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Shercal 9/fev/2014 às 5:56
[BUG] Stuck key, and mouse glitches

The left rotation key get stuck randomly while on a planet, whether I've been pressing it or not.
Also, the cursor get sometime stuck in the center of the screen in the main menu and get trembling. I can still move it around but it goes back where it was a split second after it has left the center, too fast for me to click anything in the menu.
When inside the ship the cursor cycles quickly through every switch as soon as I aim for one, which makes me click totally random buttons. (It is still shaky but doesn't get stuck like it does in the menu).

All of this seems to be solved by minimizing the game (actually opening the task manager), but it works badly as it takes many tries and it happens way too often (at least once every 20mn) to be convenient.
It doesn't always happen and I can still play for a while, but I've reached the point where it gets unbearable. It's a shame regarding how I enjoyed my short bug-free playtime.

I use a Logitech G110, a Roccat Kone+ mouse and I am on Windows 7.
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Santa Ragione  [desenvolvedor(a)] 9/fev/2014 às 8:31 
Hi Shercal, sorry about this nasty bug :(
I wonder if it is the conflict Unity games have with Vjoy driver?
You might have a VJoy driver installed which some games are picking up as a controller. If you can, please try uninstalling the VJoy driver and let me know how it works!
Shercal 10/fev/2014 às 3:59 
Okay, it was actually my old Thrustmaster gamepad that was causing all the troubles.
Since the game use the keyboard/mouse and the controller at the same time, it was messing up the game without even being touched.
It makes me think that another Unity game (Continue?) has trouble with that same gamepad, which works fine on other games.

Nevermind, now the pad is unplugged and everything is working great!
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