Final Hours of Tomb Raider

Final Hours of Tomb Raider

Recently, I adventured with Ms. Croft in an abandoned ware house in a forgotten suburb of a rich country. After fighting off substance abusers and feral children, we were then set upon by the local law enforcement. I then reminded myself, this is Lara Croft! Not just any trailer trash miscreant with delusions of grandure, a real person with amazing stories of courage and thirst for truth. A day and night in death's abode is like a warming memory of that perfect birthday with cherished loved one's.

Sadly, Croft is facing her most dangerous foe yet. Herself. Years ago when Lara was studying wild life, inhabiting impossible prehistorian architecture, remote from any primative civilisation. Eating, breathing - surving, was something that most people had done and had now gotten bored with, even the very idea of survival was distasteful. As if to say why survive on nothing, when you can thrive on everything, any other creature would just have to cope or die.

But one woman found a way to live like an animal, but have none of the social moral backlash of society. Even 'Bare Grillz' was getting in on the action trying to out do the one and only Lara Croft with weekly life or death situations. Eveything seemed so right until she realised that her life was a thoughrough fabrication to entertain enslaved minds for the purpose of those thriving on another man made lie. Money. Her audience cried out about her greed for treasure, and her makers were afraid of losing the financial figure. Thus they deprived Lara of something real. Existence. Her story may be unbelievable, but the people who bore it to entertain you are REAL.

Do the trees charge for carbon? Does the wildlife pay tax to maintain their bush? Will we ever say we've got enough? And finally when our children have money but no ice cream to buy their children. What good will that imaginary number do them.
It's our responsibility! Lara Croft didn't want to have those experiences on her first adventure - but those hardships build make a life, story - priceless. Btw, this short fiction cost time and money and will be billed to your power plant and communications company and thus passed onto you by the next bill in the mail.