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VShadow Oct 25, 2016 @ 12:36am updated?
I haven't been paying attention... at some point updated to some crazy video that I haven't watched yet because it's an hour long (right click and choose "show controls") and I just noticed it now. Anyone know how long it's been like this? Last I knew it was still Static Between Stations.

EDIT: The video is titled joncates_old-skool-revolutionaries_2003.mp4
It turns out the video is indeed a documentary of sorts from 2003 by Jon Cates. Here's the link to the original video on Vimeo, which appears to be identical to the WEVP version:

And its description:

"Jon Cates's documentary on the beginnings of video art at the School of the Art Institute in the 1970s abjures journalistic conventions—there's no narrator, and we aren't given the names of key participants (who include Phil Morton, Dan Sandin, and Gene Youngblood) until the end. Instead Cates captures the experimental spirit of the time by using contemporary scenes of the artists explaining their theories that have been altered with Sandin's “image processor,” an analog device for manipulating video. It's hard not to feel nostalgic for the utopianism these gurus express (new media will create “a viable anarchistic society,” in the future we will be able “to dial and tune our brains”), even now that the interactivity they dreamed of has been realized on the Internet—albeit with pop-up ads." - Fred Camper

Previous Updates to WEVP
From reddit post
here's a list of prior updates (broadcast starting ?-?-?) (broadcast starting 2016-08-19) (broadcast starting 2016-08-23)
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eli Oct 25, 2016 @ 1:35am 
Google Cache shows it was changed back to (just a blank video, pretty much – what it started as) at some point… and was that way on October 21. So this is quite recent. I haven't been checking the site, really—nice job noticing!

jonCates is a cool guy – definitely fan of his work (which I, naturally, know of through Jake & Tamas & some of their other work). :)
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