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Rip TWI and KF2
Ya know i have supported yall and KF2 till now. The one thing though that i never ever wanted was ♥♥♥♥ing paywall locked weapons like in KF1. I feel betrayed tbh.

Also if you want more money, then the new system makes absolute zero sense:

-$10 for less than 1-4 weapons and some weapon skins (if this trend continues). Too rich for me and other players blood.

-shareable content means people won't buy as much if you can share it via 1 person.

-guns won't be op'd so people can just use the normal guns if they're all the same. Less incietive to buy them (not that i want OPD GUNS I'M JUST SAYING).

-doing this will only dwindle your playerbase. Poorer players will feel left out and betrayed and you'll have to keep milking your leftover supporters ( while it MAY WORK SHORT TERM, it'll only serve to bring down profit margins in the future).


if money is an issue make the game f2p and lower prices.

edit: yes dammit i know f2p games have their own run of bad troubles but at the very least the game will have a somewhat stable financial future. Even if updates are cut short instead of consistent 4 per year to maybe at most 2 per year (halloween and christmas will most likely be it since people get more spending on christmas and halloween has more appeal), or just recycled ticket drops with actual mini updates/fixes in between.
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But hey, at least we get double xp weekend bros!!!

That makes up for it. . . Right???
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Also this was an absolute bombshell to drop after all that has happened recently (TWI forums and wiki being down, connection issues, and problems with double xp).

Do you really think this was THE BEST appropriate time to tell people "Yeah we're also not making enough money so if you could just buy these paywall weapons that'd be great".
pathulhu 9. aug. kl. 15:06 
they made so many at best questionable decisions in the past so this disappointment isn't a surprise
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But hey, at least we get double xp weekend bros!!!

That makes up for it. . . Right???
[ACPL] Jon 9. aug. kl. 15:09 
NOT f2p. 5 $, sure, but NOT f2p.

Cheaters would ruin this game.
HiTmAn 9. aug. kl. 15:15 
f2p model is worst thing can happen to any game...
Siluva (Utestengt) 9. aug. kl. 15:15 

Oh yeah it's not like many of us already pointed the shady incoming business and then got mocked by TWI's whiteknights...

Hey, look like the "old jackasses" was wright afterall...delightful.

Let's just hope that more people will start to finally think by themselves instead of blindly following their favorite idol(s).

Next step, maps ! :cozybethesda:
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F2P is never the solution, and would kill the game. Personally, I think they should remove the lootboxes and go back to what they were doing in KF1.
Serge Thire 9. aug. kl. 15:22 
The DLCs are stupid.
THE BUSINESS 9. aug. kl. 15:24 
Without mentioning how they are already selling characters, just wait until we get every skin from kf1 back as they're own character.
I remember people were clowning on the fellas who were talking about TWI monetizing weapons and maps in the future, just like they did with the characters. Looks like those guys were right.

But yeah, they really need to lower the price on the upcoming DLC. $10 for a gun and a few skins is absolutely ridiculous. And while they're at it, they should also lower the price of the characters.
MVP 9. aug. kl. 15:31 
Nah, the character prices are fine. Think of how much more goes into a character, and how much more the player gets out of a character. That's worth so much more than a weapon to be used on one or two perks, for a portion of a game.
Littlefoot 9. aug. kl. 15:33 
Truth to be told, i doubt Tripwire weren't expecting these news to cause a backdraft.
MVP 9. aug. kl. 15:35 
Opprinnelig skrevet av Littlefoot:
Truth to be told, i doubt Tripwire weren't expecting these news to cause a backdraft.

Unfortunately, who knows if they even care at this point, if this was the best idea they could come up with in "months" of internal discussion
DarkBlitzie 9. aug. kl. 15:35 
I bought the deluxe version of KF2. That should be more than enough to support Tripwire. I'm NOT going to invest money in weapon dlc. If you don't make enough money on your games, that's YOUR problem, not mine. You all fur coats, no knickers, b i t c h e s.
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I still would rather buy a remaster of this game than paid weapons that bloat the game regardless if you own the DLC or not. :x

IMHO, i feel like the best solution would be to hold off on updating until the 2020 Summer Sideshow so as to announce "Killing Floor 2: Unreal Edition" (Unreal Edition being my idea of a name for an Unreal Engine 4 port), with the weapons that'd otherwise be added as paid DLC being part of the base game
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