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Mouse problem
Excuse the bad English.
I have a problem with the mouse, the game does not recognize it! How do I recognize it?
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Found it! just go to the folder Quake 2 \ baseq2 and open the file, and set q2b_config.cfg: silk in_mouse "1"
Using the mod berserker.
In addition if you rename berserker.exe in quake2.exe, you can directly start the mod from steam.
Or you can add ' +mlook ' in the console. Grats for finding the solution for your problem, and have an awesome bloodshed!
Not working :(
No problems anymore, I changed m_oldmouse "0" to "1" in q2b_config.cfg
XD thanks
CECZI の投稿を引用:
No problems anymore, I changed m_oldmouse "0" to "1" in q2b_config.cfg

I did this and it lets me use the mouse to look around and use mouse 1, 2, and mwheel, but none of my extra mouse buttons work.
No, the extra buttons can not be used ....
This helped me immensely. I was having trouble getting it working after isntalling the High-res textures.
Hmm, mouse is off im i'm just rename berserker.exe to quake2.exe oO wtf?
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I settled in the end. Contacting the author of berserkers.
Just Change freelook "0" to freelook "1" in config.cfg
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