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NarakuITA 2013年8月2日上午9:16
Mouse problem
Excuse the bad English.
I have a problem with the mouse, the game does not recognize it! How do I recognize it?
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NarakuITA 2013年8月2日上午9:46 
Found it! just go to the folder Quake 2 \ baseq2 and open the file, and set q2b_config.cfg: silk in_mouse "1"
Using the mod berserker.
In addition if you rename berserker.exe in quake2.exe, you can directly start the mod from steam.
Hut Kai 2013年8月12日上午3:57 
Or you can add ' +mlook ' in the console. Grats for finding the solution for your problem, and have an awesome bloodshed!
CECZI 2014年1月2日上午5:32 
Not working :(
CECZI 2014年1月2日上午5:52 
No problems anymore, I changed m_oldmouse "0" to "1" in q2b_config.cfg
NarakuITA 2014年1月2日上午10:10 
XD thanks
No problems anymore, I changed m_oldmouse "0" to "1" in q2b_config.cfg

I did this and it lets me use the mouse to look around and use mouse 1, 2, and mwheel, but none of my extra mouse buttons work.
NarakuITA 2014年4月3日下午2:44 
No, the extra buttons can not be used ....
Alpha Omega James 2014年9月16日下午3:29 
This helped me immensely. I was having trouble getting it working after isntalling the High-res textures.
Malice 2014年11月3日上午8:23 
Hmm, mouse is off im i'm just rename berserker.exe to quake2.exe oO wtf?
最后由 Malice 编辑于; 2014年11月10日上午5:39
NarakuITA 2015年10月14日下午2:03 
I settled in the end. Contacting the author of berserkers.
Big Bad 2017年4月9日上午4:33 
Just Change freelook "0" to freelook "1" in config.cfg
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