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SXX Oct 10, 2013 @ 10:23pm
[Known Issues] Linux version
Warning: game only support x86_64 OS
This game don't have 32-builds for Linux and there won't be 32-builds in future.

All important Linux-specific issues listed here, but some issues might be not included here for number of reasons and in this case try to check other information sources:
If you unable to resolve problem on your own feel free to create new topic there or on Uber forums. Please don't forget to include your system information:
Steam client window -> Top menu bar -> Help -> System Information

Common issues:
  • PA#3193[]
    Startup crash on Debian Wheezy.
    Game is incompatible with old system GLIBC ABI and this not going to change.

  • PA#3591[]
    Bundled libstdc++ incompatible with system version of library.
    PA depends on fairly new version of ABI so it's bundle own copy for compatibility with old distributions like Ubuntu 12.04. Unfortunately file might be too old for distributions like Arch Linux where very recent libstdc++ used by libraries like LLVM 3.5 used by R600g/RadeonSI drivers.

  • PA#2392[]
    UI freeze: CoherentUI_Host, X Window System error, BadAccess.
    This one most likely not just one error, but multiple small unrelated errors that appear and disappear between releases. Unfortunately Coherent is black box so it's hard to tell why it's happen.

  • PA#1639[]
    PA can't properly handle network interface down or Ethernet cable removed.
    In case something like that occur game will freeze with no error and won't go back to main menu. Workaround it's exit to OS, run client again and it's will let you reconnect.

Steam version issues:
  • None

Non-Steam version issues:
  • None
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SXX Dec 21, 2013 @ 5:03am 
Issues with Nvidia proprietary drivers:
  • PA#1628[]
    Constant problems with optirun/primusrun on laptops.
    There a multiple different problems and solutions for them you can find on Uber forums and bug tracker. Try different configurations, newer drivers or NVIDIA Prime.

  • PA#4123[]
    Invisible cursor with Nvidia GPU with "--software-ui" flag

Issues with AMD proprietary drivers:
  • PA#2343[]
    Black window instead of game with AMD Catalyst.
    This problem resolved in Catalyst 14.4 update!
    If you still using older driver upgrade ASAP!
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SXX Mar 10, 2014 @ 2:55am 
Fix: FOSS drivers and black, gray textures
If you run the game and all of textures you see are black and gray it's mean you don't have S3 texture compression library installed. This is how you can get S3TC support:
  • Debian-based include Ubuntu and other derivatives.
    Required package called "libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0"

  • RPM-based: Fedora, OpenSuse, etc.
    Required package called "libtxc_dxtn"

  • Any other distribution.
    Check your distribution wiki or Google about S3TC / DXTn.

Warning: minimal requirements and performance
If you're using recent distribution like Ubuntu 14.04 or Fedora 20 it's still useful to get even recent open source graphics stack because game use such advanced feature as GL_ARB_buffer_storage (part of OpenGL 4.4) which was implemented in Mesa only March of 2014 and wasn't included in current distribution releases.

Users of Ubuntu and derivative can get latest drivers via Oibaf PPA[]

Issues with open source drivers:
  • PA#1595[]
    Missing or corrupted cursors, icons, etc...
    This is Mesa-specific bug and there is two workarounds for it:

  • PA#3607[]
    Intel: Ambient occlusion glitches on Intel HD4600.
    AO doesn't work properly moving shadow together with camera.
    Task on FreeDesktop bug tracker: #80018[]

  • PA#3606[]
    R600g: Object on planet become black on zoom out.

  • PA#3605[]
    R600g: GPU lockup in system editor on Radeon driver.
    Note: this only happen in system editor, but live game is work!
    Task on FreeDesktop bug tracker: #79417[]

  • PA#2321[]
    R600g: Sun is missing or corrupted sun on AMD GPU.
    This is happen because R600g driver can't handle this complicated sun shader.
    You can replace default shader with simplified I made:
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