit. Save obv lost. I'd like to have a backup for these occasions.
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there is no real saves once you go into the game it deletes the save. you might be able to copy it over if you can find it but again why. I accidently drop nailbombs and die horrible deaths yet I dont cheat like you.
According to a quick google it can be found in:

(Driveletter):\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Teleglitch

as two files exitsave and exitsave_stats. Now that said this was the old DRM-free version, so this might have changed. But it is a good place to start.
It has. I checked. Hrmmm it's gotta be stored on the computer somewhere!
juksmann  [Разработчик] 26 июл. 2013 в 20:01 
It's in steam cloud now. Backing it up doesn't work any more.
umm... sorry
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thank you for fixing cheating

They didn't fix any cheating. They removed the ability to backup a save file. What are you talking about?
Keeping those saves is kind of cheating in a permadeath game. That said I also tried very hard to find my lvl 10 save file lol. At least the devs let us out of that pipedream early.
I´m very much in the opinion that people are free to do whatever they want in their single player games, and that games nowadays are very much lacking in different cheats in general. And by cheats I mean something one can activate in an options menu or modify a text file for, not some game balancing issue everyone will run across all the time.

So while I certainly don´t think the dev should put in a extensive save system, it is a bit unfortunate even save scumming is not possible for people who want to use it.
Yeah, I agree. If it's not multiplayer it shouldn't matter so much. In fact due the old school roots of this game i'm a little surprised it doesn't have some kind of god mode/unlimited ammo/super fast movement/clip through walls type of cheats. Doom and Duke Nukem had all of that. I even remember some of the cheats...uhmmm
Idkafa and Idspispopda I think were ones haha. I love a challenge. But sometimes it's fun to just mess around.

Anyway save scumming can be used an exploit, yes, but sometimes there are crashes or in my case, being ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. xD
I can see both sides of such a debate, but to be honest it's difficult to learn what you may be doing wrong and to get better when you die when you have to start over from the very beginning, especially since you are given little information (if any) about the enemies. I think an option for a non-hardcore mode might be a nice feature addition whereby it does not delete your game save upon death and you can restart from the beginning of the current level with the exact same gear that you came in with.
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I agree with that too actually. Nothing wrong with catering to people of all skill levels. The difficulty would be enough to turn away a lot of people who aren't so great at video games but love a good atmospheric action horror game.
I am not a fan of having alternative saves and easy modes and whatnot in these kinds of games. In my opinion it makes it too easy for anyone to just "give up" on a game that is very much designed to take dozens of hours to beat first time. The massive challenge and the fact that beating the game is not a question of when but if, is such a large part of what makes the game.

For me it very much comes down to how available this stuff is, save scumming and cheats are clearly something not part of the game and in most cases in no way "advocated" by the game, whereas providing an additional save scheme very much would be an intended feature and part of the main game(and yeah bad from my perspective).

Now that said I certainly wouldn´t start a petition or some bs if such were added and I would continue to play on the intended difficulty/save scheme without whining, I just find the lack of these options(again within the main game) optimal.
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I can certainly see your point DariusRaider, but although the game is fun and offers a nice challenge I feel like it does get a bit tedious and repetitive playing the early levels over and over again, hoping to make it back to the same point where you died, and hopefully in a state where you can learn from your previous failure. We are not talking about short levels here either. Nor are they completely random. The rooms may be arranged semi-randomly but they come from a preset pool for each level. No procedural generation here. There's only so many times I am going to want to replay early levels before I get bored with them.
I would have liked to see more randomness as well. It seems every level always have the same rooms. There should be a larger pool of rooms per level and each level should only take so many. Secrets seem to always contain the same items in each level too. I'd certainly like to see more randomness in the whole procedural generation thingy.
if the original Rogue came out on steam with sprite based graphics and a new name, people would still be begging for a better save system and whining about how just because it's a roguelike doesn't mean it can't cater to players of all skill levels etc.

thanks for keeping teleglitch a proper roguelike, devs.
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