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Sava 2013年10月11日 16時33分
Multiple prisoners in holding cell; Pros & Cons
I, like many others, wanted to see multiple prisoners per cell, so I tried out several holding cells.

By following this design, not only was I able to house 14 prisoners per block, but 3 toilets and 6 shower heads. In compairison, a 2x3 cell (really 3x4 including walls) in that same area would contain the same numbers (14), but lack a shower.

  • By placing beds next to each other in cramped quarters, a player could house 22+ prisoners per block in contrast to a one prisoner per cell would have 14 max.
  • With an on duty gaurd and toilets in plain view, escape tunnles are rare
  • To many prisoners in the block? Select the prisoner and right click to a different holding cell. Officer will make the transfer.
  • Before I installed metal detectors, one shake down found a spoon in every single bed and ZERO tunnels.

  • Contraband durring a shake down is not claimed, so no/rare punishments.
  • Searching a cell results in the entire holding cell being searched. Prisoner caught trying to take a spoon to bed (I'm not judging) make sure your lists doesn't have search cell
  • Lack of privacy sky rockets on the needs list

This idea could be expanded upon further to have 50+ blocks in half the space 50+ single cells would take.
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Sava 2013年10月11日 17時00分
This 21x22 cell block can hold 60 prisoners!
Looks cool, haven't tried this myself. Maybe I should, did you find anything to lower the "Privacy" need?
Sava 2013年10月11日 17時58分 
Aside from 12 hours in solitary, nope.
♥♥♥♥ it, i'm building a whole prison with this. Just wondering, do all the prisoners get sent to one first? And then you have to move them around?
Sava 2013年10月11日 18時01分 
I had build two after the first mini block and they were sent evenly for a while. By the fourth mini block they were being sent to the closest blocks, so a little managment had to be done
Sava 2013年10月11日 18時05分 
Just tried a small map and had 180 prisoner capacity.
Having a large map right now, I'll write how it works.. Maybe just make one gigantic holding cell? Otherwise you're kinda restricted to always checking the game if they are sorted out correctly
最近の変更はProfessor Cookieが行いました; 2013年10月11日 18時11分
sh0x 2013年10月12日 7時44分 
Doesn't they freak out if they are crowded in one cell ?
Professor Kaka. の投稿を引用:
♥♥♥♥ it, i'm building a whole prison with this. Just wondering, do all the prisoners get sent to one first? And then you have to move them around?

Prisoners get sent to a holding cell if there is no free single cell in your prison.
If a single cell becomes free (due to release of its occupant, new built cells, or one (or more) of gthe ocupants of single cells being condemned to solitary) the guards automatically choose some of the occupants of the holding cell as new owners of the single cells (and transport them in shackles into their new "home".

It is a practical thing to always have more prisoners than single cells and also have your policy set to "Solitary" upon "escape attempt" and "atacked staff".
This way the penalty for these crimes also includes the loss of their single cell privilegue (which especially hurts tunnel building prisoners)
Kinda made my prison too big, I have two holding cells, one can fit about 1000 prisoners and the second isn't finished yet and is the same size.
You want to say that you have 1000 prisoners????

How do you feed them all?
Still building, I did say "Can fit about 1000 prisoners"
Well, then your plans seem to be very very ambitious ...
I cannot imagine that you will even be able to fill your first holding cell
till you run into problems that will keep you from taking in more prisoners, or even force you to abandon the prison
最近の変更はProteusが行いました; 2013年10月12日 8時15分
Well I wasn't thinking and just wanted to build a big prison and before I knew.. I had room for over 1000 prisoners. We see how it goes, always fun to try things and see if it works or not.
最近の変更はProfessor Cookieが行いました; 2013年10月12日 8時25分
Sava 2013年10月12日 13時49分 
The point behind this idea is to abandon the traditional single cell per prisoner game play.

I tried a 300 capacity prison, only single cells were solitary.
Feeding is simple so long as you allow the proper time for it. 2 hours might be enough time for 80 prisoners to eat, but not 300.
Also Min & Med prisoners do fine in cramped quarters. Max prisoners are stabbing and punching each other every other hour. Those Max prisoners would rather rot in solitary than sleep in a crowded room.
While the min & med steal spoons to cuddle with, max prisoners are stealing forks and knives.
Need to design a prison where the max prisoners are kept north of kitchen, min & med are kept to the south. That way you can detect most forks as they pass out of the kitchen and then search the block at 1 am. Why 1 am? None of the other prisoners are awake.
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